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10 amazing offers for a luxury forest residence

If you are a big family or a small one or even a group of friends and like to make relax and rest in a cool place in Iran's dense forest (All about your first trip to Iran), these top 10 excellent residences are made ready for you. The great suites with full home appliances, indoor & outdoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and gym for you. If your children are bored from the usual programs a pool with a water slide and fresh snacks will change you to the best dad in the world. Full facilities, easy access, safety & comfort, and low price are the most important features of these residences. Experience an unforgettable journey by staying in these dreamy places.

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Mahmood Abad Residence

Mahmood Abad Residence
A villa with an outdoor spa pool in Mahmoud Abad, Amol City, Mazandaran province. A three-bedroom villa in the tourist area of Mahmoud Abad, with all the necessary recreational facilities. This villa is a duplex and on the ground floor, there is a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a toilet, and a bathroom. On the first floor, there are two bedrooms (a master bedroom), a bathroom, and two terraces.
Also, the villa has an outdoor spa pool with dimensions of 3 x 5 meters and a depth of 1.5 to 1.8 meters, which is equipped with a 24-hour automatic purification system. The distance from the villa to the sea beach is 1 km. You can also reach the beach and supermarket by walking for 5 minutes. The area of the villa is surrounded on four sides and is invisible from the outside.

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Namak Abroud 3-story villa

Namak Abroud 3-story villa
If you plan to go to the heart of the 4000,000-year-old Hyrcanian forests from one of the most beautiful mountain roads in Iran (Chalous Road) and visit one of the most beautiful and famous tourist cities in Iran, definitely, Namak Abroud tourism city is the best one. Namak Abroud tourism city is a new tourism and recreational area close to Chalous City with a series of the best hotels, villas, residences, and different entertainment facilities.
The low distance from Tehran(220 km),  easy and fast access to summer areas like Kelardasht and Tonekaboon Forest has changed it into one of the best tourism destinations in the vicinity of Caspian Lake. You can book a super luxury 3-story villa for your big family or friends and enjoy your journey to Iran. A super luxury villa with the best amenities and entertainment facilities near the Abroud salt cable car and the beautiful city of Ramsar will be your best forest accommodation.
This 3-story villa has complete amenities such as a kitchen,  master bedrooms, bathrooms, and 4 bedrooms. The pool of the villa with fresh water can change you into the best dad, undoubtedly, this charming villa will be your dream residence. You can also use its other amenities such as a swimming pool (3.5*7.5), ATV motor, and bicycle.

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Fooman 3-storey Villa
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Fooman 3-storey Villa
If you plan to use the historical and natural beauties simultaneously, surely the Foman area near Rasht will be your best choice. The beautiful stepped village of Masoleh with the most beautiful natural effects & the Rudkhan Castle (Sassanid era- 2000 years old)of Masoleh will lead you to the heart of Iran's history. This 3-story luxury villa in the Fuman area with the best comfort and entertainment facilities will be a safe and attractive residence for you and your family.
This forest residence is located among the lush and dense forests of Gilan province and near Fuman city. This attractive residence is not only equipped with artificial grass for your children, but it is also prepared for disabled persons.

Different bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, terrace with forest view,  children's playground, and Swimming pool (4x10)+ Jacuzzi.
Also, your quick and easy access to the natural sights of the region such as the waterfall (25 km), Sefaleskar Lake (33 km), Masoleh village (33 km), and Rudkhan Castle is the most important reason for staying in this beautiful residence.

  • Fooman_Villa_Bedroom
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  • Fooman_Villa_Pool
  • Fooman_Villa_Yard
Ramsar super luxury villa

Ramsar super luxury villa
The beautiful city of Ramsar is one of the best tourist destinations in Iran with a collection of the best natural beauties, historical monuments, mineral waters, delicious food, and the beautiful coast of the Caspian Sea & the best Persian Caviar. If you are planning to experience a dreamy and unforgettable vacation with your family and friends, you will undoubtedly be in the best place.
As long as you are here, Pahlavi palaces, mountains covered with 4,000,000-year-old Hyrcanian forests, hot mineral waters, and beautiful Caspian beach, will be the best moments for your family and children. This super luxury residence with all kinds of amenities and entertainment is a real destination for all your pleasures. Differently furnished rooms, kitchens with home appliances, entertainment facilities, swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi will make your dream come true. This very beautiful residence with regular hotel facilities is located in a completely safe area(CCTV) and guarantees the safety of you and your family.

