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Iran Tourism Diversity

A Chance to Experience Colorful programs in Iran. You can experience almost all sorts of tourism, thanks to its colorful and rich cultural heritage and also natural beauty and Biodiversity. Iran is a four-season country where there are always many chances for tourism activity all year round.

In the following, you can find out what we are talking about.

Architecture Tours

Architecture Tours

Iranian civilization has always been a pioneer in the field of architecture. Iran's culture and architecture have worldwide fame among the historic countries. The glory of Persian culture has shown itself in architecture, creditable monuments and so many other items that you can easily feel and get to know while you are traveling and discovering the beautiful aspects of Iran.
The sacred shrines in the holy cities like Mashhad, Qom, and Shiraz, so the ancient monuments at Persepolis and Isfahan, the Persian gardens, poets' tombs in Shiraz, and the tiled Nasir al-Mulk mosque, considered the pinnacle of Iranian-Islamic art. All can be included as cultural highlights for a 15-day tour.

Historical Tours

Historical Tours

Iran with more than 12000 years old history and 1.000.000 historical sites, is undoubtedly one of the first destinations that come to the tourists’ minds. Iran's historical and cultural cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, and Tehran, are the best tourist destinations for those who would like to visit the fantastic places of interest.
Surely, Words are not able to describe such a beautiful wonderland. Iran is a must to travel as New York Times mentioned in 2019. Iran is so full of beautiful natural sites, exquisite architecture, and ancient creditable monuments that you are having a hard time deciding what cities to choose for visiting.
Iran Historical Tours are the best way to discover the country from those who know it better. Iran historical tours make familiar you with a wide range of historical monuments, UNESCO World Heritage sites, Iran’s silk road, rich intangible legacy, and Iran's deep culture. Various Iran historical tours allow you to choose one of the best ones according to your time limit and enjoy your trip.

Iran one week Tours

Iran Jews

Cultural Tours

Iran has one of the most diverse ethnic species in the world. The diversity of ethnicities, the diversity of religions, and customs have caused you to look at a particular type of culture and customs in every corner of Iran. Music, clothing, language, religion, and ordinary life are a part of the   Iranian people's culture. Tourists visit different parts of Iran to get acquainted with this cultural diversity and get acquainted with an important part of Iran's rich culture.
The cultural diversity of the Iranian people is attractive in every sector. The lush green lands of northern Iran - the barren and hot deserts - the western mountains and the people of the Persian Gulf can show a part of this culture. Choose one of the Iran cultural tours and get acquainted with the culture and customs of the Iranian people while visiting the most beautiful historical monuments.

Iran Cultural Tour

Iran Adventure Tours

Iran Adventure Tours

Iran offers a wide range of adventure activities for tourists and nature lovers with a unique set of natural and geographical features. These adventure tours cover a wide area of Iran from the south of the Caspian Sea and the 4.5-million-year-old Hyrcanian forests to the Persian Gulf and from the mountains of eastern Iran to the high mountains of Iran on the border between Iraq and Turkey. These tours provide the opportunity to visit most of Iran's natural and historical monuments and attractions from Alborz to Zagros and from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, including the vast central desert of Iran with large sand dunes and caravanserais.
Some of Iran Geoghrafical specifications are:
1,300,000 historical and cultural sites, four-season Country, Great Bio-diversity, Wonderful Fauna and Flora: over 10000 species of plants, 500 wild birds, and 160 mammals, Unique Deserts, Wide range of temperature: -36ï؟½C in the north and +54ï؟½C in the south, Variety of rainfall: from 2000 mm in Gilan Province to close to zero in Kavir-e-Lut which is among the hottest and driest deserts in the world, Various extraordinary landscapes including mountains, deserts, forests, lakes and wetlands, islands, Land of adventures, Amazing Villages, and Lovely Nomads.

