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Visit Tehran at 48 hours

Most travelers stay in Tehran for less than 2 days, and even the locals recommend to have a visit from the other historic cities as Isfahan and Shiraz.
However, Tehran as a cultural and historical center has various places and opportunities to offer We would like to guide you to visit, eat, drink and watch Tehran at 48 hours while you are there.

Day 1 Morning
Start your day with the history of Iran and also Tehran. While you start your walking tour from Imam Khomeini Sq and watch some historical monuments as commercial Bank building( Qajar period) at east of Sq, Post Museum, National Garden Gate( Qajar period) and finally  the National Museum of Iran has an impressive collection spanning 30,000 years, including pottery, coins, and the recent addition of a 7,000-year-old woman’s skeleton (indicating that Tehran is much older than originally thought).

You can have a short break at the National Museum's garden and drink a Persian tea before the next destination. Head toward Imam Khomeini Square and walk down of Naser Khosrow Street, one of the oldest streets in Tehran. You can visit The Darolfonoon School (made by Amir Kabir The most famous minister of Qajar dynasty), the first modern school in Iran. The most important and significant monument in this area is Golestan Palace. A palace remains from the Qajar period that worth visiting multiple times. This unique Royal Palace complex includes different palaces, garden, museums, magnificent pools, grand mirrored halls, and fantastic mosaics different historical buildings. Don’t miss the masterwork of painter Kamal ol-Molk displayed throughout the buildings.
Next, We are going to go to the busiest point of Tehran "The Grand Bazaar"
The best bazar restaurants which offer you the best traditional Persian cuisine are calling you. You can eat, drink and enjoy your dish with the best Persian lunch and also talk with people. The most famous restaurants are Moslem and Shamshiri where you can see many tourists there.

The bazaar of Tehran with twisted labirents will guide you to a deep history of Tehran, different shops, Caravanserais, galleries, schools, mausoleums, and different mosques will astonish you with their old cultural, historical and architecture specifications. Don’t miss the Shah mosque(Jame mosque) the most famous monument of Bazaar. Art lovers never miss the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses the works of Monet, Pollack, and Rothko, or the Laleh Gallery. The north part of the park, Iran Carpet Museum shows various motifs and styles of Persian rugs from all over Iran dating back to the 16th century. Finish off your day by visiting Tehran's emblematic sig. The Azadi Tower, built in 1971, which has witnessed a great deal of Iran's history. Those who still have energy can take a taxi to Vanak Square for a delicious Persian dinner and traditional live music at Alighapoo Restaurant or other traditional restaurants.

Day 2 Morning
Sa’ad Abad Palace, the summer residence of the former Shah of Iran, which has been converted to a complex of 18 museums of both history and fine art.
Stroll through the lavish gardens and enjoy the fresh air and serenity of Darband mountains (the most recreational part of Tehran),  before heading south toward Tajrish Square to visit Tajrish Bazaar, smaller and less hectic than the Grand Bazaar. The adjacent eye-catching shrine of Imamzadeh Saleh is also worth a visit. Walk down Valiasr Street, The longest street at Tehran and the Middle East, and make a pit stop for some tea at Ferdows Garden where the Qajar-era Cinema Museum is located.

Never be worried about lunch. you can find the best restaurants at Tajrish Bazaar or very luxury restaurants at Vali e Asr street which offer you various traditional and international dishes. Continue the Valiasr st to stroll through the lovely Mellat Park, a peaceful respite in the North of the city, before going to Tabiat Bridge. This multi-award-winning 270-meter (886-foot) architectural masterpiece connects two parks and quickly rivaled Azadi Tower and Milad Tower as the symbol of Tehran. Plenty of places here can satisfy your tummy & taste after all that walking. The restaurants or the coffeeshops of Tabiat bridge are the best for this purpose.

The Milad Tower in the west of Tehran and a beautiful view of Tehran from above it can be an enjoyable evening for you. Discover stores, get acquainted with the wax figures of famous Iranians, buy concert tickets, eat a snack, of course, take the elevator to the top and admire Tehran at over 305 meters - something which will surely attract you back to the city for a longer visit as soon as possible.