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Khoor and Biabanak Bali Hotel

Khoor and Biabanak Bali Hotel
Located in Khoor town in Isfahan province, the three-star Bali Hotel is a traditional accommodation at the heart of the Khoor desert. This unique relaxing place with a quite traditional setting and design and mud walls offers fine facilities and services in a pleasant atmosphere. The hotel's off-road travel activities are of its highlights providing guests an amazing and memorable adventure along with the traditional tasty foods which remind people of the past times. Also, due to being in the vicinity of the Mesr Desert, the salt lake, and several famous villages with high antiquity such as Biazeh village, guests have easy access to amazing sightseeing spots, making their travel more enjoyable.

What kind of hotel accommodation do you prefer

What kind of hotel accommodation do you prefer?
Your residence place(Hotel, Hostel, Home, Camp) at travel is one of the most important parts of your trip. It's an occasion and opportunity to spend some time with locals and learn about their culture. In these places, you can get acquainted with the traditional and luxurious hospitality culture of the local people. While you are enjoying a dreamy and memorable stay, recognize a part of the formal and local culture of the people.

Staying at these Boutique Hotels will astonish you

Staying at these Boutique Hotels will astonish you
5 Top-Notch Boutique Hotels in Iran
Iran with over 10.000 years old history in human habitant has a large number of eye-catching spectacular mansions and buildings. Some of these buildings have been handed over to private owners to preserve the architecture and development of the tourism industry for use as a hotel / Guesthouse and restaurant.

Top Wonderful Hotels of Iran

Top Wonderful Hotels of Iran
There are various interesting hotels all over the world that are of interesting to travelers and tourists. These different specifications are:
Old hotels, very luxurious hotels, unique hotels, green hotels and more.  Iran due to its various historical and natural characteristics has some special types of hotels.

Moshir al-Mamalek a top Garden Hotel

Moshir al-Mamalek, Top Garden Hotel
Set in a charming, Qajar-style Persian landscape garden with water fountain systems and trees, Moshir Al Mamalek Garden Hotel is a traditional property that complements the ancient Iranian architecture found in the beautiful desert city of Yazd.
The vaulted and domed ceilings, murals and tiles are carefully decorated in keeping with the traditional style and history of the building. The rooms are decorated in a local style with antique and traditional furniture. The gardens offer many secluded areas for relaxation, including a café, outdoor seating and benches, scattered in the surrounding greenery.

The tourists experience is a new style of life in the Ecotourism

The Iran Eco-tourism resort, Experience a different residence
The tourists experience is a new style of life in the Ecotourism residences. In such trips, you will travel to rural and local areas with least of damage and negative impact on the environment. On this trip, you will not only stay in these places but also try to live like them, In this style of travel, you enjoy more. The tourists have a responsibility to the environment and strive to preserve the region's biological and cultural model.

A desert carevanserai located at Yazd city

A journey to the heart of the desert, One night at antique Caravanserai
Desert, heat, stars in the night sky, tired travelers, all the reasons for creating a masterpiece of architecture by the architects of the Safavid era. During the reign of Shah Abbas, the construction of public buildings expanded, Such buildings include Bridge, bathroom, school, water storage, and especially caravanserai. The old Caravansaries have the role of today's hotels in the last 500 years. These places built with distinct distances from cities.

Abbassi Hotel It's a place like no other

Abbassi Hotel the oldest one in the world
It's a place like no other.
Iran is not complete without Isfahan tour. Esfahan is the most important tourist city in Iran. All tourist will visit this city. One of the eldest famous hotels in Isfahan is the Abbasi Hotel. This hotel located close to the most famous and most important historical sites. The mosque of Shah's mother, Hasht behesht palace and also the Imam sq are the most famous of them.

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses
One of the characteristics of Iranian tourism is visiting old houses. These old houses with specific characteristics like antiquity, Persian architecture and anthropology features have changed to one of the special tourist attractions of the regions in different areas.
Tourists pay more attention to the special characteristics of each country.

Iran Eco-Tourism
A house with fresh bread and the taste of real life.
Sometimes you think with yourself, I wish I were in a cottage in the woods or a house in a small but beautiful village away from the smoke and traffic and the bustle of urban living.

Top 10 Tehran Hostels
Iran has always been considered by different age groups. Many tourists travel to Iran with different age groups. One of these is youth groups who are interested in staying in cheap and reliable centers. Therefore, in recent years, cheap and decent residences have been established for these groups in different cities of Iran
In this article, we introduce 10 cheap accommodation centers or Hostels.

Top 10 Iranian Hotels
Tourists can have different choices to stay in Iran. There are various hotels and resorts in different cities of Iran. In each of the big cities or small cities of Iran, there are various hotels that provide the different needs of travelers.

Village tourism
Ecotourism in nature and rural areas has some special features and attractions. By creating the appropriate conditions for using these natural resources and special attractions in rural areas, it can be one of the best, most beautiful, and memorable trips. It is also very effective in preserving the rich traditional rural culture and increasing their income and employment.