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Top 10 Best Locations for Photography in Iran's Nature

If you are a nature hiker, backpacker, professional or amateur photographer, or even an Instagrammer, and are eager to visit and enjoy the natural pure view of Iran and share your photos with others, these eye-catching natural landscapes would be your best choices. These beautiful natural landscapes are spread not only in mountainous or desert areas but all over Iran.
You can visit the plateaus and high plains in the northern provinces of Iran, flat and dry desert plains, salt mines, and beautiful beaches of the Persian Gulf.

Certainly, these beautiful tourist sights with beautiful and attractive nature will have a deep and long impact on your mind.

Join us to explore some of the most beautiful natural landscapes.

Salansar Area, An earthly Paradise

A beautiful village located at an altitude of 1250 meters above sea level with dense forests, green plains, and many attractions in different seasons is an earthly paradise in Gilan province.
The vegetation is extraordinary, wild plants, colorful flowers, bushes, and plants make this area beautiful. Take a walk, take a photo, and camping in this beautiful area, and share your beautiful photos with friends. The astonishing landscape awakens the thirst for wonder in hikers and walkers. Outdoor-loving travelers will enjoy camping on verdant slopes in amazing peace and serenity. Try cycling in nature and get your adrenaline pumping. The sunset scene is mesmerizing, an experience that will be etched in your memories forever.

Garmsar Land of Amazing Salt Mines

The idea of a day trip to twisted Salty Layrints of Garmsar city is one of those journeys that will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations. This area with natural wonders like various salt mines, colorful rocky mountains, and the so-called Martian hills which are on top of the list of sights in Garmsar will amaze all visitors. Garmsar city was located on the silk road, which means there are also tons of years of hidden and undiscovered history laying underneath these grounds. The 92 salt mines with over 98% purity are one of the natural resources and touristic attractions of Semnan province that are located and extend in the mountains and underground like a winding tunnel in the heart of the earth. When you enter these caves, the hues of color in the salts are the first thing that will catch your eye. When you inhale, you can easily feel your lungs enjoying the clean, fresh air.

Maxer or Makser Beach

An Emerging Beach Destination for the Instagram photographer. If you are going to walk on legendary beaches of south Iran and are eager to watch the Persian Gulf which is packed with natural beauty, clean beaches, historic architecture, and super-friendly local people Maxer beach is the best choice for you. When you start searching for the best Persian Gulf ports, you come across many incredible choices such as Kish, Gheshm, Hormuz, and Bandar Abbas. The bad news is that many of these seaside spots have skyrocketed in popularity and are overcrowded in peak season. But there are other wonderful ports that remained secret to tourists.

Khor Salt Lake

Although, Isfahan is known for its historical monuments and cultural events but can amaze you with unique natural landscapes. The diversity and quality of rural and desert attractions of this province can be seen in fewer provinces. Isfahan province has various deserts with different landscapes which is one of the reasons for the importance of this province. At the eastern end of Isfahan province and between Khur and Biabanak city and Tabas, a stunning view of one of the largest salt lakes in Iran can be seen. This vast lake starts about 30 km after Khor and Biabanak. The different shapes created by the salty polygon are one of the most beautiful natural landscapes for photography. You can stay at local guest houses or eco-lodges and enjoy from new lifestyle with a starry sky with millions of stars.

Karoun Dam

If you are going to walk in the heavenly nature of the Khuzestan and Chaharmahal Bakhtiari region and take the best natural photos, the Karun dam on the border of Khuzestan and Chaharmahal Bakhtiari provinces is calling you. The areas around the Karon Dam lake in the Zagros mountain range with a maximum height of 3316 meters above sea level with suitable forest cover and mild weather, especially in winter, have created very attractive and spectacular landscapes. The vegetation of this area includes oaks, wild figs, almonds, hawthorns, gorse, and dark graminaceous plants. Among the birds, sparrows, partridges, partridges, etc., mammals including wolves, jackals, and bears can be mentioned. , ordinary fox and .... are

Aladaghlar Rainbow Mountain

One of the most beautiful of Iran's tourist attractions and its Geological phenomena are colorful mountains or soils in different parts of Iran. These unique landscapes of colorful mountains are available in the western provinces of Iran(Zanjan - Tabriz, and Ardabil) or can find colorful soils in the southern Islands (Qeshm - Hormoz)of Iran. One of the most beautiful examples of colored mountains can be seen in East Azarbaijan province, which is known as the colorful mountains or "Ala Dagh Lar". These mountains are covered with various colors and it is hard to believe that all these natural landscapes were created without human intervention. The colorful mountains of this province, like a vast painting with diverse and happy colors, have become a place for visiting and photography enthusiasts.

Iran Caves

If you are tired of casual walks into the woods or by the sea or If you are a caver or are eager to caving and like to have breathtaking photos from your exploring, Iran's dark, humid, and silent, caves are mysterious natural wonders underground. Iran mountains parts with more than 2500 known caves are calling you. About 20 caves in Iran have been transformed for the use of tourists and can be visited without caving equipment. From these caves, we can go to Ali Sadr, Karfto, Chal Nakhjir, Ghori Qaleh, Saholan, and Katleh Khor.

Iran Desert Villages

If you are going to find a calm, cute and nice place to have a new lifestyle and sometimes astrological exploring and adventurous Iran deserts villages are the best ones. Iran desert villages with unique landscapes, endless golden sand hills, and a night sky with starry sky are dreamy places that make your dreams come true. You can find the best desert villages in the provinces of Yazd, Semnan, and Isfahan. The most famous amazing desert villages of Iran are Mesr village in Khor and Biyabank region, Bayazeh village in Isfahan province, Garmeh village in Khor and Biyabank region, and  Choupanan village in the central desert of Iran.

Iran Deserts

Iran's desert is a Charming rough, that amazes all visitors. When thinking of a natural destination, usually the images of rainforests, lakes, and waterfalls come to mind. Maybe fewer people pay attention to the desert areas and think about their beauty. But the fact is that Iran, with the forest, sea, waterfalls, and thousands of other natural attractions, also has magnificent deserts. These homogeneous areas of the earth have a strange silence and tranquility. The warm, sandy breezes make walking a pleasure and a memorable experience for everyone

Ocean of Clouds
Would you like to walk on clouds and take a unique Instagram photo to share with your friends?
If you are going to fall in love with nature with no modern facilities and amenities this is the very place that you are searching for. Natural and rough villages located on top of mountains with tones of clouds around simple houses with hospitable people.