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Christian Churches Tour

13 Nights / 14 Days
Christian Churches in Iran

Explore the most famous Christian churches in Iran with our Iran Christian Churches Tour. This unique tour highlights the rich Christian history in Iran, taking you to some of the most significant churches. One of the highlights is Isfahan's breathtaking Vank Church, known for its stunning architecture and intricate frescoes. You will also visit the Saint Thaddeus Monastery in West Azerbaijan, an important pilgrimage site for Christians in Iran. Another stop on the tour is the Saint Stepanos Monastery in the Julfa area, a beautiful and historic church that is sure to captivate you.
This tour offers a perfect blend of history, art, and religious significance, allowing you to deepen your understanding of Iranian Christianity. From the first Eastern Christian church in Urmia to the most important churches in Julfa, you will explore the fascinating history of Iran's biblical events.
Join us on this memorable program: "Iran Bible Tour" or "Christian Churches Tour". Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of these remarkable religious sites.



Day 01 ) Arrival
 Arrive in Tehran, meet at the airport, transfer to the hotel, and rest.

Day 02 ) Tehran
 Full-day tour program in Tehran visiting :
National Museum (Islamic & Pre-Islamic), Tehran's Christian Churches as Saint Sarkis Cathedral and Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Mary, Golestan palaces (2 Museums), and Bazar of Tehran, then transfer to the hotel and overnight.

  • Tehran
  • Tehran_Azadi_Tower
  • Tehran_Bazaar
  • Tehran_Golestan_Palace
  • Tehran_Golestan_Palaces
  • Tehran_Milad_Tower
  • Tehran_National_Museum
  • Tehran_Niavaran_Palaces
  • Tehran_Saad_Abad_Palaces
  • Tehran_Tabiat_or_Nature_Bridge

Day 03 )  Tehran – Qazvin ( 190 Km )
Drive to Qazvin the second capital of the Safavid dynasty and visit:
Jame mosque, Cantor Church which is also known as Naqus Tower made by Russians (World War II), most famous Safavid monuments like Chehel Sotoon and Alighapoo palace, and old gate, then transfer to the hotel and overnight.

Day 04 ) Qazvin – Zanjan ( 200 Km)
Your next destination is Zanjan, a city known for its historical sites and monuments. One of the main attractions in Zanjan is the Soltanieh Dome, the Mausoleum of Oljaito, the Mongol King in Iran. This dome is the second-largest in the world after the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and its magnificent architecture and decoration will leave visitors in awe.
In addition to the Soltanieh Dome, you can explore other historical sites in Zanjan such as the old Bazar, Jame Mosque, and Washing-House, which is an old traditional laundry.

The largest dome of the world

Day 05 ) Zanjan - Urmia( 400 Km)

Your next destination is Urmia city, known for its peaceful coexistence among Muslims and Christians over the centuries. Here, you can visit the City of the first Eastern Assyrian Church & the impressive Jame Mosque. You can visit the Christian & Muslim people who have been practicing their ceremonies free for centuries.
On the way, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Takht-e-Solomon or Azar Goshnasp, the most famous Iranian Zoroastrian fire temples dating back to the Sassanid era.

  • Cantor_or_Kantur__Church
  • Garapt_church
  • Julfa_Sant_Estephanoos
  • Saint_MaryGreek_Orthodox_Church
  • Saint_Sarkis_Cathedral_Tehran
  • Saint_Thaddeus_Church
  • The_Most_Famous_Churches_in_Iran
  • Zorzor_church
  • vank

Day 06 ) Urmia – Tabriz ( 155 Km)
Morning visiting the holy Mary Church the first East Assyria Churches in Iran, then visiting a local church and then driving to Tabriz on the way visit Urmia Salt Lake the second salt lake in the world with a unique landscape, arrival in Tabriz, transfer to the hotel and overnight.

Day 07 ) Tabriz – Julfa – Makou
Full-day tour program and visiting the most famous Iran Christian Churches, Qara Kelisa or Black Church or Saint Thaddeus is one of the oldest and most notable surviving Christian monuments of Iran and then visiting St.Stepanos monastery along the Arax river belongs to the 7Th century then back to Tabriz and on the way visiting Chapel Dzor zor on the Zangmar river, arrival Tabriz, transfer to the hotel and overnight.

Day 08 ) Tabriz – Isfahan
Half-day tour program in Tabriz the first Capital of the Safavid dynasty (1502–1736) and visiting Tabriz Museum, Blue mosque, and Bazar then transfer to domestic airport to fly to Isfahan, arrival, transfer to the hotel and overnight.

Day 09 )Isfahan
Full-day tour program in Isfahan known as half of the world or "Museum City"and visiting:
Naghsh-e Jahan sq, Alighapoo Palace, Imam mosque, Sheikh Lotfolah mosque, Qeisarieh Bazar, Chehel Sotoon, and Hasht Behesht Palace, then transfer to the hotel and overnight.

  • Isfahan
  • Isfahan_Ali_Ghapoo_Palace
  • Isfahan_Atiq_Jame_Mosque
  • Isfahan_Chehel_Sotoon_Palace
  • Isfahan_Imam_Mosque
  • Isfahan_Naghsh_e_Jahan_Sq
  • Isfahan_Sheikh_Lotfolah_Mosque
  • Isfahan_Traditional_House_Hotel
  • Isfahan_Vank_Church
  • Isfahan_Zayande_Rood_river

Day 10 ) Isfahan
Full-day tour program in Isfahan.
The bridges over Zayande Rood, Jame mosque, and then Julfa the Christian area of Isfahan and its old churches as; Vank church, St.Marry church (17th) the Bedkhem church the Armenian Apostolic then transfer to the hotel and rest.

Day 11 ) Isfahan – Shiraz ( 480 Km)
Morning drive to Shiraz on the way visit Pasargad, visit “Pasargad” Complex (the tomb of “Great Cyrus”, Achaemenid King (UNESCO world heritage), then continue to Shiraz, arrive at Shiraz, transfer to the hotel and overnight.

Day 12 )  Shiraz
Full-day tour program in Shiraz the city of nightingale and flowers.
Eram garden, Karim Khan tower, Pars museum, Bazar of Shiraz then visiting Nasir-Ol Molk Mosque and Saadi and Hafez mausoleum the great Iranian poets, then transfer to the hotel and overnight.

  • Shiraz_Karim_Kahn_Tower
  • Shiraz_Naghsh_e_Rostam
  • Shiraz_Nasir_ol_molk_Mosque
  • Shiraz_Nomad_Carpet_Weavers
  • Shiraz_Persepolis
  • Shiraz_Persepolis_and_National_Gate
  • Shiraz_Qavam_Garden
  • Shiraz_Traditional_Hotel
  • Shiraz_Vakil_Bazar
  • Shiraz_vakil_Mosque
  • Shiraz_vakil_Mosque_1

Day 13 ) Shiraz – Persepolis – Tehran
Morning drive to Takht-e Jamshid or Persepolis and visiting the Achaemenian palaces then visiting Naghsh-e Rajab and Naghsh-e Rostam the most famous Achaemenian and Sassanid's bas-reliefs, then transfer to domestic airport for flight to Tehran and Int airport of Imam Khomeini.

Day 14 ) Departure
Departure to your country and end of the tour.

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