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Tehran's Metro Guide
One of the biggest problems in Tehran, like other major cities of the world, is the urban daily traffic. This daily traffic causes various problems, such as wasting time and other problems. One of the best alternatives to navigating in Tehran is the Metro system. Metro not only can save your travel time but also can be part of the cultural experience as it includes a variety of people who live and work in the city.
Make surprise yourself by the ease, low fare, and convenience of traveling on the Tehran Metro Plus, you can see friendly hospitable faces. you will meet many curious people, who are ready to help and chat you. undoubtedly, traveling by Tehran's subway is an amazing new experience.
If you tolerate the pressure in the metro during the rush hours can save your time. Fortunately, the Tehran metro line is not complicated and you will find it easily.
Tehran's Metro has eight operating lines now. Two of them are more extended than the others. Trains are normally active between 05:30 and 22:30.

Tehran Metro Cabin

The Tehran metro currently has eight operating lines to different parts of Tehran. The lines are marked by colors and numbers, so it's very easy to find your route. All stations are signed and written by the English language, thus you will find your way easily, also be sure that all people who are there will embrace you with open arm.
The red line (line 1), the light blue line (line 3) and the yellow line (line 4) are the most important because they connect to most tourist sites, exchange offices, airports, museums, and Railway station. All stations and also above every door inside the trains the maps are visible. In addition to that, the Tehran Metro app for both Android and IOS can be of great use.
Easily follow your route by looking at the 'next destination' sign that changes between Farsi and English. Or read the names of the stations written on the walls at each stop. But if, above all else, you always feel confused for some reason; do not worry at all! There will always be a good-hearted Iranian ready to help you find your way!

Metro and Bus Electronic Tickets

Tehran's Metro offers two ticketing options:
- One-way tickets printed on paper or return tickets before each trip.
- To buy an electronic metro card.
The electronic card allows you to roam around the city easily, and save your time in the line of tickets. One way ticket price is 10.000 Rial now(2019).
Paper tickets and electronic card are available at all subway stations' ticket stands.
You will have a comfortable or a challenging experience depending on your travel time.
Rush hours especially feature super crowded 07:00-09:00 AM and 05:00-07:00 PM and overfull trains are a Challenging journey.

Ladies' cabin
In Tehran’s metro, every train has one dedicated cabin for ladies. Although this might sound like a woman should only use these sections, they are actually free to enter the metro anywhere they want.

Operating times;

The Tehran metro operates between 5:30 AM and 10:30 PM on weekdays.
The Tehran metro operates between 06:00 AM and 10:15 on weekends.
Trains run with an interval of 2-5 minutes on weekdays
Trains run with an interval of 5-10 minutes on weekends and holidays.
* A quick reminder; the weekend in Iran falls on Thursday and Fridays.

Tehran Metro Map

important metro stations;
Line 1, red line;
- Shahid Haghani; closest metro station to the Tabiat Bridge, the Ab-o- Atash Park and the Taleghani Park.
- Taleghani; closest metro station to the artist park and the former US embassy
- Imam Khomeini square; closest metro station to the museum of national treasures (jewelry museum), The National Museum of Iran, the Post Museum and the Glassware and Ceramics Museum.
- Panzdah-e Khordad; closest metro station to the Golestan Palace and the Grand Bazaar.
- Terminal- Jonoob; closest metro station to Tehran’s southern bus terminal.
- Shahed; transferring station to the Imam Khomeini airport. Read all about your metro transfer to the Imam Khomeini International airport here.

Line 3, light blue line;
- Theater-e- Shahr; closest metro station to the main city theatre hall and the Danshjoo (student) park. Packed with nice cafés and restaurants.
- Rah- Ahan; closest metro station to the Tehran’s only Railway station.

Line 4, yellow line;
- Tajrish; closest metro station to the Tajrish Bazaar, Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine, Saadabad Palace Complex, Darband, Tochal mountains, and the Niavaran Palace complex.
- Ferdowsi; best place in Tehran to exchange money.
- Theater-e- Shahr; closest metro station to the main city theatre hall and the Danshjoo (student) park. Packed with nice cafés and restaurants.
- Meydane Azadi; closest metro station to the Azadi Tower and the West bus terminal.
- Mehrabad Domestic Airport; Terminal 1 and 2
- Mehrabad Domestic Airport; Terminal 3 and 4

Imam Khomeini Airport Metro
Currently, the Imam Khomeini Airport metro works every day from 6:10 AM – 8:10 PM. The operating hours are limited to each 80 minutes, but it will probably change in the close future. The entrance will be in front of A Terminal at the airport. The price of a ticket to Shahed station is 90000 Rials (9000 Tomans) and from Shahed station to other stations is 12000 Rials.