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Ramsar, the bride of Iranian Northern cities

Undoubtedly, Ramsar is the most beautiful northern city of Iran on the edge of the beautiful coast of the Caspian Sea (the largest one). This city is a combination of forest, mountain, and Caspian Sea coasts, which invites you to travel in a green and dreamy land with rainy roads. It is the best tourist destination in the north of Iran with a very diverse set of tourist attractions & historical, natural, and recreational facilities.
If you have chosen this northern city of Iran as your tourist destination, surely this city with a collection of the most beautiful green villages, high waterfalls, hot mineral springs, royal palaces (Pahlavi period), local weekly markets, tourist entertainment centers, and shopping markets will surprise you.

Ramsar Forest

Where is Ramsar?
Ramsar is located 230 Km from Tehran, on the Chalus-Rasht road, and is the last city of Mazandaran Province. This city is bounded by the Caspian Sea from the north, the Alborz mountain range from the south, Tonekabon city from the east, and Gilan province (Rudsar city) from the west. The climate of Ramsar is hot and humid in summer and mild in winter.

Why Ramsar?
There are many different reasons that make you fall in love with this city.
- Quick and easy access to Tehran.
- Dense mountainous local forests.
- Quick and easy access to the shores of the Caspian Sea.
- Mountain climate with low humidity in the country cottage.
- Wide variety of luxury forest and beach accommodations.
- Numerous historical monuments (castle, palace, museum).
- Various natural attractions (forest, plain, sea, spring, waterfall).
- Different local markets with a mix of Mazandaran and Gilan cultures.

How to get Ramsar?
There are different ways to get to Ramsar City from Tehran (taxi, car, Bus, or plane).
Car: you can hire a private car or a guided driver.
Taxi: You can hire a public Taxi from the West Terminal of Tehran.
Bus; There are different daily schedules from Tehran's Bus Terminals to Ramsar City.
Plane: Pls contact one of the local tour operators to book your domestic flight to Ramsar City.

A cool Paradise in the hot summer of Iran

Ramsar Hotel
Ramsar Hotel

Where to Stay in Ramsar?
If you are going to stay in this amazing city you have various choices.
- Standard Hotels: There are different standard 3,4 and 5-star hotels.
- Hotel App: You can select one of the Apartment Hotels for comfortable accommodation.
- Eco-lodges: Choose one of Ramsar's eco-lodges and enjoy your nature stay.
- Forest Resorts: Booking a forest resort with luxury facilities( B&B, open pool, forest balcony, Gym facilities, clean and dreamy) would be the best choice for accommodation in the heart of Hyrcanian 4.000.000 years old.

Ramsar City

Apart from the wonderful nature of Ramsar, there are other attractions that you can enjoy while visiting this fantastic city. These are some of these places:

The best places to visit in Ramsar City:

Garasma Sar village

Garasma Sar village

If you are going to enjoy a mountainous summer house should visit Garasma Sar village on the way from Ramsar to Katalom(40 Km to Ramsar city). A dense forest with Asphalted roads, and different local Coffeshops & Restaurants can make your dream come true from a dreamy mountainous trip. Beautiful green plains, high mountains, and cool springs are the difference between this summer and others. Imagine yourself in a rural cottage, the sound of rain falls, and the smell of the wet thatch and wet grasses takes you to your childhood memories, enjoy your life.

Swan Lake in Ramsar City

Swan Lake

A dreamy local lake with a beautiful view of the green mountains of Ramsar city. This small local lake with charming and green views of the mountain forests of Ramsar city and near Javaherdeh village (registered in UNESCO) will be one of the most beautiful local areas for relaxation and also a dream stay by the lake. A short-distance hike can offer you the natural and unique attractions that are located around the lake. Dense forests, forest roads - waterfalls, and local villages are the most important natural attractions around this lake.

Javaher Deh Ramsar city - Mazandaran province

Javaher Deh

A beautiful green village like a brilliant Gem is located about 2000 meters above sea level in the middle of the Ramsar mountains and 25 Km from Ramsar City. Its geographical feature, and cool and pleasant weather, have changed this village into a cool and interesting summer destination. On your way to this cozy village, the local restaurant & coffee shops with local ambiance and decoration can make fresh you easily. You can stop there and have lunch in the pergolas. You can reach Javaher Deh from Ramsar in 25 minutes. Besides the fantastic landscapes of the village, you can also enjoy the path.

Where to stay near Javaher Deh
If you are going to stay a night in this nice village you have some interesting options. Well, you can stay in Mahtab Hotel, and Javaher Motel inside the village. Also, Ramsar hotels are easy and more comfortable options. We suggest you choose one of the local houses, eco-lodges, or even the luxury forest cottages for a dreamy accommodation.

Dalkhani Jungle

Dalkhani Jungle

Just 30 kilometers from the famous and spectacular city of Ramsar, a dense forest with various kinds of trees and spectacular views called Paradise Corridor can surprise all nature lovers. This forest is located in the westernmost part of Mazandaran province and is a major tourist resort of the semi-mountainous forest of Ramsar City. If you are a nature lover or eco-tourist and like green nature, we offer you not to miss Dalkhani Jungle when you traveled to Ramsar and Mazandaran province.  If you love jungle fruits, be sure to roam around. Some beauties of local villages close to Dalkhani Jungle not only can surprise you but also can make familiar you with the sub-cultures. Here is one of the most beautiful and pristine forests in the north of Iran.

Ramsar Cable car and recreational complex
Ramsar Cable car and recreational complex

Spend your time with your children and family. They like to enjoy their trip. 5 km from the city of Ramsar and on the way to Chaboksar city, the Shahr-e Sabz recreational complex is the best place for being with children. Enjoy the tranquility and the clean air of the mountains and take the best pics from the sea beach on the top of the mountain.

Where to stay?
If you like to stay in a mountain forest hotel the Green Hotel of  Ramsar is the best choice.

 What to do?
This recreational complex included two parts.
The first part of the complex is in the lower part of the mountain and along the beach, with amenities and entertainment facilities such as a playground, paintball, go-kart track, buggy, clubs from the sea, a cable car station, water skiing, boating, shopping centers, crafts, restaurant, branches of different banks, etc., receive tourists.
The second part, in the form of luxury forest huts and VIP suites, various tourist and recreational places, including a forest walk, a games room, a restaurant, a Ramsar roof, etc. You will have an amazing time with lots of adventure and fun at the Green City Recreational Wellness Complex.

Casino Boulevard
Casino Boulevard

If you plan to walk in one of the most beautiful streets of Ramsar overlooking the green mountains and the historic Ramsar Hotel, this is it. You can walk with people, chat with young people, learn more about local culture, and enjoy a beautiful and heartwarming sunset. Casino Boulevard is at the heart of the city of Ramsar and connects the forests to the Caspian Sea. This charming boulevard was built during the Pahlavi era. A nice walk on this boulevard and observing its tall symmetrical palm trees is a must while you are in Ramsar.