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Guest is sent by God" "Guest is liked by God" Iranians are the most hospitable people in the world.

Hospitality: The most important Iran tourism brand

The most famous Iranian sentence about the guest:
"Guest is sent by God" "Guest is liked by God" Iranians are the most hospitable people in the world. The Iranians believe that the guest has been blessed with God.

Therefore, the guests increase the benediction of the family.
Hospitality is the relation between the host and the guest and is interpreted as the host's performance vis-a-vis the guest. Hospitality in the Persian language is the host's attempt to provide guest comfort. One of the most interesting Iranian traditions cultures is the banquet and celebrating. Iranians believe that the most important and dearest person at a celebration is the guest. Therefore he has the best place and is entertained & cherished with the best food.

One of the most complicated parts of the Iranian hospitality tradition is the Compliment or TAAROF.

The Great Iranian Hospitality
Iranian hospitality would be the most highlighted unforgettable part of your Iran trip. Iranian hospitality is limitless; It goes "to infinity and beyond".
One of the most interesting attractions of Iranian tourism which is not recorded in UNESCO world heritage is hospitality. This part of Iran's attraction is visible in the smile of people.
It is just in the heart of its people and will be devoted to the guests with kind eye contact. Genuine smiles, small friendly talks, an invitation for tea of food, and more are things that you will face many times during your trip. and no matter what city or region in the country you are in, this is an oral common culture all over Iran. Iran is where you can connect with people easily. You will have a connection with the soul of them, it is a universal language that all know it by heart.
Then Enjoy your journey and be sure that you are in their heart.