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Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge

Tehran Nature Bridge, a unique masterpiece of modern architecture

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The Tabiat Bridge is calling you.
The Pole Tabiat or Tehran Nature Bridge a unique masterpiece of modern architecture 270-meter long connects two important parks of Tehran together and passes over an important highway named, Modarress. Designed by an Iranian professional woman architect that has won numerous international awards. It's a beautiful place with unique and eye-catching architecture that is built upon the most Tehran famous highway and you can spend your afternoon in it. You can walk through the Tabiat Bridge with your friends and enjoy the nice scenery. After a long walk, you will catch your breath and enjoy a cup of coffee in the view of the sunset in Tabiat Bridge. You can have an amazing view of three main highways beneath your feet when you are enjoying your coffee or meal.

Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge the most famous kind in Iran

Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge

 "Tabiat" means "nature" in Persian.
The bridge is approximately 270 meters long and consists of a continuous three-dimensional, three-dimensional farm resting on three tree-shaped columns. All levels are connected to each other by stairs and multiple ramps, providing multiple lanes on the bridge to get from one level to the next. The bridge is not only a way to pass but a place to stay. A cafe and a restaurant in the lower part of the bridge are designed. In addition to this, many benches and other seating areas at all levels allow visitors to stay on deck for as long as they wish.
Tabita's Pedestrian Bridge is located in the northern part of Tehran, in an area called Abbas Abad Lands; It is an area mainly dedicated to cultural spaces such as libraries and museums, as well as public parks. This bridge is designed to connect two pedestrian access between the two parks, which are divided by major highways.
The bridge crosses the Modarres Highway, one of the city's major highways, and connects Abo Atash Park to the west with Taleghani Park to the east. The intention was to design a pedestrian route completely separated from the highway. The 270-meter-long bridge is the largest pedestrian bridge built to date in Iran.