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Italian Macaroni, Iranian Personality

Spaghetti or pasta is one of the most common and popular Iranian dishes for all ages. Iranians, like many eastern nations, have long been familiar with wheat and grains and foods obtained from them. Kalaf, Band e Ghaba and Maftoli, were food materials like Macaroni. Iranians were familiar with them since the Safavid period(1501-1736). Thus, Pasta and Macaroni were completely imported food, but according to Iranian tastes. Next, the Iranians Iranized it and changed all its aspects from the way of cooking to the ingredients. Now, this is an Italian Macaroni with an Iranian recipe.

Italian Macaroni, Iranian Personality

Iranians cook pasta and steam it like rice. They believe, uncooked Italian pasta is not edible because it is not cooked well. Also, the Tahdig of the pasta pot(Tahdig, pronounced Tah-Deeg, literally means "bottom of the pot" in Persian or the lower part fried of the food) with Lavash bread, Sangak bread, potatoes or the pasta itself is a very bold signature of Iranian cuisine in the preparation of this dish.

How Iranian cook Macarony

How Iranian cook Macarony

Iranian Pasta should glaze in sauce well when a kind of marriage happened between Macaronies and sauce. A lot of tomato paste with fried onions, minced meat, chicken or sausage, a lot of mushrooms, corn, bell peppers, carrots, eggplants, or anything that comes to hand can form pasta mortar.

So, different models of cooking pasta were invented by Iranians like pasta with soybean, Simple Iranian pasta, Iranian pasta with chicken, pasta with sausage, etc.
Adding different types of spices such as salt, pepper, saffron, and turmeric is the favorite part of Iranian cooks. They do not hesitate to grate or melt cheese & cream for decoration. Finally, an oily Tahdig of Macarony has no room for discussion.

Macarony Sandwich An Iranian food invention

An Iranian food invention

The innovations of Iranians in changing this Italian food are endless. This Iranian invention is a combination of French bread, Italian pasta, and an Iranian Macaroni recipe with Iranian decorations (tomatoes - pickled cucumbers - ketchup sauce). It calls Macaroni Sandwich which is the warning shot to this international food.

Food decoration for Spaghetti
End of the story, Food decoration for Spaghetti

Some things would be served with Macaroni on the Iranian food table which is probably very strange from the Italians' point of view!
Pickled garlic, various types of pickles, condensed yogurt, Shirazi salad, buttermilk, Cocacola (They believe the oily delicious Pasta should be eaten with coca-cola or Soda), olives, and ketchup sauce are among the spices of the pasta.