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Top Wonderful Hotels of Iran
There are various interesting hotels all over the world that are interesting to travelers and tourists. These different specifications are:
Old hotels, very luxurious hotels, unique hotels, green hotels, and more.  Iran due to its various historical and natural characteristics has some special types of hotels.
Historical Hotels: Abbassi Hotel-Isfahan 400 years ago
Caravanserai Hotel: Zeyn -ol Din Caravanserai hotel- Yazd.
Garden Hotel: Moshir - Ol Mamalek Hotel Yazd.
Stone Hotel: Lale Hotel Kandovan
Desert Hotel: Bali Desert Hotel
and more different samples.
Another characteristic of Iranian tourism is the existence of diverse and varied hotels. Old hotels, rock hotels, luxury hotels, caravansaries, and even old-fashioned hotels are all tourist attractions in Iran.

Laleh Rocky Hotel in Kandovan

Laleh Rocky Hotel in Kandovan
Kandovan Stone Village, 60 km from Tabriz, is the only example of a rocky village in the world that is still residential. If you want to experience living at the cave in the civilized world, Kandovan Hotel is one of the best. The Laleh Rocky Hotel in Kandovan is one of the three rocky hotels in the world and one of nine unique and extraordinary hotel in the world.
This hotel is laid at Kandovan village the only residential rocky village in the world, also is very similar to Cappadocia village in Turkey. It is located 60 km from the town of Tabriz, in a beautiful green valley. This particular hotel is built on the criteria of nature tourism and sustainable tourism to have the lowest amount of destruction in nature. This historic and natural hotel, while is located in the environmentally protected area in the middle of a magnificent village, has pure and pleasant weather, a magnificent perspective of the green nature and its precious mineral water, has added to the attractions of the only rocky hotel in Iran.

Bali Desert Hotel

Bali Desert Hotel
One of the specifications of Iranian's tourism is its beautiful deserts and its eye-catching nature. Iran has different deserts, each of which has unique and exclusive features. If you are going to enjoy the Iran's desert, a journey to one of the desert areas of Iran and staying in a local hotels can be a memorable trip for you.
One of the special hotels in the Khoor and Biabanak desert region is Bali desert Hotel, with modern facilities, will provide a safe and comfortable trip for you.
This family hotel is laid in the midle of one of the best beautiful desert area of Iran by the name Khoor & Biabanak and close to Khoor town in Isfahan (300 Km),
 The three-star hotel is a unique relaxing place with a traditional  design and mud walls offers fine facilities and services in a pleasant atmosphere. The hotel will offer different desert activities like off-road tours, walking at the desert wit guide, camel riding, watching the stars at night and other more activites will make true your dreamy desert journey.

One night under the Mud-Hut Hotel

One night under the Mud-Hut Hotel
One of the most important survival conditions in each area is  adapting with the environment and use local facilities. The most important and effective elements of life in the desert areas is using the local houses. These houses are made up of mud, grass, and straw which are the most local materials for making the houses. these local houses provides a cool, simple, and environmentally friendly homes in the burning desert. Therefore, staying in these traditional homes with modern amenities can familiarize us with this traditional culture.
The four-star hotel Capri ( Hut) Ganj is opened in one of the southern  cities of Kerman province, Qaleh Ganj. In recent years, Capar or hut was a symbol of poverty, but this hotel changed it to the luxury and wealth. The hotel has 30 rooms and with a variety of modern services like the off-road desert tour, camel riding, dinner in the desert and fresh desert fruit, local music and dance, local play will give you a beautiful view of the desert.

Caravansaries Hotel
Caravansaries are the oldest hotels in Iran. These places, which are spread throughout Iran, provide passengers' services. Some of these caravansaries are laid in desert areas and some in other parts of Iran. In any case, these places were the first hotels in the world. If you are going to get acquainted with the atmosphere of past times, you have to stay in these old Caravanseraies at one of the 999 caravanserais the Persian king Shah Abbas built to shelter and provide food and safety to merchants, traders, travelers and pilgrims.

Zeinodin desert caravanserai

Zeinodin desert caravanserai
The Zeinodin Caravanserai is one of two rounded (circle form)caravanserais of Iran built in the 16th century. It has been renovated with original form and design. In 2006, he received the UNESCO prize for the best renovated building. The traditionally caravanseraies can become the highlight of your trip to Iran, where you can experience some of the best and most memorable nights of your life.
This is one of 999  valuable caravanserais built under the Safavid dynasty to promote trade. However, you can stay in one of the 52 renovated rooms.
You can sleep on mattresses in your own room which is surrounded by Persian curtains in a cold hallway. It is interesting to note that you can go on the roof of the caravanserai and look as far as you can or watch millions of stars on your head, imagining how the camel caravans crossing the desert along the Silk Road.

Laleh Rocky Hotel in Kandovan

Laleh Bisotoon International Hotel (Caravanserai Abbasi)
This hotel is laid 30 km east of Kermanshah, on the ancient Kermanshah Road to  Hamedan. This hotel with its unique location is laid opposite the Farhad Tarash (Farhad Cut) or Bistoon Historic Site. This historic site with more than 6,000 square meters, has four verandas plan and can accommodate about 100 guests.
This hotel has 20 standard rooms, royal and imperial suites with a traditional design inspired by the original Safavid's architecture.

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel
A collection of the best for you.
The best and most beautiful historic city of Iran - Isfahan. The most beautiful historical hotel in Iran, the Shah Abbasi Hotel or Shah Abbasi Caravanserai. This is the oldest hotel close to Naghsh -e Jahan Square, Isfahan, Iran, an irreplaceable heritage in the architectural style of Isfahan, the glorious Safavid era.
Abbasi Hotel, a 400-year-old building located in the heart of the city of Isfahan, a museum called "Nesf-e-Jahan" (which means half of the world), a monument that, as local and international tourists, Historians, renowned architects and professional tourists claim to be nicknamed "the most beautiful hotel in the world".
Here, the living spirit in the motifs and paintings, the interaction of colors and light and the fluidity of beauty have been submitted to the capital for the real art and drawn on the body of the building, as if being between doors and walls Stroll along a bridge between the past and the present, where the motifs come to life, drawing the fervor of the beauty of the art of the predecessors to the eyes of the viewer.

Moshir al-Mamalek, Top Garden Hotel
Garden in Iran is one of the examples of paradise.
In a Paradise that there are tall trees, water fountains, large pools of water and have created a variety of shadow. In Iran's desert cities, water and trees have a very special place. The presence of water and the tree create a paradise that amazes all visitors. The Moshir Garden with an area of 13,000 square meters remains from the Qajar period that is an earthly paradise in Yazd. This historic garden is renovated to one of the top 4* hotels in Yazd.
The Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel is an ancient garden remaining from the Qajar dynasty. Due to its unique specifications, is distinguished from other hotels.
It helps guests of the hotel to experience the Iranian style of life at past. The specification of the garden's architectural as, streams, tall trees, fountains old buildings and rooms have made it an attractive place to stay. Two red and blue African parrots and two men, one robust and the other short, dressed in old clothes including turban and hat, etc., are among the fixed characters of the hotel which attracts most customers when they enter the hotel. you can find different Iranian handicrafts at the shop of the hotel.