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Kandovan is an interesting & ancient village

The most unique, magical volcanic village. A wonderful and enchanting stone village that will fascinate nature lovers with its natural beauty. If you are looking for unique attractions in the world, this place is worth visiting twice.

Kandovan is an interesting & ancient village

Kandovan, the Magic of the nature

The most unique, magical tourism volcanic village. If you are going to visit one of the three unique examples of rocky tourist villages in the world, the Kandovan village is the only active example of a rock village in the world after Cappadocia in Turkey, and Dakota in the United States. This village is one of the natural and historical attractions in east Azerbaijan that can amaze and satisfies all tourists and visitors.

The ashes of the Sahand silent volcano have made Conical mountains beehive shapes which are the only active example of a rocky village. This is an excellent example of the victory of hardworking people against nature's harshness. The ancient village of Kandovan is located in the northwest corner of Iran at the foothills of Mount Sahand and near the city of Tabriz the capital of east Azerbaijan, Iran. A village that is one of the three rocky villages in the world and the most interesting natural tourist site close to Tabriz that attracts thousands of local and international tourists Conical houses (beehives shapes) that are formed from ashes of volcanic activities of Sahand mountain and it has become the most compatible example of rural houses with nature.

Zavareh a historical village

Kandovan, the Magic of the nature

Where is Kandovan Village

This amazing village is a living example of human adaptation to exceptionally unusual natural surroundings. It is located just 45 Km to the south of Tabriz on the northern slopes of a valley at the foothills of Mount Sahand. This village is one of the most important tourist destinations in nature and historical tours of Tabriz. You can book this tour via various local tour operators in Tabriz or travel agents in Tehran.


The local residents believe this is a 700 - 800-year-old village and is made by people fleeing from an advancing Mongol army. They used the caves as a refuge and a place of hiding.
But archaeological evidence and scientific research prove that the present dwellers are the successors of the previous cave dwellers 1600-3000 years ago. This historical record is compared with the presence of the first Zoroastrians in this region.

Abyane the red village

Kandovan Structure

Kandovan Structure

These cone-shaped shapes that have been formed over thousands of years are the result of the mighty volcano of Mount Sahand in the last 11 thousand years. Therefore, the main structure of this village and its stone houses are igneous or volcanic rocks. The height of most cave houses is two to four stories. The first floor was generally used for keeping animals and cattle, and the second and third floors were used for living.


These cone-shaped volcanic structures are called Karan in the local language and form the main foundation of Kandavan. These structures have a height of about 10-15 meters and a diameter of 8-5 meters. They are spread from west to east. However, Western Karan, according to the lack of sunlight has paid less attention and they have not shown interest in living in them, so they have been gradually destroyed.

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What to see in Kandovan
What to see

The tourist attractions of this area are not limited to its unusual houses. You can walk in the beautiful nature of this area and enjoy the healing wild plants, natural mineral water springs, and its high mountains. If you are a nature traveler, this place will be one of your best choices to enjoy nature.

How to get Kandovan
The Kandovan excursion is a part of Tabriz's tourism tour. Therefore, if you are going to visit Tabriz, a one-day tour of Tabriz - Osco - Kandavan can be one of the most attractive parts of your trip to the west of Iran. Contact us to reserve a guide or driver in Tabriz.

Where to stay Kandovan

Where to stay
You will have many choices of accommodation in Tabriz or Kandovan village.

Tabriz Hotels: This important tourist city will provide you with an unforgettable stay with a wide range of 2 to 5-star hotels as well as various ecotourism accommodations.
Kandavan Hotels: If you plan to spend a night in this unique stone village, the 5-star Sangi Lale hotel will be one of your best choices.
Also, a wide range of eco-tours with different facilities will provide you with a dreamy and unforgettable night.
Please contact us for more information and to book your hotel with the lowest price + a free Iran Visa.

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Why Tabriz city tour

Why Tabriz city tour
One of the most important tourist cities in Iran is one of the exciting tourist destinations in the west of Iran. This important historical city of Iran as the first capital of the Safavid dynasty is one of the best tourist destinations in Iran with a collection of historical buildings - tourist and cultural attractions.

What's you can visit in Tabriz & Kandovan tour

-Visit the Constitution House of Tabriz and the Blue Mosque.
-The unique and interesting nature of East Azerbaijan.
-Maqbaratoshoara (The tomb of the poets).
-Kandovan Rock village excursion.
-Historical Christian churches.
-Ilgoli and Qajar Museum.
-Grand Bazaar of Tabriz.

Various reasons to travel to Tabriz and Kandovan:

One of the safest cities in Iran.
More than 17 museums in Tabriz.
Aynalo Jungles, Chestnut Trees, and Red Deer.
The magnificent Sahand peak with a height of 3965 m.
Kandovan village is the only live rocky village in the world.
An ancient city, from the Parthian era and the first Safavid capital.
The Aladaghlar (colored) mountains are one of the wonders of nature.
Babak historical Fort is the symbol of the Iranian struggle against Arab occupation.
Tabriz Bazaar and Saint Stepanos Monastery have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.