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Aghazade Mansion, Admirable Traditional House/Hotel in Abarkou city

The only house in the world with a two-story wind catcher. The only beautiful traditional Iranian house that displays its beauty on the 20,000 Iranian Rial banknotes. This picture belongs to the two-story wind catcher of Aghazadeh Mansion in Abarkooh, Yazd. In fact, the most beautiful two-story wind catcher in Iran belongs to this very famous historic house. If you are going to stay at all houses/hotels with traditional decoration, unique Badgir, and good location among the best Iran historical sites this is it.

Aghazade Mansion, Admirable Traditional House/Hotel in Abarkou city

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Aghazade Mansion, Admirable Traditional House/Hotel in Abarkou city

The entrance to Aghazadeh

The mansion is through a corridor that leads you to a large and beautiful courtyard with a rectangular basin adorning the center. As you walk through the courtyard, you will see a two-story mansion with sash windows, as well as a dazzling wind catcher. Rooms and other parts are located in three directions of the yard, which were used in different seasons of the year. The east and west rooms are in the form of Sedari (Three windowed rooms) and Panjdari (Five windowed rooms). The two-story Aghazadeh mansion, like the houses in the desert regions of Iran, is made of local materials such as clay and brick. Wood is also widely used in the construction of doors and windows, and Stucco is applied as decoration to many parts of the building The entrance of Aghazadeh mansion is located on its northwest side, which is a Sabat (arched tunnel).

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Aghazade Mansion, Admirable Traditional House/Hotel in Abarkou city


Passing through the entrance, you reach a porch and then a corridor that leads to the courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard, there is a stone pool with rooms built on three sides. The yard floor is paved with rubble. The mansion consists of Panjdari and Sedari rooms on two floors, of which the panjdari rooms were used as the main room, and the sedari rooms were bedrooms located on either side of the Panjdari rooms. Summer living room: This room was used by the residents in summer; because it was protected from direct sunlight. The summer living room, which is located in the southern part of the courtyard and has a wind catcher on the roof, has a porch with a semiopen space. Next to this room, there is a Khishkhan room with a skylight ceiling, which is covered by a leaf-woven mat, earthenware, and so., and water is sprinkled on it to cool the room. The panjdari rooms or the royal rooms have five sash windows, which are located in front of the large pool. The sedari rooms are also decorated with sash windows and their name is determined by the number of Sash.

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Aghazade Mansion, Admirable Traditional House/Hotel in Abarkou city

Kolah Farangi and two-storey wind catcher 

The Kolah Farangi of Aghazadeh mansion is located right next to the wind catcher and on the roof of the main hall. This part of the house is a hexagon and on each side of it, there are windows with colored glass to transmit the light to the main hall. In fact, the innovative combination of the wind catcher and Kolah Farangi together helped to cool and lighten the space below and the hall of the house. The two-storey wind catcher of Aghazadeh mansion in Yazdi style is located above the main hall and is different from other houses in desert areas in this respect. In fact, this type of wind catcher can receive and enter the wind from all four directions to the canal and is considered a four-way wind catcher. Interestingly, the mansion's wind catcher engineering is such that the rooms are well ventilated even in the absence of wind blowing. This wind catcher is visible from all over the city and its image can be seen on many products of the country.

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Abarkoh is located 165 km from Yazd city. There are regular daily transportation services from Yazd city to Abarkoh.

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