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Top 10 best wooden cottages in Iran

If you thought that Iran is only a barren desert with millions of flowing sand, let's visit the 4000,000-year-old Hyrcanian forests on the coast of the Caspian Sea and enjoy a luxury wooden cottage among the trees. We are going to change all your thought about the trip to Iran. We accommodate you in small or big cottages with lux, and super lux services. You just retreat from business, and daily life and just relax in the middle of nature. They are an ideal place to chat with family & friends, celebrate life, and where you let the (grand)children get acquainted with nature. You can go fishing, mountain biking, hiking, or just relax with a book on a rainy day.
If you like a local house or simple wooden cottage among the forest or even a super luxury wooden cottage with a swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi we have the best options for your holiday.

Wooden cottage with jacuzzi in Anzali port

- Wooden cottage with jacuzzi in Anzali port

This two-bedroom cottage with a jacuzzi and a large area is located in a safe and cozy environment with a beautiful view of a green and pleasant area, about 5 kilometers from the city of Bandar Anzali. There is a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a WC  in the lower part, and a bedroom with a jacuzzi and a cozy terrace in the upper part. The vast forest yard of this complex with different trees provides enchanting views for you and your family. You can see the beautiful beaches of the Caspian Sea, the Anzali port, the c, Bojag national park, Amirkalaye Lagoon, etc.

forest residence Kojur Mazandaran-Iran

- Kojur forest residence

If you intend to stay among the forests of the Mazandaran mountainous region and want to enjoy the unique beauty and silence of the forest, this is it. A beautiful forest residence (75 meters) on 25,000 meters plain in the middle of the dense Hyrcanian forests in Mazandaran. This residence with suitable facilities (Bathroom-WC-Kitchen) for 5 people will be an ideal place for you and your family. Zano's tourist village on the land of twenty-five thousand square meters includes six cottages and three new stylish and beautiful cottages with full accommodation facilities in the heart of the Hyrcanian forests are being prepared for you.

Wooden cottage with pool in Ramsar

- Wooden cottage with pool in Ramsar

If you are going to visit the best tourist city in the north of Iran, Ramsar with its different natural and historical sites is the best one. This duplex wooden cottage with an indoor spa pool is located near Ramsar the most important tourist city in the north of Iran and Mazandaran province. The duplex cottage has a hall, a kitchen, a WC, and a bathroom on the ground floor. The upper floor also contains a bedroom and a double bed. This wooden cottage has an indoor spa pool (4.5 x 3.30) which has an automatic purification system. The low distance of this cottage to the recreational and sightseeing places like Ramsar to the cable car and the amusement park (1500 meters), to the city of Ramsar (10 km), the Safaroud forest park (15 km), the beautiful Javaherdeh villa (30 km) makes for an unforgettable stay.

Ramsar, Darya Poshte

- Ramsar, Darya Poshte

Ramsar tourist city is one of the most important tourist cities in Iran, which is always the most important destination for nature lovers with its diverse characteristics of natural-historical tourism. A wooden residence with unique features is the best place for your vacation. This residence with an area of 120 meters has 2 rooms, which will be an ideal place for a family of 4.
You will experience a dreamy and pleasant stay in a green and peaceful atmosphere in the beautiful city of Ramsar.

Three-story wooden cottage in Ramsar - Tangdera

- Three-story wooden cottage in Ramsar - Tangdera

This three-story, two-bedroom wooden cottage with a balcony and a beautiful gazebo is located in the forest area of Tangdera, Ramsar, Mazandaran Province. The interior of the cottage is decorated with wood and on the first floor there is a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a toilet (Iranian). The second floor has a bedroom, bathroom, toilet, and a balcony facing the green plains. The top floor with a bedroom and a balcony offers you a beautiful view of the plain and the forest.

Ramsar - Shirood wooden Cottage

- Ramsar - Shirood wooden Cottage

A forest lodge near the beautiful city of Ramsar with luxury facilities will be an unforgettable trip. This residence has 2 floors, which offers you all the luxury facilities for a dream stay. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, hall, and bathroom, and on the second floor, it will provide you with a pleasant stay with a view of the green plain and Hyrcanian forests. The swimming pool of this residence (5x2.5) with spa and automatic purification is the best place to relax with the family.
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The food capital of Iran
- Rasht - The food capital of Iran

If you plan to visit Rasht city, the capital of Gilan province with a collection of the most beautiful natural and historical sights and experience the most delicious Iranian food, this wooden residence with the best facilities is prepared for you. A wooden cottage with beautiful architecture in a 6,000-meter garden with the best amenities will be an unforgettable trip to this historic city. This wooden cottage is duplex and has a bedroom on the upper floor and a kitchen, WC, and bathroom on the lower floor, which makes this cottage suitable for 4 guests.

Duplex wooden cottage - Savadkoh
- Duplex wooden cottage - Savadkoh

The low distance to Tehran, fast and easy access, wonderful natural sights, proximity to the shores of the Caspian Sea, and the 4,000,000-year-old Hyrcanian forests are the most important reasons for choosing this forest wooden residence. This one-bedroom duplex wooden cottage with a beautiful design in a rural area near the city of Savadkoh will be your best choice. This cottage has a hall, kitchen, bathroom, and wc on the first floor, and on the second floor, there is a bedroom and a 7-meter terrace with a view of the forest. Sonbal Road Dam, the beautiful Lafur Dam, the beautiful Shirdar Kolah forests, the Derazkalah sugarcane gardens, and the Sahara artificial lake (where pelicans and wild geese live) are the most important natural attractions near the hotel. If you are into fishing, bring your hook during the trip to enjoy the river near the accommodation to the fullest.

A cottage with a pool in Shiroud
- A cottage with a pool in Shiroud

A dream cottage in the middle of Tonekabon forests with quick and easy access to important tourist cities on the coast of the Caspian Sea (Chalos, Tonekabon, Ramsar, and Kalardasht) would be one of your best choices. This two-bedroom cottage with a jacuzzi pool and a pleasant yard and a beautiful view of the mountains and the forest is located in a cozy and quiet area in the village of Shirod (10 km to Tonkabon). This cottage has a hall, kitchen, and bathroom in the lower part and two bedrooms, and a cozy terrace in the upper part. The jacuzzi and outdoor spa pool of the residence with 24-hour automatic purification, (7 x 4 meters and depth 1.40 to 150 meters) is the best place to enjoy with the family.