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Esfahan The City of Garden Designing

Esfahan: The City of Garden Designing
Due to the Zayandeh Rood and the network of ditches (Madi) in Esfahan, it has enjoyed a verdant coverage characterized it locally and internationally Thus, the majority of the historians since the 8th century A.D. have recounted the names of Isa Ibne Ayoub and 'Abd-ol-Aziz gardens from the Deylamite period. Garden designing was of the most important items in city arrangement during the Seljuk Dynasty in Esfahan, where the name Chahar Bagh is one of them.

Atigh Great Mosque, the oldest mosque in Isfahan

Esfahan: Atigh Great Mosque
The fact is that the Atigh Great Mosque, the oldest mosque in Isfahan, is certainly well-known as one of the Particular historical monuments for either the Islamic history or beginning of civilization. However, it almost backdates to 1300 years ago (reigning time of Abbasian caliphs), and it can be noticed as a sensible and spiritual structure in many aspects that include the architectural, artistic, scientific and influential efforts in religious cultural, political and social fluctuations due to the different eras.

Sahebgharanieh  Palace is located at Shemiran north of Tehran

Sahebgharanieh Palace
A Journey to the History, Culture and  Literature of Iran
Shemiran which makes the Northern margin of Tehran today, about one century and a half ago entailed a group of villages which were far from city limits of Tehran of that period of time. "Gordbeh" was the name of one of these villages  that had a reedy place beside itself. During his period of reigning Fath Ali Shah of Qajar ordered his men to make a summer resort instead of that reedy area which was a summer quarter and garden with an approximate measurement of 12 Hectares.

Iran with more than 12,000 years old history and with more than 1,000,000 historical sites

Historical works that introduced Iran to tourists
Iran with more than 12,000 years old history and with more than 1,000,000 historical sites is of one of the oldest countries of the world.
23 of Iran historical sites and also 1 Natural site recorded in UNESCO. Also, some Iranian historical sites are waiting to record at UNESCO.
Here is the list of top 10 historical sites of Iran at  UNESCO.