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Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses

What are the top 10 best Iranian traditional houses?
Some passengers like and prefer to stay at 5-star luxury hotels, while they are lying on the sofa or Swimming pool chair and order a cool drink. While some like to discover the culture of their destination. One of the first things that amazes tourists and fall in love with Iran is the magnificent traditional houses. The traditional houses of Iran are one of the most attractive sights in Iran. These houses with more than 150 years old, original Iranian decorations, rich and attractive architecture, and finally a peaceful and cozy environment have a unique attraction for visitors. In recent years, some of these old houses have been converted into traditional hotels in accordance with international standards and have provided an unforgettable stay for guests. These old houses/hotels exist in most cities of Iran and can be booked easily.
Iran's traditional houses with a collection of the most beautiful and special original architectural decorations fascinate every viewer with their beauty. These historic houses, which introduce an important part of Iranian culture and architecture, are one of the most important tourist attractions in Iran. Staying in one of the oldest houses with 400 years of history, modern amenities as well as traditional and old architecture will create a special feeling for tourists. Some of these old houses with the features mentioned have been renovated and changed to luxury and beautiful hotels. These hotels make your dreams come true.

Here is a list of the best hotels/houses for dreamy traditional accommodation.

Top 10 Iran Hotels

 Manouchehri House/ Hotel

1- Manoochehri Hotel/House - Kashan

This hotel belongs to 400 years ago and is located close to the Bazaar of Kashan. It is laid in a traditional and old area of Kashan and it belongs to the Safavid era and was renovated during different times. This old house is changed to a new hotel with modern facilities as you desire. This hotel, like many old houses, has two entrance doors. It also has 9 rooms located around the central courtyard of the house.  The main room, or restaurant, is the best part of this hotel with very beautiful decoration.

Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel

2- Ameri Hotel/house - Kashan

The Ameri Hotel/house is the oldest and largest house in Kashan and belongs to the Zand (1750-94) era and is renovated in different periods. This old building is not only a hotel but also a valuable collection of Iranian architecture. The hotel has 2 separate parts or independently connected courtyards. The Mirror Hall is the prettiest space of a hotel that has become a restaurant.

10 Dreamy traditional hotels that you will not sleep a wink

 Mahinestan Raheb Kashan 

3- Mahinestan Raheb Hotel/house - Kashan

This beautiful hotel/house lay close to the historical sites of Kashan especially the old houses and Aghabozorg mosque. It is made on 2 floors and 3 separate courtyards with different rooms. All rooms are decorated with the best Iranian decoration. This traditional house with modern facilities gives a uniquely special feeling to the traveler.

Kashan Traditional Hotel/Houses

Atiq ‌Boutique Hotel/house - Esfahan

4- Atiq Hotel/house - Esfahan

Atiq Hotel/house with 1182 sq m, 3 Royal rooms, 3 underground, 20 rooms, and a central courtyard architectural style belongs to the Safavid period in Esfahan. you can imagine sleeping in a historic hotel/house,  while someone had been living there for many years. You will stay in a  400-year-old hotel museum.

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses

5- Bekhradi Hotel/house - Esfahan

Bekhradi Hotel/House is located in the north of Isfahan. It belongs to the Safavid period (17th century) and has been renovated many times. This old house has transformed into one of the best traditional hotels/houses in Isfahan. The Royal Room will come to the true 400-year-old history journey for you.

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses

6- Traditional Hotel/house - Esfahan

A Traditional Hotel/house is an old 400-year old house with all the original decoration and modern amenities of a new hotel. A memorable stay for you in search of history and recognizing a deep generation. An old house with beautiful rooms lay around a blue water pool in the middle of the courtyard. Tall trees, water fountains, and old tall clay walls accompany you on a historic journey. This house has 16 rooms which have now been changed to 10 double-bedded rooms, 5  suites, and royal suites, All rooms are decorated in traditional style and are equipped with a bath, TV, Satellite TV, radio, and other relief supplies.

Isfahan Traditional Hotel/Houses

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses

7- Laleh Hotel/house - Yazd

The Laleh Hotel/House Yazd Hotel/House is one of the most stunning homes in Yazd. This was used as a house by its owner until 1978 and then changed to a new traditional hotel. Laleh Hotel/House now receives visitors. Experience warm, traditional Persian hospitality. Online booking is also available for your vacation. There are thirty-eight rooms laid around 3 courtyards. Each room is designed individually. Hence no two rooms are alike. This traditional hotel is one of the most recommended places to stay in Yazd.

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses
8- Malek-o-Tojar Antique Hotel/house - Yazd

Welcome to the Malek-o-Tojar Antique Hotel/House the world's first clay brick hotel.A very famous hotel in Yazd, as well as for tourists. This old house belonged to one of the famous merchants of Yazd during Naseeruddin Shah, the most famous king of Qajar. This old hotel had been a private house for his grand family. A building with twenty-three rooms and all walls and ceilings are painted gold. Beautiful and spectacular paintings that are in harmony with the paintings of the Narenjestan mansion of Shiraz.

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses
9- Dad hotel Hotel/house - Yazd

The magnificence of antique architecture. In the heart of Iran's desert and in the world's first bricked city. Dad Hotel as a gem in Yazd would be your host with unique architectural features. This 80-year-old hotel is located in Yazd downtown. The combination of traditional architectural elements like Clay, clay brick, colorful tiles, colored glass, and wooden doors and a beautiful combination of modern and traditional amenities has made magnificent buildings.

Yazd Traditional Hotel/Houses

Top 10 Iran traditional old Hotel/houses
10- Moshir-Al-Mamalek Hotel/house - Yazd

The first  hotel with completely traditional architecture and equipment. This is Yazd's gift to world architecture. Moshir-Al-Mamalek Hotel/House Garden Hotel is an old garden that remained from the Qajar Era, This hotel garden has distinguished itself from the other normal hotels. It helps the guests to experience old living. The garden, flowing creeks rivers, and fountains of the hotel have made it an attractive place to dwell. This hotel is a special experience of living in Iranian traditional gardens.