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Staying at these Boutique Hotels will astonish you

5 Top-Notch Boutique Hotels in Iran
Iran with a collection of the most beautiful traditional houses that have been transformed into luxury 5-star hotels by preserving the originality and Iranian architecture dazzles the eyes of every viewer and invites her to an unforgettable stay. Iran with over 10.000 years old history in human habitats has a large number of eye-catching spectacular mansions and buildings. Some of these buildings have been handed over to private owners to preserve the architecture and development of the tourism industry for use as a hotel / Guesthouses and restaurants. The declared goal is to cede 100 buildings every year for restoration. In other words, 1,084 buildings will be ready for reuse before the end of the 2025 Vision Plan. These old homes have a stunning architecture that not only encourages the investors to participate in their restoration of them but also encourages the guests to pay for their stay.

The following are the 5 best boutique hotels in Iran:

Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel, Kashan

Kashan, as one of the first human settlements in Iran (Sialk tribs 10.000 years ago) has beautiful homes that will fascinate every viewer. In other words, we can call Kashan the city of historical houses. In recent years, some of these old houses have been converted and restored into traditional hotels/houses. These homes have been transformed and restored with the same traditional architectural style and are equipped with the best amenities. It is located in the old Sultan Mir Ahmad neighborhood and in the vicinity of the famous historical building of Kashan like Tabatabai, Ameri, and Abbassian house.  The Ameriha House is the largest historical house in the ancient city of Kashan, and also one of the largest ones in Iran. This 5-star hotel with 9,500 square meters has 85 well-appointed rooms. Built during the Zandiyeh Era (250 years ago) and renovated under the Qajar Dynasty and at the last changed into a hotel.

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Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel, Isfahan

Staying like a king at an old great fantastic house that recently turned into a Hotel. Ghasre Monshi Hotel (100 years old) is one of the few palaces that belonged to King Fathali from the Qajar dynasty. After restoration in 2005, the national heritage site was transformed into a top lodging facility. The eye-catching architecture of the place, especially color-glass windows and plasterwork, has made the four-star hotel one of the most desired accommodations in Isfahan. The location of this hotel is perfect for those who want to discover the city on their foot and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Also, numerous tourist attractions of Isfahan are in your vicinity. The alley around the hotel will lead you to the Naghsh e Jahan sq, easily, and can find Isfahani artists who present their elegant and beautiful handicrafts. Here is one of the best places in Isfahan to buy souvenirs such as Mina Kari, Firoozeh Kobi, and so on.

Darbe Shazdeh Hotel, Shiraz
Darbe Shazdeh, Shiraz

A charming boutique hotel with all Iranian traditional elements that are bound to capture your heart. This Qajar structure with the lowest distance to the historical sites of Shiraz" the city of Nightingales and Flowers" is a lovely perfect base for curious tourists eager to discover the essence of Iranian hospitality. This small hotel with a perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture lets the visitors experience the inspiring atmosphere of Shiraz. Each of the hotel's rooms has its own traditional and real decorations that will guide the guests to the depth of Iranian history - art and architecture.

Hanna Boutique Hotel, Tehran
Hanna Boutique Hotel, Tehran

Residing in a 90-year-old house in one of Tehran's old neighborhoods, where houses are symmetrical to one another and are a reflection of the culture, architecture, and lifestyle of the people of Tehran for decades. "The experience of staying in this hotel offers diverse glimpses of life in Tehran, a unique experience at the center of a busy, chaotic city, where one can enjoy art, architecture, design, and modern-day hospitality." Hanna Boutique Hotel is an expression of Tehran's different layers of people's lifestyles that have been added on over ninety years. Staying at this hotel is an exciting experience that will introduce you to a glimpse of life in Tehran a unique experience at the center of a busy, chaotic city, where you can enjoy art, architecture, design, and modern-day hospitality.

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Laleh Kandovan Boutique Hotel
Kandovan a historical village in the central district of Osku County, East Azerbaijan Province, 60 km from Tabriz City is one of the rare and unique places in the world. A village in the middle of the Sahand mountain range is one of the human handmade stone houses masterpieces. Staying in this rocky village is a unique experience of lifestyle in the area. If you are going to have this experience, Laleh International Rock Hotel in Kandovan is the best choice. The hotel has 40 Karaans (natural rock rooms), 16 of which are available with complete room service and a Jacuzzi. A luxurious restaurant with a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes that can host 120 people are among other facilities and services of the hotel.