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Why Kashan is the tourists' favorite city in Iran

There are a couple of required criteria, which make this city a perfect destination for travelers. Obviously, there must be some lucrative things that lure you in the first place like top historical sights deep history nice and cheap hotels, and easy access. Kashan is one of the cities with all these characteristics. Kashan is not on everyone's itinerary, most people select the main historical cities: Esfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd, and skip this laid-back city on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert.
There are different places to visit that cannot be missed and are all worth paying a visit to, though Kashan has all you desire.

Sialk Hills - 7000 - 10000 years ago
Sialk Hills - 7000 - 10000 years ago


Kashan is a civic pride in Iran. This city is the visualization of all things that are typically Persian,  mosques, caravanserais, majestic gardens, unique global carpets, ceramics, and delicate textiles.  Kashan was never the capital, but at no time was it lacking in relation to the country's major cities. There are different stories about Kashan's name. One of these, the most factual, claims that the town called Kashan after arriving at Kasi's tribs, or their plural Kasian. An ancient tribe who migrated from north of the Caspian sea and inhabited this territory in the second half of the 2nd millennium B.C.

Tourists in Iran

Get in

Kashan is located on the Tehran route to major tourist cities. So you will pass through this city to visit the other ones. Kashan is located in Isfahan province and has the lowest distances to the historical cities.
Kashan to Qom 90 Km
Kashan to Isfahan 215  Km
Kashan to Ardestan 130 Km
Kashan to Nain 220 Km
So your access to these historic cities is very easy. Low Distance from Tehran to Kashan (210 Km)A highway connects Kashan to Tehran via Qom. Kashan is just 2.5 hours from Tehran. Easy Access to the Highway, Tehran to Qom, Kashan, and Isfahan is a flat and safe highway that connects you to this city easily and fast
Regular Transportation (Bus - Taxi-Train), There are many buses from Tehran to Kashan, but make sure you get a direct one (not an Esfahan bus) or else you will be dumped beside the highway many km from Kashan! also the railway of Tehran to Bandarabbass passes from Kashan and both the first class and the second class train connecting Bandar Abbas and Tehran stop in Kashan.  

Low cost
One of the features of public transport to Kashan is its low cost.
You can book the first-class train and bus services just at $ 2 per way(updated 4.2.2020)

Kashan, Iran’s Architectural Gem

The architecture of old houses

Kashan, Iran’s Architectural Gem.
Kashan is the city with the most beautiful and eye-catching houses in Iran. The historical houses of Kashan, as a precious treasure of authentic Iranian architecture, are one of the most interesting attractions of this city for tourists. These houses look like a jewel in the ring of historical monuments in the Kashan attracting tourists from all over Iran and the world. The houses with special features of Iranian-Islamic architecture such as entrance doors, porches, hallways, courtyards, and different kinds of rooms cause to respect for the sanctity of the home and family. The most famous and beautiful historical houses of Kashan are:
Boroujerdi's house, Tabatabai, Ameri, Abbassi, and Irani's house.
Some of these old houses are renovated and changed into the most beautiful 4&5 star hotel, where you can have unforgettable and luxury accommodations in 14th and 15th-century-old houses and sink yourself in the deep history of Kashan.

Agha Bozorg Mosque Kashan Historical sites

Various Historical site

Although Kashan has never been the capital of Iran's government. But its value and credibility had been as well as the most important historical cities of Iran such as Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd, and The Feen Garden as one of the registered historical sites in the World Heritage List is the best evidence to prove the history of this city. Kashan with more than 30 main historical sites and a total of 100 ones is one of the most important archaeological cities in central Iran. This city with a deep history of over 7,000 years is one of the first civilization centers in Iran. Kashan is also interesting for his ties to Shah Abbas1 the most famous king of the Safavid dynasty. It was one of his favorite cities, he embellished it and asked to be buried here in the mausoleum of a 13th-century ancestor. While you are walking through the quiet and peaceful alleys of the city, you can see the old buildings with mud-brick walls constantly cooked, as before, in the hot sun.

The most important historical monuments of Kashan are:

Abbāsi House, Attarha House, Al-e Yaseen House, Agha Bozorg Mosque, Ameri House, Bazaar of Kashan, Boroujerdi House, Feen Garden, Feen Bathroom-Jalali Castle, Jameh Mosque of Kashan, Manouchehris House, Menar tower, Meydan Mosque, Piruz Nahavandi Shrine (the assassin of Islam's second Caliph), Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Tabātabāei House, Tabriziha Mosque, Tepe Sialk, Timcheh Amin o dowleh.