Top 10 Reasons for Iran's Rafting

Trek the Lut desert

Trek the Lut desert

The Dasht-e Lut desert, one of the Earth's hottest and driest places, is a (hardy) trekker's dream, with incredible rock formations, sand dunes, salt plains, and the Valley of Meteorites - imposing landscapes that enchanted Marco Polo and, 700 years later, Wilfred Thesiger. The Iran deserts are one of the most attractive parts of traveling to Iran, which has fascinated all tourists. When thinking of a natural destination, usually the images of rainforests, lakes, and waterfalls come to mind. Maybe fewer people pay attention to the desert areas and their beauty. But the fact is that Iran with the forest, seas, waterfalls, and thousands of other natural attractions, also has the most magnificent and mesmerizing deserts.
A pleasure walking among the warm, soft, and golden sands that make a memorable experience for everyone. Pack your bags and join us for a trip to the desert regions in the center of  Iran that are hot, dry, mysterious, and attractive. There are several reasons that encourage you to visit the deserts of Iran at least once in your life. The beauties of the deserts such as the supernatural sunset and sunrise, the mysterious silence of the desert, the hills of sand, the salt crystals and the fantasy cities on the one hand, and the specific and diverse characteristics of the Iranian deserts such as the giant Kaluts, on the other hand, have made Iran one of the best desert adventure destinations these days.

Maranjab desert, at your hand

Mount Damavand

Climb Mount Damavand

Although Iran is known as a desert country, the existence of more than 147 peaks, over 4000 meters, made it the paradise of climbers. So, Iran is an amazing destination for mountain climbers both amateur and professionals with a vast range of mountains and different heights. Iran boasts dozens of high mountains, some of them permanently snowcapped. Many can be climbed by anyone fit, without the need for special equipment, experience, or a guide, but you should always check the situation before embarking on a mountain trek. Early June to late August is the climbing season.
Two Alborz and Zagros Mountain Ranges with plenty of peaks above 4500m high, invite the climbers to a challenging tour. Among the famous peaks of Iran, Damavand Peak is the most prestigious and legendary mountain in Iran with more than 5600 meters. It takes four days to reach the summit of the country's highest mountain, a 5,671-metre volcano. Base camp is two hours from Tehran, making Damavand one of the most accessible 5,000-metre plus mountains in the world. If all goes to plan, this seven-day trip includes two days' recovery in Larijan's thermal spring and Tehran.

Valley of the Assassins
A walking tour based around the eponymous 1934 travelogue by the explorer Freya Stark, showcasing the greener side of Iran, traditional villages, the castles of the 'assassins" and Alborz mountain hikes. The trip includes a stay with the Shahsevan nomadic tribe, a visit to Tabriz's blue mosque, and Unesco's world heritage bazaar.


Most nationalities are welcome to travel in Iran independently, but the citizens of the USA, Britain, and Canada are required to be escorted by an authorized guide at all times and must book a group trip, but if you are from one of these countries you can tailor-make one with a minimum of two people with some operators, and on a budget.

Skiing in Iran
Skiing in Iran

Dizin, with lifts to 3,600 meters, and Shemshak, at 3,050 meters, is Iran's most famous resort, with chalets, hotels, and equipment hire. They are both near Tehran and access is straightforward. Another of the larger resorts is Pooladkaf, 85km from Shiraz in the south, peaking at 3.400 meters and enjoying strong sunshine despite high snow totals.

Rose and Rosewater Iran Festival

Religious and cultural events abound in Iran, reflecting the country's diverse peoples and historical influences. Ancient Iranian festivals are among the oldest historical events in Iran, some of which are now listed in the intangible UNESCO World Heritage List of Iran. These festivals are scattered in different parts of Iran, which shows the deep history, culture, and customs of the Iranian people and provides a window into the everyday lives of the masses here.
They range from the Gol-o-Golab (Rose and Rosewater) festival in Kashan in May to the Chak Chak fire temple festival near Yazd in June, which celebrates the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. Soak up some culture with a number of the best Iranian festivals that will make your travel experience worthwhile. Attending one of these festivals is sure to enlighten you with the essence of the country.

