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Why a Dreamy Fall Rafting Among Zagrous Forests?

The autumn season is making ready some of the most dreamy destinations for nature & rafting lovers. If you thought the end of summer meant the end of rafting, you'll be surprised! Fall is actually one of the best times to experience a rafting trip, and we are open in fall better than ever. Maybe, you get wet when joining our rafting tours, but you can enjoy the late summer heatwave.
No need to worry about the temperature in autumn when it is so much more pleasant! Drink hot coffee on the way to set up, then put on a warm fleece and flip flops afterward and warm up by a campfire! It's the best. Each one of the rafting tours offers a unique opportunity to view the breathtaking scenery like red trees, and silent river way, which increases the feeling of enjoying nature.
we are so excited to share it with you!
we have got ready an ideal autumn tour for you. A combination of history, nature, and culture to make your dreams come true. While you have enjoyed Iran's history with magnificent and unique monuments, Iran's nature with eye-catching and picturesque views is calling you. You can walk among the unlimited green plains, wild oaks, and natural orchards of the Zagrous Mountain ranges and fill yourself with fresh Oxygen, or take your little adventurers on a journey like nothing else at roaring rivers! 

 Why Fall Rafting Tours?


Why a Dreamy Fall Rafting Among Zagrous Forests?

1. The Foliage

Fall Rafting on roaring rivers among the Zagrous Mountains with red and brown leaves is so vibrant and amazing that you think you are walking in a burning forest. The wild colorful trees are on fire, forests shine up with glorious, rich colors that take your breath away. Get ready yourself for a sensory overload on the river.

2. Fewer people!

There will be fewer local rafters, which means a smoother day, and a more personal experience with the river and your guide.

Top Ten Reasons For Iran's Rafting

Iran Autumn Rafting Tours

3. Exclusive Stops!

Because there are fewer visitors, You have more chances to relax around the river and the stopovers. There are several pit stops our guides enjoy making with small trips, where guests can enjoy hot tea, coffee, and wood fire or even cliff-jump into a waterfall-fed pool!

4. Special Armand River Trips!

There are special Armand River outings in the fall! This unique rafting trip only takes place a few times a year and it's something rafters have to experience! It's a totally different experience.

Armand Rafting an unlimited excitement

Autumn and Rafting tours in Iran
One day exciting rafting with family

5. HUGE WATER Trips!

Fall Rafting in Armand is a HUGE WATER release on the river. Mountain rainfalls will pour a lot of water into the river. So you will have a new experience of autumn boating.
It’s a whole new river, and it’s a wild ride!

6. Autumn & unexpected flows

The fall season is the best time to experience white water rafting in rivers with unpredictable water levels. While you are boating, you can encounter anything from a leisurely romp down the river to class III and IV rapids, adding tremendous excitement to your whitewater rafting adventure as you never know what to expect! A slow trip down way can make you more relaxed While III and IV rapids will increase your adrenaline.

7. All types of outdoor recreation are always in full swing and have a particular advantage in autumn. Hiking, scenic drives, ATV rentals, paddle boarding, bungee jumping, zip line, and all the other ways to immerse yourself in the brilliant foliage and beautiful wilderness are spectacular experiences. Come rafting and you won't know what to choose for your second day activity.