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Iranian gather here during the first weekend in July for the annual commemoration of Babak Khorramdin

Babak mysterious castle
Babak Fort at Kaleibar- Tabriz province has different names. This castle also known as  Papak Fort ,  Babak Castle, Immortal Castle or Republic Castle. This strong and  high fortress, is one of  the most historic and interesting castles in Iran. It remained from the Sassanid period.

The Wall of Gorgan or the Red Snake

The Wall of Gorgan or the Red Snake
The Great Wall of Gorgan, or the Great Wall of Alexander or the Red Wall, also called the Red Snake, is located in Golestan province in the northeast of Iran. This huge wall with 200 km long, is the largest human-made wall after China wall.
 This wall is the world's largest defensive wall. This red clay brick wall is made during the Sassanid era. This wall prevented the entry of these ethnic groups into Iran in the Caucasus Mountains and the coastline of the Mazandaran Sea.

A Rooyl Pavilion for the Local and 'Migrating Pigeons of Esfahan

Pigeon Towers
Pigeon Tower (Dove Cote) A Royal Pavilion for the Local and 'Migrating Pigeons of Esfahan

Here, we would like to call your kind attention to another time which for the present, can be found only in Esfahan and around it although this is an Iranian structure, according to reliable references, it has been the throughout Iran ever since at least one thousand years ago.

In the winter of 1993, the miners working in the salt mine in the hills in the western part of  Zanjan Province came across a corpse with long hair and beard. Following this sudden and unusual discovery archaeologists from Zanjan Cultural Heritage Center began excavation in the region in February 1994 which resulted in finding a foreleg inside a leather boot, three knives, a short trouser, a silver object presumably as an ear cleaner, a sling, parts of a leather rope, a grindstone, a walnut, some pieces of earthenware and few pieces of designed textiles and finally broken bones.