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TAAROF or compliment   

TAAROF or compliment is one of the most complicated words in the Persian language. Persian compliments have different meanings in different situations and times. So, we need to know the Persian language for the correct understanding of these compliments. TAAROF or compliment is an Arabic word (in Persian) to the expression of a non-translatable word in English, use to express a wide range of Iranian social behaviors.
These behaviors and words have very different meanings at different times and situations. This way of speaking is part of the Iranian rich literature. In this way, you get a positive concept with negative words and generally start with No.

to expression of a non-translatable word in English

For example, a custom buys some things and wants to pay the price.
customer: How much is this shirt.
Seller: He smiles and Doesn't say the price and says" Ghabeli Nadarad" or "Oh be my guest this time", which means that you are my guest and you are very valuable for me and don't pay it.
customer: So many thanks, you are very kind, please, How much is this.
Seller: In God, you are my guest and say again " Ghabeli Nadarad"
customer: Thank you very much you are very kind.
This conversation with different words will repeat many times between them. But finally, he pays the price.
The customer wants to pay, the seller wants to take, both of them know this, but they have TA AROF or compliment.
one more
Someone invites his friend home.
for hospitality, He compliments him to use fruits and sweets or says Make yourself at home.
His friend says thank you.
Host: Ghabeli Nadarad. you are our guest and please use fruits and sweets.
guest: Thank you
And host repeats it with different words and ways and the guest answered too, finally, the guest starts eating.

The Iranian people have TAROF or compliments for everything. This will be visible in all deals and conversations. It underscores and preserves the integrity of culturally defined status roles as it is carried out in the life of every Iranian every day in thousands of different ways.
Taarof has different linguistic and social-behavioral aspects. One aspect has to do with word choice and the other one with body language. The system is very elaborate and complicated, and it is not possible to provide a comprehensive description here. Tarof is the best-described word of a wordplay, between the offeror and the recipient, until one accepts. It is an Iranian cultural phenomenon in which you refuse something that is offered to you. You refuse to accept it because of courtesy and respect. Not from of impolitely and not wanting.
This style of social conversation is not taught in any school Children are educated from the outset by parents and relatives as well as community members. This is one of the oral and unwritten rules of Iran  society that transfers to other generations.

The Iranian people have TAROF or compliment for everything.

During your stay in Iran, you will hear many times: Here you are, Mr" this is a common “taarof” in Iran. In its simplest form, this taarof means politeness.
Compared to most other societies, Iranian are very polite. Iranians address each other with great respect, consideration, and regard. The guest always has the best place and frequently hears the TAAROF or compliment by the host for every things.
An Iranian would never eat in front of others without inviting them to his/her food, sit with his/her back against someone without apologizing dearly, or end a telephone conversation without a tirade of well-wishing phrases.
Instead, Iranians belittle their own accomplishments, refuse invitations several times before accepting, and, when receiving compliments for a new shirt or dress, insist you take it as a gift. Another aspect of Iranian compliments is often seen in restaurants. When one of the guests is going to pay the restaurant bill.
Friends or relatives often ask him to pay the bill. This conversation and friendly compliments are repeated several times in order to finally gives in and let the other person pay.
There are many examples of Iranian compliments. Also will hear and see during your trip to Iran many times. So keep in mind that compliments are a polite and rewarding tradition in Iranian society.