Iran Desert

Adjacent to the desert

One of the different types of tourism models is nature tourism and adventure tours.
Kashan city is one of the best tourist destinations for this model of the tour due to its proximity to the Marnjab desert and its unique sights such as caravanserai, sandhills, salt lake, and desert park protected area. The Maranjab Desert is located in the Northern section of Aran and Bidgol (20 Km from Kashan). From the North, it is connected to Salt Lake, from the West to the Masileh desert, and the Hoose Sultan and Hoose Mareh Lakes, from the East to the Band Rig desert and Kavir national park, and from the South to Aran and Bidgol city.
The desert is mostly sandhills and has a diversity of animal life. Animals like Sandy cats, Wolves, Jackal, Sand foxes, Chameleons, lizards, snakes, lizards, and scorpions, and birds like eagles, hawks, and Partridge are found here. You have various kinds of historical, natural, and religious sites in this area. Aran and Bidgol holy shrine and Salt Lake, the Obscure Island, and the Maranjab Caravanserai are the most important among them. The Caravanserai was on the path of the Silk Road and is one of the Caravanserais that Shah Abbas ordered their construction in the 17th century. The rich plant and animal life, suitable roads, and safety have turned the Maranjab desert into one of the natural attractions of Iran.

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel Manoochehri Hotel
Top 10 Iran traditional old hotel houses

Various Hotel/Houses

One of the characteristics of Iranian tourism is visiting old houses. These old houses with specific characteristics like antiquity, Persian architecture, and anthropology features have changed to one of special tourist attractions of the regions in different areas. Tourists pay more attention to the special characteristics of each country. Staying at one of the oldest houses with 400 years of history, modern amenities as well as traditional and old architecture will create a special feeling for tourists. In Iran, a lot of old houses with the features mentioned have become luxury and beautiful hotels. These hotels make your dreams come true. Tourists can use the following hotel/house for traditional and modern accommodation. If you want to experience staying in an old Iranian house with original Iranian-Islamic decorations and architecture and recognize their history and culture the Kashan's houses will be your best choice. Kashan has the most beautiful historic houses in Iran. A number of (20 Houses/Hotel)these houses have been renovated and turned into 4 and 5-star hotels with new and comfortable facilities.

Rose Harvest & Rosewater Festival
Rose Harvest & Rosewater Festival

Different Ceremonies
Kashan, as one of the oldest cities in Iran with a rich history and culture that is rooted in the Islamic culture of the people, has various religious-historical and cultural ceremonies that attract thousands of tourists every year.
The most important events in this city are:

Iran Rose Harvest & Rosewater Festival

Every year in the villages of Barzok, Ghamsar & Niasar of Kashan, hundreds of tons of roses are produced, distilled, and turned into rosewater. The production of rosewater in Iran has a long history of more than 2500 years. The ancient cities of Kashan and Qamsar are among the leading centers for the production of rosewater in Iran. The rosewater distilled in Qamsar is already globally renowned, especially among Muslims because the holy Kaaba in Mecca is annually washed with Qamsar Rosewater.

Qalishuyan Rituals Kashan - Mashhad e Ardehal Village
Qalishuyan Rituals Kashan - Mashhad e Ardehal Village

Qalishuyan Rituals
The Qalishuyan ritual is an intangible cultural heritage inscribed on UNESCO’s list in 2013. It is one of the most religious ceremonies in Kashan and around. This ancient ritual happens on the second Friday of each Mehr Month (approximately the end of September and beginning of October) at Mashhad-e Ardehal is held in “Khaveh-ye Ardehal” and “Fin” villages in the Kashan area. The local people refer to this day as “Jomeh Qaly” meaning “Carpet Friday”. This traditional religious event is one of the most attractive cultural happenings in Iran. In fact, it’s the only Islamic ritual that Muslims hold according to the solar calendar in Iran. All other Islamic rituals are based on the lunar calendar.

Moharram Ceremony
Kashan is one of the old and religious cities in Iran, so performing religious ceremonies has more spiritual value and prestige among the people. Traveling to Iran during Muharram and Ashura is an opportunity to discover passionate Ashura in Iran. There are various traditions and ceremonies such as Ta'ziyeh, a kind of street theater in a costume inspired by the historical and religious events that occurred during the battle of Karbala about 1400 years ago, and Nakhl Gardani, wearing a majestic Nakhl made of wood - a symbol of Imam Hussein. coffin - on the shoulders of mourners.

Kashan Naraq Chal Nakhjir Cave

Around Kashan
The tourist attractions of this city are not limited to Kashan itself. Around this historical city, there are many villages and historical places that have special historical-cultural and natural value.

The underground city of Noushabad, dating from the Sassanid era (1500 years ago), is located west of the city of Aran and Bidgol and 10 km from Kashan. It is located 5km north of Kashan and is considered a notable piece of ancient architecture. This underground city has three levels and is planned in such a way that going to the different levels required moving from down to up.

