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Wonderful Yazd
Everything is amazing in Yazd. A city that holds the title of the second historical city in the world after "Venice" and this is not the only feature of Yazd. Traces of Iran's ancient history can be easily seen in Yazd. you can not only join the history, but you can also realize the wonders of Iranian architecture in the desert. Beautiful and rare tourist destinations in Yazd attract many tourists and travelers every year.
Also, the various natural features of Yazd province are interesting and attractive not only for domestic tourists but also for international tourists. The scorching deserts of Yazd, along with the tall & long sand hills in the vicinity of the beautiful mountain heights, and the green meadows, have created attractive natural effects in the heart of the desert, which is considered one of the best recreational tourism destinations in Yazd province.
The historical monuments and spaces, Bazaars, Caravanserais, and other places in the old area of the city are considered recreational and tourist attractions. The second historical city of the world has the best tourist, historical and cultural heritage attractions, each of which can be a unique attraction for tourists and lovers of the cultural heritage and history of Iran and the world.

The city of Yazd has earned many nicknames throughout history, such as the city of windcatchers, the city of worship and prayer, the city of bicycles, the city of sweets, the city of Qanat, and the city of fire and sunshine.

Historical and touristic attractions of Yazd

- Historical and touristic attractions of Yazd
It contains a treasure of Iranian art, culture, and civilization, including religious buildings, Beqaa, mosques, Hosseiniyehs, Zoroastrian shrines, historical houses, water reservoirs, historical gardens, windmills, and bazaars. Other historical places in Yazd include Alexander's prison, the Ancient Walls & Battlements of Yazd, Molla Agha Baba Synagogue, Forty Mehrab Mosque, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Dakhma or Tower of Silence, Twelve Imam Mausoleum, Dolatabad Garden, and the Mausoleum of Seyyed Rokn Al-Din.

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The old area of Yazd

- The old area of Yazd
Yazd is the first raw clay city and the second historical city in the world. The old area of Yazd is about 743 hectares. This historical area includes some areas such as Fahadan, Kuche Buyuk, Khorramshah, Sarjam, Mirqtob, Yaqoubi, Shesh Badgiri, etc. The Fahadan neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Yazd city. The houses are still residential and unique in this sense. Some are returned to traditional houses/hotels with new and modern facilities and amenities.
Among these historical monuments, the oldest historical building in Yazd province, Narin Castle or Narin Ghale in Meibod city, is the oldest registered building in the province. These buildings belong to the pre-Islamic period and mostly during the Median, Achaemenid, and Parthian periods. Also, Yazd aqueducts, the first human-made tunnels with a history of more than 3000 years and with a length of 100 kilometers, are one of the masterpieces of architecture in this province.

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Yazd Mosques

- Yazd Mosques
The historical city of Yazd has been one of the most important religious cities in Iran from the past to the present day. Different religions have lived tranquility and are still too. The proximity of places of worship of different religions (mosques, synagogues, and Zoroastrian fire temples) in this city is the most important sign of the peaceful life of different religions in this city. Among these religious buildings, the mosques have a special role and this province has the oldest and most beautiful Islamic mosques.

Fahraj Mosque, 30 kilometers east of Yazd city, in Faraj city, is the oldest historical mosque in Yazd province and Iran, which is still in use.
Some believe that it is the oldest mosque with an entirely Islamic building from 1400 years ago.

Jame Kabir Mosque of Yazd is considered one of the architectural and historical masterpieces of the world. This magnificent mosque with tall minarets, turquoise tiling, unique stucco, tiling, and breathtaking Moqrans is not only one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran but also in the Islamic world.

Zoroastrian Mausoleum

- Zoroastrian Mausoleum
Yazd is one of the most important cities for Iranian Zoroastrians and has various mausoleums, fire temples, and worship places that are the signals of their presence in this city from centuries ago.
The most important Zoroastrian buildings are:
Zoroastrian fire temple, Pir Harisht shrine, Pars Banoo( especially for women), Pir Naraki, Chack Chack
The Zoroastrian silence tower is located 15 km southeast of Yazd on the top of a mountain known as "Dakhme Mountain".
Mankji Limji Hatria silence tower, Cham Taft silence tower, Sharif Abad Ardakan silence tower, and Turk Abad silence tower in Ardakan are some of the most famous silence towers in Yazd. Zoroastrian Association is in charge of these silence towers.

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Yazd Old Houses

- Old Houses
The old houses of Yazd are valuable buildings that represent the traditional lifestyle of the people of this region along with the rich architecture of desert areas. These old houses with original and traditional architecture and various parts such as the central courtyard, hall, three-door, five-door rooms, krias, and various other spaces present the most important architectural and artistic features.
Some of these houses have been converted into traditional hotels with modern equipment in compliance with UNESCO rules. Staying in one of these traditional hotels will be an unforgettable experience. The most important traditional houses of this city are Mahmoudi House, Rasouli House, Arabzadeh House, Aghazadeh Abarkouh House, and Mortaz House.

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Yazd Gardens

- Yazd Gardens
Although Yazd is one of the desert cities of Iran, people have created many gardens by conserving water in canals and transferring it to thirsty lands. These small gardens are like a cool tiny earthly paradise in the burning desert. Among the 31 registered gardens in this province, Dowlat Abad garden with its unique architecture attracts different tourists every year.
Some other important gardens of this province are:
Dowlat Abad Garden, Pahlavanpour Garden, Bagh e Namir or Sadri garden, Khan Garden, Khoshnevis Garden, Ali Naqi Khan Garden, and Naji garden.

Charity Buildings in Yazd

-Charity Buildings
Founding charity buildings to help others is one of the traditional and religious customs in different cities of Iran. The most important charitable buildings in Iran are local mosques, baths, caravanserais, schools, theological schools, Ice House Building, and water storage, especially in hot and desert cities. Various reservoirs in Yazd have played the role of supplying water to the people. The most important reservoirs in Yazd are Shah Wali Taft, Haft Badgiri Sadouq Reservoir, and Six Winding Reservoir.

 Yazd the city of Wind Catchers

- Wind Catchers
The city of Yazd has always been known as the "city of Wind Catchers" among Iranians, which is actually considered the city's respiratory system. They played the role of cooling systems, which are still active. These wind turbines are one of the architectural masterpieces of Iranians in desert areas.

Museums of Yazd province

- Museums of Yazd province
There are 17 active museums in this province, including the Water Museum, the Museum of Mirrors and Lighting, Heydarzadeh coin and anthropology museum, Abarkoh anthropology museum, Mehriz anthropology museum, Ardakan Anthropology museum, Waziri Museum, Natural Science Museum, and Meybod Post Museum.

Yazd Handicrafts

- Yazd Handicrafts
Yazd is a perfect example of the genius and creativity of desert people in the face of a harsh nature. As a result of this continuous effort, many handicrafts and related arts have been preserved in this city and have been passed on to the next generations. Yazd province boasts a valuable collection of the cultural heritage of Iran dating from various periods of historical times. Yazd always comes top in producing bedcovers, blankets, prayer rugs, shawl, silk handkerchiefs, velvet, "Terme" and "Daraie".

Yazdi Cake

- Souvenirs of Yazd
Yazd is known as the city of sweets and souvenirs.
The most important ones are cashmere, pottery, traditional sweets, baklava, Qotab, Pashmak, and Yazdi Sohan.