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Mirror and Lighting Museum
One of the most important features of Yazd is the desert architecture of this region, which has a great effect on the construction of residential houses and the creation of various techniques to survive in harsh desert conditions. The architecture of Yazd houses has different techniques and the decorations and elements of it have distinguished it among other Iranian houses.

Mirror and Lighting Museum

There are various houses in the city of Yazd that still retain these architectural features and are now either turned into museums or beautiful and luxurious hotels.
One of these houses is the building of the Mirror and Lighting Museum. One of the most beautiful historical monuments and tourist attractions of Yazd is the Mirror and Lighting Museum, which is one of the most valuable historical monuments in Iran, both as a building and as a collection of museums' objects. The building of a museum with 837sqm is located in an 8200 sqm lush garden from the Pahlavi era on Kashanieh Street, Yazd.

Mirror and Lighting Museum Yazd

This elegant 20th-century mansion, dating from the 1940s, was changed into a quirky and fun museum. Some of the objects of this museum, such as all kinds of old lamps - mirrors and old photographs calligraphic collections, guns, coins, books, stamps, locks, a bridle (of the second millennium BC. ), samples of Lurestan's bronze, and some other articles are displayed along with the beautiful architecture of the house that provides visitors with an attractive and beautiful museum.
The building of the museum is a Kushk or mansion in the middle of the garden thus as you can see the building is an attraction itself. The architecture of this place is a combination of Persian and European traditional architecture inside the building is interesting. Besides the beautiful mirror-works, all the rooms are designed with breath-taking stucco and painting. Also, windows are decorated with colorful glasses, which is inevitable in all decorations of old Iranian houses.

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