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7 things you haven't heard about Iranian mosques
The most important mosques in Iran
There are now about 70,000 mosques in Iran. Among them are a few who, in addition to being the house of God and the place of worship of the people, have other characteristics that make them more particular. In this list, we have tried to name some important and famous mosques in Iran, whose special feature has made them more famous among others.

1-The oldest mosque in Iran
The oldest mosque in Iran is located in the village of Fahraj in Kerman. Fahraj village is near Yazd and on the side of the main road from Yazd to Bafgh. The construction of this mosque dates back to the early years of Islam's arrival in Iran as if there is a complex near it called the Fahraj Martyrs' Collection, which is a memorial to the martyrs of Islam in the year 32 AH. The plan of the mosque is very simple and has a minaret and dome.

2-The largest mosque in Iran
"New Mosque" or "Atabak Mosque" in Shiraz is the largest mosque in Iran. The mosque is built during Atabakan's reign. Atabak Mosque is one of the first national monuments registered in Iran heritage sites. This mosque is about twenty thousand square meters, and its dates back to the sixth century AH. In the city of Shiraz, two other mosques, the Atiq Mosque and the Vakil Grand Mosque are of historical importance as well as architecture and aesthetics.

3- The smallest mosque in Iran
Ard and Khorma(Flour and Dates)Mosque in Ardakan, Yazd, is known as the smallest mosque in Iran. In Seif neighborhood, Imam Khomeini Street, and Mir Mohammad Saleh Gate Alley, there is a mosque with a width of three meters and a length of five and a half meters, which is the smallest mosque in Iran. This mosque has a simple architecture and there is disagreement about its construction in the Safavid or Qajar period.

4- Goharshad Mosque
The Symbol of the women's presence in the community
Goharshad Mosque next to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) is one of the mosques that is less unique in terms of importance and architecture. This building was built by the order of Goharshad, Shahrokh's wife, from the Timurid kings. This mosque is one of the most important mosques in Iran, especially in the city of Mashhad. At the same time, from the architectural point of view, the dome and also the porch of this mosque are a beautiful artwork of Iranian and Islamic architecture.

5-Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
A Royal Mosque of Safavid Kings
The building of this mosque was built during the Safavid period by the order of Shah Abbas I and by Mohammad Reza Isfahani. This mosque has one of the most beautiful domes in Iran with a mesmerizing tiling work and architecture. This is the only mosque that has no courtyard. The magnificence of the architecture and arts of this beautiful mosque fascinates every viewer.

6-Imam Mosque or Shah Abbassi Mosque, Isfahan
An architectural masterpiece
This picturesque mosque, with its blue tile and mosaics and perfect proportions, has made the best visually magnificent monument at the head of the main square in Isfahan. Impeccable since its construction 400 years ago, it is a monument to the vision of Shah Abbas I and to the achievements of the Safavid dynasty. The crowning dome of the mosque was completed in 1629, the last year of Shah Abbas' reign.

7-Jamkaran Mosque - Qom
The Jamkaran Mosque near Qom is a mosque attributed to the Twelfth Imam of the Shiites (Sahib al-Zaman), which is especially popular on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Although this mosque is not very old, it is of great importance to Muslims and Shiites in Iran.