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What kind of hotel accommodation do you prefer?

Your residence place(Hotel, Hostel, Home, Camp) at travel is one of the most important parts of your trip. It's an occasion and opportunity to spend some time with locals and learn about their culture. In these places, you can get acquainted with the traditional and luxurious hospitality culture of the local people. While you are enjoying a dreamy and memorable stay, recognize a part of the formal and local culture of the people.
Choosing the right accommodation is a crucial part of your trip to Iran. This is the place where you will find some rest after a city tour of sightseeing and you will have all the right to want it cozy and comfortable. There are different types of hotels, hostels, camping, and homestays to fit your accommodation style and show you various aspects of Iran. There is an increasing number of guesthouses and ecolodges in Iran. Although Iran's tourism industry lacks luxury and chain hotels the development of hotels with a well-accepted standard has largely helped the tourism industry. In recent years, attention to rural and local tourism has created a new target market by the name of rural tourism. In this style of tourism, travelers not only get acquainted with Iran's nature and culture as well as with the rural subculture, but they can also experience local accommodations to help the local tourism industry.  List of Iran Hotels

what is your accommodation style?

- Homestays, guesthouses, Hostels, and eco-lodges

There are a lot of guesthouses, Hostels, and ecolodges in Iran. The specific rules have been established by the Iran Touring &  Organization to establish these places. One of the most important them is the Family Ownership Act. These places must be family businesses run by locals, who have an overview of their area. Travelers are welcomed by the family in their own house, where they live and which has only a few rooms.
Eco-lodges follow the same principle, focusing on the benefits of accommodation for the empowerment of the local community and the sharing of environmental concerns. These houses are made with local materials, decorated with handmade decorations, and often have traditional local characteristics, such as qanat, wood ovens, etc. In eco-lodges, tourists are generally invited to sleep in the traditional Persian style, that is, on a mattress on the floor.
These kinds of accommodations offer invaluable insights into the local culture. Staying with locals is the best way to have access to wonderful and pure natural sites known only by them, and discover the traditional culture and sub-culture of local people. Also, it's a way for travelers to support the locals who promote their region and local business.  Tehran's Top Hostels

-Caravanserais and traditional houses

If you are looking for unique accommodation.
If you have never experienced Oriental accommodation.
And if you are going to have a new style of residence, old Iranian caravanserais and old houses are the best choice.
if you have selected an Iranian traditional house or Caravanserai, you can enjoy the real Iranian architecture and decoration. There are several Safavid Caravanserais that have been renovated and transformed into hotels, the most famous of them are:
- The Maranjab Desert Caravanserai is in the vicinity of Tehran.
- Pasangan Caravanserai in the vicinity of Qom.
- Abbassi Caravanserai on the way of Isfahan to Nain.
- Abbassi Hotel (Old Caravanserai) Naghsh e Jahan sq - Isfahan
- Tabass- Kalmard Caravanserai.
- Zein Ol Din Caravanserai Yazd
- Deh Namak Caravanserai  Tehran to Garmsar
- Lale Caravanserai (Tulip Caravanserai ) Bistoon-Kermanshah.
- Googad Citadel Golpaygan to Tehran.
For a few nights, you can feel like a Silk Road merchant, resting in one of Iran's most iconic accommodations and sink yourself in the deep Persian history.

10 Dreamy traditional hotels that you will not sleep a wink

Inside cities, you can also find many old traditional houses from the Qajar period and maybe older ones that are transformed into houses/hotels. They display all the characteristics of ancient Persian houses, with a central courtyard, a swimming pool, brick walls, wooden doors, glazed glasses,  and traditional windows, embellished with traditional Persian arts. All these decorations simultaneously with the old history of these houses/Hotels will provide you with a unique and wonderful stay.

- Hotels, from mid to luxury stays

You can find all types of hotels in Iran according to your budget. In big cities, there are luxury five-star hotels at a very reasonable price. Some of them are modern buildings, such as the Espina Palace 5* Hotel in Tehran, others are traditional such as the majestic Abbasi Hotel located in a 17th-century mansion. Prices are usually around 20 up to 60 dollars (2020) a night for a double room fully furnished, including breakfast. There is also a wide range of 4-star, 3-star, and 2-star hotels, offering affordable services to tourists, and all of them are controlled by the Iranian Hotels Association.

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses

- Apartment Hotel

Another way to have a great time in Iran and enjoy a semi-luxurious stay in the country and in its different types of hotels is to book a room in an Apartment Hotel. Unfortunately, most hotel apartments are located in big cities and there are no decent apartments in smaller cities. This type of hotel gives its customers the possibility of cooking in a beautiful kitchen and living in spacious rooms so that everyone feels the home, despite the fact that it is located kilometers from their home.

- Stay at Iranian hostels

All major and medium-sized cities in Iran now have a large hostel offer, perfectly suited to backpackers. Despite their rather low prices, this does not mean that they lack comfort or charm. On the contrary, many of these hostels are traditional houses, with rooms organized around a central courtyard. The main difference from hotels is that they usually offer shared rooms, like dorms. However, many hostels also have a few private rooms with two or three beds, for couples or families. The other difference with hotels is that these establishments are generally local businesses, of smaller capacity, therefore with fewer rooms. You may want to book in advance if you plan to visit Iran during the high season. Hostels have a more intimate atmosphere than hotels, so it's a great place to meet other travelers and chat with the owners.

 Camping in Iran
10 Iran's Attractive Desert Eco Camps

- Camping in Iran

Iran has so many natural wonders that it can be tempting to just pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. You can have the opportunity to experience sleeping outdoors with a guide in the middle of the desert, on top of a mountain, or on a beautiful sandy beach coast. The Iranians themselves love to go out and you could see a lot of tents near the cities on weekends. However, there are no organized campsites in Iran, with bathrooms and electricity. It is a great experience for nature lovers, who are looking for a way to enjoy the incredible landscapes of Iran while surpassing themselves. In Iran, travelers also have the rare chance to share the life of the nomadic tribes and to camp under their traditional tent during their migration. It is a unique opportunity to discover their way of life and their specific culture.

How to book your accommodation

- How to book your accommodation?

It's possible to book some hotels and hostels through their website and email address from outside Iran. However, due to the difficulty of using international credit cards in Iran, you might not always be able to fully pay for your stay in advance.
At Iran tours, we provide visitors with complete experiences, which most often include local and traditional houses when taking place on several days. Besides, we can also help you to book the accommodation you are looking for at any other stage of your trip, through an online platform payment.

Don't hesitate to send your request and we will find the place that suits the best your desires and your budget!