  • Ramsar_Katalom_Bath
  • Ramsar_Katalom_Bedroom
  • Ramsar_Katalom_Hall
  • Ramsar_Katalom_Pool
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Roodkhan Castle Villa

Roodkhan Castle Villa
If you plan to visit the most beautiful historical castle of Iran in the heart of the forests of Gilan province or walk in the most beautiful step village of Iran and be enchanted by the beauty of the forest, this residence will be your best choice. A luxury villa with the best amenities and entertainment for you and your family. A 1500-meter land with a 450-meter luxury building and a 360-degree view of the mountain and forest, which is stunningly beautiful in every season.
This villa is two floors and includes:
The upper floor has a living room, three bedrooms (a master bedroom with an area of 30 meters on the upper floor), two toilets, a bathroom, and a jacuzzi.
Downstairs there is a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a swimming pool, an Iranian toilet, and a bathroom.
Spa indoor pool measuring 3.5 x 5.5 meters and depth up to 1.60 meters with advanced filtration system and ping pong table,  hand football, four bedrooms, large terraces located in a forest area and 4 km from the historical monument of the Roodkhan Castle.

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  • Roodkhan_Castle_Villa_Bedroom
  • Roodkhan_Castle_Villa_Jacuzi
  • Roodkhan_Castle_Villa_Kitchen
  • Roodkhan_Castle_Villa_Pool
  • Roodkhan_Castle_Villa_Yard

Chalous Sard Abroud

Chalous Sard Abroud
If you plan to stay in a very stylish villa near the Caspian Sea and enjoy your trip to Iran, this will be your best choice. This super luxury residence is located in one of the most beautiful and famous tourist cities of Iran (Chaloos City). Access to this beautiful city through Chalus mountain road will fascinate every nature lover. A beautiful mountain path with wonderful natural effects that will enchant you with its beauty. This residence is located near the Caspian Sea, and its quick, easy, and exclusive access to the tourist city of Namak Abroud will be one of the most important reasons for choosing it.
Ground floor: a large reception hall, kitchen, and bathroom.
First floor: kitchen, different rooms, large terrace.
Second floor: bedroom, roof garden.
You can also use recreational facilities such as hand football, billiards, and a swimming pool with a jacuzzi.

  • Chalous_Sard_Abroud_Villa
  • Chalous_Sard_Abroud_Villa_1
  • Chalous_Sard_Abroud_Villa_2
  • Chalous_Sard_Abroud_Villa_Bedroom
  • Chalous_Sard_Abroud_Villa_Kitchen
  • Chalous_Sard_Abroud_Villa_WC

Anzali Residence Garden
A beautiful villa in the middle of a large garden in a historical city will undoubtedly charm you. Anzali city is one of the most important port cities of Iran on the shores of the Caspian Sea and the most important communication port between Iran and the Caspian Sea countries. This beautiful tourist city with a collection of natural and historical charms can be an attractive destination for tourists.
This beautiful large garden will be the best place for you and your family to relax and a nice place for children to play. This residence is one of the best places to stay in Anzali city with quick and easy access to the boating dock, Anzali Lagoon, the Historical Museum, Pahlavi Royal Palace, and the shores of the Caspian Sea.

  • Anzali_Port
  • Anzali_Port_Bedroom
  • Anzali_Port_Hall
  • Anzali_Port_Kitchen
  • Anzali_Port_Pool
  • Anzali_Port_WC
Masal Residence

Masal Residence
Overnight among the 4,000,000-year-old Hyrcanian forests, rice fields with the cool & fresh mountain climate of the Gilan region will make your dream come true. This 3-story residence with the best amenities in the heart of Hyrcanian forests would be the ideal residence for you and your family. Walk among the forests and rice paddies and enjoy the natural beauty of Gilan province.

First floor: Large hall, Bedroom, WC.
Second floor: Hall, kitchen, 3 Master bedrooms.
The third floor is a large hall for Billiards, and Handed Football with a 360-degree view.

  • Masal
  • Masal_1
  • Masal_2
  • Masal_Bath
  • Masal_Bedroom

Kelardasht Villa
A 3-story villa in the most famous mountain area of Mazandaran province with a cool mountain climate and the most charming natural mountainous effects. If you plan to stay in a super luxury mountain villa with excellent facilities, this will be the best choice for you and your family.
Ground floor: one bedroom, living room.
First floor: Hall, kitchen, Toilet and bathroom.
Second floor: Two master bedrooms,  Terrace with forest view.

  • Kelardasht
  • Kelardasht_1
  • Kelardasht_Bath
  • Kelardasht_Bedroom
  • Kelardasht_Kitchen
  • Kelardasht_Pool