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Vank (all saviors') Cathedral The most Spectacular Church in Iran 

This cathedral is called; Kelisa (Church) as a congregational church of Esfahan. It was built initially as a small Church called; Amena Pergaige in 1606 A.D., and then expanded to its present size later in 1655 A.D., with a gorgeous nave topped by a 38- meter lofty double-layer dome. The nave is adorned all over by mural paintings, including three genres of Iranian miniature, Armenian, and Byzantine either the lower part of the polychrome tilework, which is mostly similar to the arabesque designs of mosques and some realistic patterns which are similar to the Armenian style designed. On the northern part of the courtyard, two buildings of the library and a museum exist, of which the former dates back to the early 20th century and the latter to 1971 A.D. There is also a symbolic structure (cenotaph) on the western part of the library in memory of those Armenians, in the genocide committed against them during the First World War in 1915 A.D. by the Ottoman Turks.

The Most Famous Iran's Churches

Vank Cathedral

The museum is a two-story building, founded in 1971 A.D., displays much interesting anthropology, carved wooden crosses, porcelain dishes, etc., donated by the Armenian community such as old religious books, and some aspects of the Armenian. The archbishop of the southern and central Armenians in Iran lives in Vank Cathedral, in an old two-story building from the early 20th century. Also, 62 tombstones are located in the inner space of the church, among those buried, 24 are clergymen, 36 politicians, physicians, and also, two unidentified persons.

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