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Iran, the cradle of Civilization
16 Nights 17 Days Tour

Experience Iran's rich history and culture with our Iran 17 Days Tour, a two-week program that takes you through some of the country's most important Iran historical cities and tourist destinations. Our carefully crafted Iran tour itinerary includes visits to iconic tourist cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, and Kashan.
Immerse yourself in the ancient history of Iran as you explore its historical cities and highlighted places. Discover the unique Isfahan architecture, the beautiful gardens of Shiraz, the amazing desert city of Yazd, and the traditional village life in Kashan.
Experience the hospitality of the Iranian people as you visit nomad communities and learn about their lifestyle. Our Iran Tour packages are designed to provide you with a comprehensive exploration of Iran's culture and heritage. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the wonders of Iran with our Iran two-week Tour. Book your trip today and join us on a journey through this fascinating country.

Day 1: Tehran

Arrive in Tehran, meeting the Tour leader at the IKA Int. Airport, and transfer to the Hotel and overnight.

Day 2: Tehran-Ahwaz

Explore the vibrant city of Tehran with our comprehensive one-day tour program, which will take you through the rich historical sites and museums that make Tehran the city of museums. Begin your tour by visiting the Archaeological Museum, where you can immerse yourself in Iranian art and culture through the ages. Next, journey to the iconic Golestan Royal Complex, a must-see destination that showcases the deep art of Iran. Finally, conclude your tour with a visit to the bustling Tehran Grand Bazaar, where you can wander in twisted labyrinths, browse through different shops, and marvel at the colorful goods on display. This Tehran full-day tour promises to give you a glimpse into the diverse cultural heritage of Tehran, the capital of Iran, including its palaces, museums, and historical sites. Don't miss the opportunity to experience Tehran's beauty and history in an unforgettable one-day tour.
Afternoon, transfer to Mehr-Abad Airport for a flight to Ahwaz. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 3: Ahwaz – Susa - Chogha-zanbil – Ahwaz
After enjoying a local breakfast, we move to Susa or Shoosh City, an ancient city located in the Khuzestan province. Susa is known for being one of the first Iranian Civilizations area and is home to a wealth of unique historical sites. Explore the well-preserved Susa historical sites, including the famous Ziggurat of Chogha-Zanbil, one of the best surviving examples of Elam architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-see for history enthusiasts.
During your visit to Susa, don't miss the opportunity to see the Daniel holy shrine( the most famous Jewish temple), the French Castle, and the Achaemenian Palace. These landmarks provide insight into the rich history of Susa and the Elam civilization. After a full-day tour, return to Ahwaz and find rest at your hotel.

Day 4: Ahwaz – Shiraz
Today, we will drive to Shiraz and stop along the way and visit one of the most famous Sassanid Historical sites, "Ardeshir Babakan Palace". This impressive palace was built by Ardeshir Babakan, the founder of the Sassanid dynasty in the 3rd century AD. After exploring this historical site, we will continue our journey to Shiraz. Upon arrival, we do hotel check-in and enjoy the rest of the day in Shiraz.

Day 5: Shiraz - Persepolis

An excursion to Persepolis, the Achaemenian Empire Capital, and Spring Capital of the Achaemenian Empire would be the highlight of your tour in Shiraz City. This remarkable site was established by Darius I in 512 BC and recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the magnificent Achaemenian palaces and experience the rich history of this ancient civilization.
Afterward, journey to Naqsh-e-Rostam or necropolis. Here, you will be surprised with a collection of ancient Iranian rock reliefs, both from the Achaemenian and Sassanian periods. Admire the amazing Achaemenian Tombs and Sassanian interesting Bas reliefs etched into the cliff faces.
In the afternoon, return to Shiraz and visit the Qoran Gate and Khajoo tomb. We back to the hotel and you can relax and reflect on the wonders of the Achaemenian Architectural legacy you have witnessed.

Day 6: Shiraz
Full-day tour of Shiraz known as the " city of poem & wine" including The Karim Khani Citadel, the tomb of Hafez (the famous Persian Poet – 12 cent. AD), Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Eram garden, Pars museum, Qavam house, and the Old Traditional Bazaar.

