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Armand River The Paradise of  river rafters Lovers

Armand River The Paradise of  river rafters Lovers
Many waterfalls, oak forests, numerous fountains, caves filled with water, tidal rivers and other spectacular attractions are parts of Armand's district attractions.
Armand River in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province after crossing the different villages and connecting to several small local rivers and then joining to the Bazoft great River will arrive at Karun 4 dam.

Mehregan Festival to Thank Sun for Gold Wheat Harvest

Mehregan: The Festival to Thank Sun for Gold Wheat Harvest
A special vessel to hold and sprinkle rosewater; a woman in traditional attire, another one, dressed alike, holds a mirror, the third one welcomes the guests by traditional confectionaries. At the door gate, they stand, at the entrance of a fire temple, to greet those who come to participate in Mehregan, the ancient Persian harvest festival, and a charity event. Inside the temple, prayers are led by Zoroastrian priests, then, speeches on religious topics are delivered. Fruit and confectionaries gathered to set the especial table are distributed among participants.

Giveh is a light cotton summer shoes and a traditional and local shoe in different area of Iran.

Giveh Weaving
Giveh is a light cotton summer shoes and a traditional and local shoe in  different area of Iran.
The mountainous area of Kordestan and Kermanshah with arduous passageways, short number of machine roads, type of living earning that is affiliated to animal husbandry and agriculture necessitates several movements in three working sessions of spring, summer and autumn. These movements require a light, comfortable, durable, cool and cheap shoes with production capability inside the area, urban, clans and rural areas.

The most beautiful mosques in Iran

10 beautiful mosque that should be seen in Iran
Beautiful, amazing, glorious, arches, mosaic tiles, circular domes, the structural features of pre-Islamic architecture in Iran.
Iranian architecture dates back to 5000 BC and has had a significant impact on the architecture of India, Turkey and Tajikistan to Zanzibar. "Iran's supreme art, in the true sense of the word, has always been its architecture." The supremacy of architecture applies to pre- and post-Islamic times, "said Arthur Pope, an American expert on Iranian art.