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Iran Amazing Ski Resorts

All, Know Iran as a desert country with vast and dry desert lands. But, Iran's unique Geographic location has created so many interesting locations with high peaks and long mountain ranges that nobody believes this is Iran. The Alborz mountain ranges from west to east, the Zagrous mountain ranges from west to southwest, and single peaks in different parts of Iran caused to creation of the best Iran ski resorts. They are not only the best ones in Iran but also the Middle East.

These ski resorts with many lofty snow-capped mountains, untracked powdery snow, and budget-friendly prices, turned Iran into heaven for skiers! Iran lets you, mix your ski tour with hot beaches in the south of Iran and experience an unforgettable tour.  

Tochal Sports Complex and Snowmobile

Tochal Sports Complex

Tochal Sports Complex in the northwest of Tehran is one of the most famous and best recreational destinations with a variety of facilities. The presence of various restaurants, and sports facilities (Hiking, paintball, Tennis, cable car, ski lift, and ski school) has made this complex one of the best recreational complexes in Tehran, especially in winter. Tochal Resort Complex has the closest ski resort to the capital of the world. Tochal Ski School is ready to provide all beginner and professional training. The resort cable car sports complex has 5 international ski slopes for recreational, educational, and speed use. If you want to conquer the ski resort easily, renting a Snowmobile ($3) is the easiest solution.

Iran Mall Patinaj and Ice rink

Iran Mall Patinaj

If you plan to design an amazing free one-day tour in Tehran, Iran Mall Center would be your best destination. This very large complex in the west of Tehran with various and inexhaustible attractions will be one of your most attractive destinations to visit. An ocean of goods, amenities, cultural entertainment, artistic galleries, and sports complexes will completely nail you. If you prefer icy places to hot places the Iran Mall ice rink is where inject high adrenaline into you. If you like Patinaj's artistic activities or like speed this Skating rink equipped with some of the best technologies in the world is calling you.

Fereydunshahr Ski Resort and Iran Snowkiting

Fereydunshahr Ski Resort

If you like ski sports and history simultaneously, Isfahan City is the best destination to fulfill this wish. While you are visiting the best Iran and Safavid dynasty historical monuments, the Fereydunshahr ski resort (150 Km to Isfahan) is the best destination with white powder snow, blue sky, a group of young skiers, and finally an unforgettable Snowkiting. The Fereydunshahr ski slope is the most important and the only standard ski resort in Isfahan Province and is located 150 km from Isfahan.

Dizin, Iran's ski slope

Dizin ski slope

Today, finding mountains and slopes full of powder snow is very hard and scarce, and Choosing a ski destination can be treacherous. But for anyone who breaks into cold sweats at the thought of bare mountainsides and overpriced coffee, there’s a great and a little unusual alternative. Iran Ski Tours.
We suggest you Iran Ski Tours due to these reasons:
-Untouched, chest-deep powder.
-Undeveloped areas with a traditional atmosphere and a 5,671-meter volcano.
-Gondolas lift to 3,700 meters; 5-star hotel at 3,300.
-The closest ski slope to the capital(10 Min), you can see the ski slope from north of Tehran.
-Dizin ski slope, is the best Iran's international ski slope with the best facilities and amenities.

Dizin ski slope
A two-hour drive from the capital via a mountainous and beautiful road will connect you to the Dizin ski slope.
Dizin ski slope's specification
Base elevation,
-Lowest Piste: 2650m Highest Lift
-Top elevation: 3600m
-Resort Altitude: 2700m
-Vertical drop: Max 850m
-Snow Depth: 2 to 4 m
-Slopes: 5x Greens - 7x Blues - 8x Reds - 3x Blacks.

Darband Sar Ski Resort close to Tehran

Darband Sar Ski Resort

If you are going to enjoy the second-largest and most developed ski resort in Iran, the Darband Sar ski resort is the best destination. This place with a low distance from Tehran and in the vicinity of Dizin and Shemshak has easy access, reasonable facilities, and great amenities. Darbandsar is now equipped with 2x four-seat chairlifts, 1x two-seat chairlifts, 1x gondola, and 2 ski lifts.
This recreational area offers 900m of vertical drop and has different lights for night skiing. It offers you a ski season from December to April. The lowest point of the slopes is 2650 m above sea level and the highest is 3150 m.