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Food Tourism industry in Iran

Industrial Food Tourism in Iran

Food or dish is one of the main societies culture's features. If we intend to make Familiarize the tourists with the culture of each region", we need to attend to the regional food. Traveling with new flavors is one of the attractions of the trip. A bad memory from unwanted food during the trip can create restrictions on the re-selection of tourism. The most important memory of traveling to a country is the combination of food, images, and flavors.

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A complete guide to the Iranian kebab

Different parts of the food supply and ingredients of cooking, like the recipe, supply, and consume food have a very close relationship with the culture of each region and especially with popular culture. The tourists are intended to know these steps because a big part of the world's tourism industry is dedicated to tourism and gourmet tourism.
Food also represents a great part of the views and beliefs of the tourist region. For example, for a Muslim passenger, it is very important that his food is"Halal" or prepared in accordance with Sharia law. "Food" is the primary need of people. It's not just a consumable material. It also represents the culture and customs of the region's inhabitants. Thus, Food is one of the most important criteria for traveling and food tourism is one of tourism's models. These days this industry is growing well because people need a friendly relationship. They make it with different models of travel.

Persian cuisine

Persian cuisine
Food tourism is a public and global activity, covering all aspects of food, food industry machines, vendors, street foods luxury or first-class restaurants, hotels, and more. Everybody who looks for food is part of this industry. About 86% of the tourism industry is dedicated to food and food tourism. Thus "food" is one of the best industries in tourism experience. Due to these figures, food can be a symbol and a mark for tourist destinations. Food tourism, which is a branch of the tourism industry, has attracted new tourists and travel agents to Iran in recent years.

The Iranian cooking style is one of the seven wonders!

In fact, it is one of the world's most comprehensive cooking styles, and many of the world's best foods are rooted in Iranian cuisine, particularly in Arab, African, and even Indian countries. All Iranian cities have been affected by the Iranian culinary style. And today we see Iranian cuisine methods all over the world, even in Europe.

A foodie tour in Iran

A foodie tour in Iran
Iranians are among the first ethnic groups to have created a detailed categorization of types of food. They also introduce many nutritional raw materials such as pomegranate sauce, saffron, spinach, celery, caviar, and other food products. Iran with more than 2,500 types of food is one of the top three food styles in the world.
Iranian food researchers believe, there are more than 2,500 types of food and 109 types of beverages, other than a wide variety of different bread and sweets.

Iran's style of cooking is one of the three main methods of cooking food besides Roman and Chinese cooking methods. In fact, a tourist doesn't care where is he/she going, he should be sure that his/her local cuisine is unique and memorable. Iran due to the diversity of its climate and its subcultures can be a great destination for food tourists. The regions of Iran have a wide variety of foods and beverages due to the diversity of ethnicities and climates. During a trip to different parts of Iran from North to South and East to West, a wide range of foods tradition in the climate and culture of the people is quite obvious.

Gilan the Capital of Culinary

In the northern provinces of Iran, especially in Gilan province, nicknamed the "Capital of Culinary", there are more than 400 types of food. Many of them have sea roots or regional poultry. The food serves with local yogurt, local cheese, dough (Persian coke), and local olives and is also decorated with different local wild flavored vegetables that increase your appetite. In addition, in the southern provinces of Iran on the coast of the Persian Gulf, offers a wide variety of local dishes with varied tastes, with a taste close to Indian flavors.

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Persian Kebab

In the central part of Iran, BBQ meats will keep in mind an unforgettable trip to these regions. In addition to these foods, vegetarian and herbal drinks have therapeutic properties, including different types of tea (green, black, fruit tea, herbal tea) Rosewater, distilled Rosa, distilled mint, citrus Aurantium Distilled, Salix Aegyptiaca l Distilled. There are also plenty of local desserts in different cities, some of them are accompanied by food, and some are available for various occasions and events.

Needless to say, a significant part of tourists' quality perception of a destination is their destination's food experience and satisfaction. The fundamental point is the quality of the food,  and lack of attention to it can endanger the lives of tourists. Keep a memorable trip in their mind. In addition, creating a permanent positive experience will increase the chances of return. Delicious cuisine in a warm environment with good service is an experience that will not be quickly erased from the memory of tourists.