Day 7: Shiraz –Kerman
Drive to Kerman en route visiting Sarvestan Palace and the Jame Mosque of Neyriz” (Friday Mosque). Arrive in Kerman and overnight in the Hotel.

Day 8: Kerman- Bam

Participate in a full-day excursion to Mahan, where you will visit the enchanting Shahzade Garden (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the impressive Shah Nematolah Vali mausoleum, dedicated to the renowned Persian Sufist. Later, continue your journey to the majestic Bam citadel, the largest mud-brick castle in the world. In the afternoon, return to Kerman, where you will be transferred to your hotel for some well-deserved rest.

Day 9: Kerman – Bavanat
Drive to Bavanat, an excellent town with beautiful farms and natural landscapes. Such a suitable area for trekking and visiting some nomadic tribes. Everything is traditional, natural, and typical, such as traditional houses, costumes, and typical local cuisine. overnight in a Traditional house.

Day 10: Bavanat – Zein ol Din Caravanserai (Dashte – Kavir)
Today we move to visit the most beautiful Iranian Caravanserai which has been changed to a desert hotel to understand the feeling of passing time in the best possible way. Zein ol Din Caravanserai is the best Iran Caravanserai hotel to relax in the desert and enjoy the sunset and early sunset in the desert. You can visit the harsh desert, enjoy camel riding, and chat with friends around a fire stove under a starry sky.

Day 11: Zein ol Din Caravanserai - Yazd

Morning drive to Yazd known as the "Bride of the desert". Yazd is a sample of hard-working people, intelligent, and artistic, who have tamed the harsh desert nature and created different friendly social relationships with Zoroastrians & Jews throughout history. The architecture of Yazd is unique, combining a proliferation of graceful wind-catchers (Badgirs) and adobe-type architecture of central and southern Iran. In the afternoon visit the Zoroastrian fire Temple, Tower of Silence, light museum, and water museum.


Day 12: Yazd
Full-day sightseeing of Yazd, visiting the Friday Mosque and Jewish Synagogue, sightseeing tour of an old district of Yazd in the vicinity of Jame mosque, Alexander Prison, Dowlat-Abad Garden, Mir-chakhmaq Square and mosque, and the old traditional Bazaar. overnight in the Hotel.
Day 13: Yazd - Naeen
Today we move to Naeen city. This historical city has some stunning monuments to surprise you. You will visit the 1000-year-old Jame mosque, old houses, Narin castle, and famous Zoroastrian temples will guide you to the deepest part of Iran's history.
Day 14: Naeen - Isfahan
Our Iranian tour now takes us to Isfahan, passing through the historical city of Ardestan. This charming city boasts a stunning collection of historical monuments just waiting to be explored. Some of the must-see sites include the Ardestan Grand Jame Mosque, the Two-storied aqueduct (Moon Qanat), Zavareh Historical Village, Zavareh Grand Mosque, Historical House, and Old Market. These iconic landmarks offer a glimpse into Iran's fascinating history, making your visit to Ardestan truly unforgettable.
Day 15: Isfahan
Isfahan or Nesf-e-Jahan (Isfahan is half the world), which is the third and last capital of the Safavid dynasty. Full-day city tour of Isfahan, visiting Chehel-Sotun Palace and Hasht-Behesht Palace, Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Mosque, Ali Ghapoo Place, Sheikh Lotfolah mosque, and Qeisarieh Bazar. Lunch at Shahrzad restaurant. In the afternoon, will have the opportunity to visit the most famous river of Isfahan, Zayande Rood, and its historical bridges. After a dreamy sunset on the old bridges, transfer to the hotel and overnight.
Day 16: Isfahan
One more day in Esfahan the Florence of Iran. Visit the Jame Atiq Mosque(indeed an encyclopedia of Iranian mosque architecture from the 9th century up to the present), Armenian Quarter, and Vank Cathedral with lunch at a local restaurant.
After Lunch visit the Zoroastrian fire temple and Shaking Minarets then you can visit the Naghsh-e Jahan square at night when the muezzin (person who gives the call to prayer at a mosque) calls to pray for the people, and the people go to the mosque in different groups. This is one of the spiritual manifestations of Muslim countries that strengthen your spirit.
Day 17: Isfahan
Drive to Isfahan Int. Airport and departure.

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