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Iran Rafting

Iran Rafting is the most exciting part of your tour program.Iran with different long roaring rivers originating from the high Alborz and Zagros mountain range has are the host for rafting lovers

Iran Nomad Tours

An exciting and unforgettable trip to discover the purest magical sights of Iran. You will hike, camp, and live with Nomads and learn what nomadic life is like.

Naghsh-e-Jahan Square Isfahan

The largest and the most beautiful square of the 17th century and a collection of the best architectural masterpieces of the Safavid dynasty

Shiraz city of Nightingale & Flowers

One of the main tourism cities in Iran and the capital of Iran Achaemenian Empire and known as the city of poem and wine. The city of magnificent gardens, exquisite mosques for those who seek beyond the usual historical sightseeing.

Pilgrimage Tours

Mashhad, Qom & Shiraz

The tour is personalized for a Muslim pilgrimage to Iran. If you are a non-Muslim there are various historical, cultural, and natural features in these cities that would be interesting for you.

Where To Stay in IRAN

One of the most important parts of travel is accommodation Travelers on their trip to Iran can have a wide variety of hotels. Thousands of different models of hotels are currently available all over Iran. Choosing your favorite hotel in Iran, you face a wide range of services and styles, from new-built modern hotels to outstanding traditional ones. Hotels in Iran are classified into 2 major categories. Traditional hotels: which make truly a memorable accommodation for you Modern hotels: like all the standard hotels in the world

What applications do you need on your journey to Iran?

Recently, Iran is often designated by the major media companies specializing in international tourism as a must-see destination. Here's a shortlist of apps that will be your closest friend in this country of wonderful civilization, culture, history, and hospitality.
There are dozens of online guides for travelers on what to take before traveling to Iran.

This is a guide to the apps you can install on your smart devices before you hit the road.

1-Local application markets

Several Iranian apps are not available in classic app markets such as App Store and Play Store. A month ago, Google and Apple began to remove applications of Iranian companies from their application markets.
Both companies viewed US unilateral sanctions as the reason for their unprofessional decision. To overcome this obstacle, you need to use locally established application markets - for Android users, Café Bazaar, and for iDevices, Nassaab or SibApp.
You can directly download application markets from companies' websites.

2-Ride Halling

The first thing you will need after getting off the plane is a cab. Getting an airport taxi is something close to a nuisance and the rates are high. A dozen companies specializing in call tourism are now operating in Iran. The most popular are Snapp and Tap30. In addition to Persian, Snapp is available in English and French. These apps have been removed from the App Store and the Play Store; therefore, you must download them from one of the local alternative application markets already introduced or directly from the taxi companies' websites.

3- payments service

One of the main complaints of travelers who were not so far back in the past was that they had to carry piles of money when they traveled to Iran. It belongs to the past. Now you create a local bank account and get a debit card. Again due to banking sanctions, international credit cards do not work in Iran. To circumvent the problem, the authorities have developed the "Tourist Card", a prepaid credit card with a maximum balance of $ 5,000.
The card can be obtained at international airports and recharged at one of the branches of Bank Melli, Bank Sepah, and the country's Tourism Bank. One of the popular payment applications in Iran is offered by the electronic payment company Asan Pardakht. You can charge local SIM cards, transfer money to other accounts and pay for various services through the app. Asan Pardakht is available for download on the Google Play Store. IOS users can download the app from their website.
Besides Asan Pardakht, Pardakhtam is another very convenient payment app. Using the app, you can pay the taxi driver by scanning the QR codes installed in the taxis. Each taxi driver has a unique identification number in the Pardakhtam database accompanied by a QR code installed in his car. Currently, the app is only available for Android phones and can be downloaded from the corporate website or Café Bazaar.

4- Telegrams

Telegram is the most popular email application and social media platform in Iran. The application has nearly 45 million users. It is so popular that most young people ask for your Telegram ID instead of a phone number to stay in touch. The telegram can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store, as well as from its official website. Other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Vimeo, are also used in the country but are not as popular.

5- Persian Calendar

The Persian calendar is a succession of calendars invented or used for over two millennia in Iran. The calendar has been changed several times in its history.
To stay on top of local events and even plan your trip, check the date (s) of the Persian calendar. Although several websites offer bilingual services for the conversion of Gregorian dates to Persian dates, getting a Persian calendar application will be helpful. Dozens of Persian calendar apps are available for free on the App Store and Play Store.

6-Tehran Metro Guide

The metro in the capital has become popular with tourists, especially backpackers. Rates are cheap and of service