Iran Food Tourism
Food Tourism

Culinary tourism introduces a historical social phenomenon in societies. A phenomenon that is directly related to the culture, customs, geography, and religious beliefs of the people of the regions, and each dish of food contains a set of the above-mentioned. To better understand the culture of a country, it must be eaten. You can learn a lot about a particular culture by exploring its food. Culinary tourism introduces a phenomenon that originated from the soil, culture, and customs of the people and a mixture of the old stories of grandmothers.
Iran is one of the most influential countries in the food industry with more than 800 different food models, ancient recipes, and types of food for kebab lovers - Vegetarians and Vegans. Food tours in Iran will acquaint you with the customs of the Iranian people in preparing a variety of food, desserts, and herbal drinks and will guide you to the depths of the ancient history of Iran.

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Religious Tours
Religious Tours

The rich history of Iran has witnessed the presence of various historical religions. Zoroastrians of Iran, Armenians, Iranian Jews, and the presence of Muslims along with other religions are a sign of their peaceful life over the centuries. The effective role of fire temples, churches, synagogues, and mosques in the history of Iran is undeniable. Therefore, the tourists come to Iran to visit these religious places and do their ceremonies freely.

Iran Pilgrimage Tours

Iran eco-tourism

Iran eco-tourism
Iran with a vast diversity of Geographical attractions like mountains, seas, lakes, caves, forest, and…, can meet nature-lover's appetite. The Eco-tourists with expertise in zoology, geography, ornithology, history, botany, photography, and more can find a spot in Iran to tour. They offer a wide range of tours, some of which include bird watching and nature photography tours. A house with fresh bread and the taste of real life or staying at a cottage in the woods or a house in a small but beautiful village away from the smoke and traffic jams and the bustle of urban living can make dreams come true. Iran with over 10 national parks and 41 protected regions, has more than 8 million hectares of natural areas to explore.

Iran Health tourism

Iran Health tourism
Iran Health tourism, with a variety of treatments including modern medical therapies, traditional medicine, use of mineral waters, and even mud therapy is one of the main countries especially ay the Middle East. High cost of treatment in European, North American countries, and some Middle East countries long waiting queue for receiving medical services, and on the other hand increasing and facilitating air travel and intercontinental travel, caused of development and attention of different countries to new destinations for Health tourism. Iran is a distinct destination for medical tourism with high standards in medical research and services with low-cost medical treatments. Iran is not only a provider of modern health tourism services but also is one of the most important destinations for medical tourism with a wide range of hydrotherapy or mud therapy centers.

Sustainable rural tourism in Iran

Sustainable rural tourism in Iran
Due to the existence of different villages such as desert villages, mountain villages, forest villages, and coastal villages in Iran, the village tourism industry has been growing in recent years. The variety of types of Iranian peoples has created different scenarios that offer various landscapes, products, cultures, crafts, etc. This means enormous potential for rural tourism. As Iran has so many different types of terrain and ethnic groups, visitors to the countryside of Iran will see a wide range of lifestyles, crafts, and cultures. This will provide a great opportunity for national visitors to get to know their own country. Iranian tour operators offer different packages for village tourism which include not only visit the ancient and unique villages but can also visit the main historical site that surrounds them.

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Literary Tourism
Literary tourism is one of the ways to spread the culture and civilization of a country. Literature tours guide tourists to the deepest cultural part of a country and introduce them to the rich culture, art, and history of a country. For centuries, the reputation of influential and inspiring Iranian poets, whose pure works have revolutionized Eastern and Western literature, has been known in the world. Some Iranian poets such as Ferdowsi, Omar Khayyam, Saadi, and Hafez are very well known and influential in Western literature.

Iran by train, from Turkey

Iran by train, from Turkey
After boarding the train in Ankara, passengers travel to Tehran to explore the archeological sites, before taking a sleeper to Isfahan for its iconic covered bridges and huge Naqhsh-e Jahan Square. The unique desert architecture of Yazd is a short train ride away, the final train trip is to Shiraz, the city of flowers and poetry.

Iraq with Iran
A16 - day group trip explores the connected Persian and Iraqi cultures. Beginning in Baghdad, it visits Babylon, Kufa, and Uruk (ancient Gilgamesh), includes canoeing along the Tigris then tours western Iran, spectacular Persepolis, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Tehran.