The Historical Village of Abyaneh, Abyaneh is undoubtedly is an anthropological museum and the most unique village destination in Iran which will definitely amaze you if you visit it. This beautiful and ancient village, which has largely preserved its culture, language, architecture, costume, and traditional rituals over the years, is also famous because of the color of its soil.

Chal Nakhjir Cave, In the vicinity of Ardehal village (Qalishuyan ritual), an astonishing 70-year-old cave with bewitching beauties welcomes tourists. The reflection of light through the prism of crystals and calcite stones, alongside the variable drapes of the ceiling and the spongy crystalline coating of the walls and floors, creates an exotic view and classifies this cave as one of the most beautiful and most remarkable in the world in attracting tourists.

Niasar Village, At a distance of 30 km from Kashan, there is a green village with a collection of historical, cultural, artistic, and natural monuments.
You can have a full day tour of this village and enjoy its beauty.Reis(Boss Cave) - Sassanid Fire Temple - Qajar Mansion - Niasar Waterfall - Old Mill - Bath - Rosewater making Workshops and Plant Sweats and Natural Sights of this village will have an unforgettable memory for you.

Ghamsar, the city of roses, is A lush village with flower gardens and world fame. The village is located in a lush valley with too many Rose flower gardens, where you can catch the smell of the flowers and Rosewaters. Qamsar has situated 25 Km south of Kashan, which is known because of its wonderful Damask, Rose gardens, and amazing Rosewater.

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts
Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts
A trip to Kashan is not complete without souvenir shopping. A trip to Kashan is not complete without souvenir shopping. Every city has its own individual sweetie and handicrafts that you can find in it. Thus walk in the old Bazaar of Kashan and find the best ones.

baklava, Kashan's Baklava is one of the city's popular sweets that people use on various occasions, from celebrations to funerals. Sugar, wheat flour, milk, powdered nuts, oil, rose water, eggs, vanilla, baking powder, and cardamom are the raw materials for making this pastry.

Haji Badoom, is a delicious sweetie that is like a tiny ball and is cooked especially in Yazd, Shiraz, and Kashan and is usually served with tea. Almond powder, cardamom, sugar or sugar powder, egg yolk, rose water, and saffron are the materials of this sweetie.

Cookies, Traditional Kashan cookies are Kashan souvenirs from the three generations of this historic city that cooked for Nowruz and you can find them in all houses in Kashan. Unlike other cookies, this cookie is made with whole wheat flour prepared in mills and this makes it so delicious and crispy.

Cotton candy Kashan, Kashan's traditional cookies, and cotton candy(Pashmak) are an integral part of welcoming Kashan residents to their parties. Even in some cases, they eat them together.

Rosewater, Rose is a famous and international souvenir of Kashan. The Flower and Rosewater Festival is held annually in Kashan and the surrounding villages, which also has a lot of fans. Other herbs in addition to rose water are found in the city and can also be purchased as souvenirs.

Dried Mohammadi flower(Damask), The dried flower of Mohammadi (Rose), is one of those souvenirs that can be everyone’s favorite. These flowers can be used to design food or be used in tea. You can find them in packages in every shop.

Carpets and rugs of Kashan

Carpets and rugs, Undoubtedly, the name of Kashan is mixed with Kashan carpet and Kashan Hand-woven Carpet is the most popular Iranian Carpet.
You can buy best make handcrafted woven carpets as Kashan souvenirs for your friends or family.

Pottery, Another souvenir of Kashan is the art of pottery which belongs to seven thousand years ago(Sialk Hills). Evidence shows that the oldest pottery workshops were linked to the Sialk civilization in Kashan.

Hospitable People of Iran

Hospitable People
You have heard a lot about Iranian hospitality. The people of Kashan, like other people in Iran, are very hospitable and welcome tourists. undoubtedly all Iranian has this famous "Persian hospitality" in their veins, no matter where they live. Persian hospitality is so renowned that it has placed Iran on the list of top destinations for 2017 alongside other amazing destinations such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Peru, Madagascar, and more.

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  • Kashan_Broujerdi_Historical__House
  • Kashan_Mashhad_e_Ardehal_Qalishuyan_Rituals
  • Kashan_Naraq_Chal_Nakhjir_Cave
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  • Kashan_Qamsar_Rosewater_events
  • Kashan_Qamsar_Sets_of_traditional_distillation_apparatus_are_seen_in_house_yard_in_Kashan
  • Kashan_Rosewater
  • Kashan_Sultan_Amir_Ahmad___Historic_Bath
  • Kashan_souvenirs_Carpets
  • Kashan_souvenirs_Dried_Mohammadi_Flowers
  • Kashan_souvenirs__Baghlava
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  • Kashan_souvenirs__Pashmak
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  • Qajar_Pavilion_Feen_Garden
  • Qajar_Pavilion__Bagh_e_Feen
  • The_grand_light_well__Timche-ye_Amin_od-Dowleh__Kashan_Bazaar