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One Day Lout Desert Tour Program
The name of Kerman is always associated with Iran's deserts.  Where its beauty dazzles the eyes of visitors. Certainly, the most attractive part of the trip to Kerman is the Lout desert and its beauties. A desert that has attracted many explorers and tourists and amazed them with its beauty. A journey with hard and harsh desert charms that attract you and you can not miss it.

Lout Desert Tour Program

The landscape created by the Kalout is absolutely amazing and from a distance, they look like the ruins of an empty city with very large rocky houses. The locals call it "the ghost town". You arrive in an area with No life, and here is an Abiotic zone, you arrive in a new world made of sand. Wandering around a landscape covered with hundreds of natural, towering sculptures in the Shahdad desert, which resembles a Star War Hollywood scene, sounds tempting to any adventurous traveler.
The geological landforms that are made by the wind for Million years and recorded at UNESCO. They are known as “Kalouts” and calling you.

Lout way and Map by google

This one - day tour lets you visit the most beautiful attraction of the Lout desert as follow:

Visit the Zabanemar canyon and camp in the central Lout desert.
Visit star-shaped sand dunes in the central Lout desert.
Visit Yalan sand dunes and experience one of the most incredible desert ecosystems in Iran.
Enjoy the safari and sand skiing in dunes during the Lout desert tour
Hike and sandboard in the central desert of Iran (the Lout).
Visit famous castles and caravansaries in Shahdad and Mahan.
Visiting Mahan city on the way to Shahdad.
Shahzadeh Garden the most famous Persian Garden close to Mahan.
Shah Nematolah Vali shrine the most famous Iranian Sufism
Rayen Citadel: With an area of more than 22,000 square meters, is the second-largest adobe structure in the world after the Bam Citadel also it is similar to the Arg-e Bam.

The Kalouts of Lout desert

Also can visit
The Kalouts: Kalouts are one of the greatest nature's phenomena, located 40 km southeast of the city of Shahdad. These Kalouts have a length of 145km and a width of 80 km, covering an area of about 11,000 km2. Aeolian sand, clay, and marine clay mainly cover the area between the Kalouts.
The sand Hills: An ocean of Sand. The sand dunes to the east of Central Lut form an area 50 km wide and 100 km long.
The Nebka Desert plants: The flora of the Lut Desert is made up of Gas trees and shrubs in a part which is found in desert pots known as Nabaka and grow in groundwater.
Desert Sky: The desert sky at night is one of your most beautiful experiences. A sky with millions of stars that will fascinate you.
Shahdad Desert: It is the western part of the Lut desert. This desert is about 24,000 square kilometers.
Shahdad water Reservoir: It is a Qajar (200 Years ago) water reservoir.
Shafi Abad Castle: This castle is located at Shafi Abad village on the way of Shahdad. It belongs to the Qajar period.

The Lout desert

What to do
Lout desert with its unique beauties attracts you. you can immerse yourself in 20,000 years old history by walking among the sand dunes. At Shahdad Desert, you have exciting entertainment, such as  Camping, camel riding. walking, desert camp - desert night and watching the stars, - riding in the sandhills(4WD). It is a pure experience. The guide is with you and do not worry about getting lost in the desert.

How To Get To The Lout

How To Get To The Lout
The Kaluts are actually located northeast of Kerman on the Kuhbonan Mountains. It takes around two hours to drive to the Kaluts from Kerman, making it easy (or longer!) Day trip. But since it is a desert area, it is definitely recommended that you run your program with professional guides or guide-driver.
Make sure you have enough drinking water and some food before moving to the area.
Kerman is a provincial capital, so you can go to different parts of the province by regular and daily shuttle bus or Taxi.
There are also buses going from Kerman to Shahdad 10 US$(12.2020) and a good price for a hired taxi would be about 50 US$(12.2020).

Be careful with the police
This region has been a transit point for many smugglers and drug dealers coming from Afghanistan so, unfortunately, the area is considered kind of sensitive.
Thus arrange your program with trustable car companies or contact Iranian Tour Operators.

lout star Eco-camp

If you want to extend your one day tour the lout star Eco-camp would be the best option for you. It is the best available Eco Camp at Malek Abad village close to Shahdad(40 Km far from Lout). Undoubtedly staying in a desert camp among the tall Palm trees would be unforgettable accommodation for you.
You can select on of the 14 twin bedded tents with complete services like TV, Bath, A/C, Internet. we recommend to enjoy the other facilities and service of the hotel like walking path, ride ATV bicycle path, camel riding, and .....

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