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10 Iran attractive places for Instagram photography
Today, the world is dominated by social media and their presence in all areas of our lives is very clear. The presence of them in the travel and tourism sector has also been very influential and the Activists of the tourism department share their travel experiences in these media. These experiences include travelogues, photos, videos, itineraries, and other travel needs. The presence of travel enthusiasts on Iranian pages has led to a better presentation.
By searching the comments of visitors to these pages, comments such as I had never seen anything like it, very beautiful, Excellent, Exciting, Stunning, Is this Iran? I would like to visit Iran, and etc is very obvious. This shows the impact of these social pages on the minds of viewers. Iran, as one of the oldest countries in the world, dazzles the eyes of viewers.
Sometimes with historical sites from 12000 years ago, and somewhen with eye-catching natural sites. Iran as a four seasons country has special natural beauties that have turned it into a destination for nature lovers. Natural beauties such as deserts - caves - high mountains - diverse green plains - white water rivers and deep valleys have offered the best adventure tourism programs. Iran is full of amazing beauties and unbelievable scenes that can enrich your Instagram feed, here in this article we would like to introduce you to some of these places for you to take the most amazing photos.

Imam mosque Isfahan

1-Imam mosque Isfahan
Abbasi Jame Mosque (Emam) A Vast Origin of the Islamic Architecture Clad by a Turquoise Glaze.
On the southern side of 'Naghsh-e-Jahan" Square in Esfahan, a world of colorful tiles and Mozaics that have created one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran. This picturesque mosque, with its unique blue-tiled mosaics and its perfect ratios, forms a visually wonderful monument at the head of Esfahan's main square. An unblemished 400 years construction by Shah Abbass the great king of the Safavid dynasty.

Moghan Bandar(Port)

2- Moghan Bandar(Port)
A unique spectacular and legendary beach on the shores of the Persian Gulf.
One of the most beautiful coastal routes that connect the mountains to the sea is the coastal road of Bandar Maqam. Harsh rocks, clear water, oysters, beautiful and large turtles, and ospreys that come close to the shore are some of the wonders of this region. Do not miss the sunset experience in this area.

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Alighapoo Palace Isfahan

3- Alighapoo Palace
The Beating Heart of Administration and the Highest Building in the Cardinal Point of the Capital.
In "Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, all around the rectangular lofty wall, it is only Ali Qapu palace with an exceptional recess of 7 meters from its surrounding wall on the west, which dates back to 1597 A.D. This wonderful six-storey palace with 52 small rooms, corridors, and stairways has a vast terrace toward Naghsh e Jahan Sq affords a wonderful perspective over the square and one of the best views of the Masjed-e Shah and the mountains beyond.

Golestan palace Tehran

4- Golestan palace
The Qajars' royal residence, the oldest substantial building in the city, and one of a group of royal buildings then enclosed within mud walls known as the Arg, the Golestan Palace (Rose Garden), too, was completed by Fath Ali Shah Qajar. Where you can watch the glories and excesses of the Qajar rulers. All this great complex is decorated with beautiful paintings, tile-works, glasswork that mesmerize the eye of visitors.
The oldest of the historical monuments in Tehran, the Golestan Palace (Palace of Flowers) belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed within the mud-thatched walls of Tehran's Historic Arg (citadel). The Arg was built during the reign of Tahmasb I (1524-1576, corresponding to 930-948 in the lunar calendar) of the Safavid dynasty (1502-1736), and was later renovated by Karim Khan Zand (1750-1779).

Feen Garden Kashan

5- Feen Garden
This pleasant garden with symmetrical proportions, old cedars, fountain pools, and fountains is famous as the symbol of the Persian garden and its evocation from heaven. The most beautiful garden of Kashan and a relic from the Al-Buwayh period to the Safavid kings.
What not to Miss while Visiting Fin Garden?
Designed for King Abbas I in the 16th century, the old tall cedars, symmetrical design, and beautiful row of fountains make it an appropriate epitome of a Persian Garden. Just right across the spring, there is a beautiful tea-house, where you can release yourself and sit on the benches and enjoy a cup of original Persian tea and the scenery as well. The shades of trees and fishes swimming in the river make it quite a scenery. 

Nasir ol molk Shiraz

6- Nasir ol Molk
Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque or Pink Mosque is the most famous place among all tourists for its pink outlook a unique historical site in Shiraz; an attraction that is famous for its pink outlook and takes everyone by surprise. The tile work, Glasswork, and decoration of the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque are so beautiful, eye-catching, and elegant that they can amaze and marvel at the visitors for hours. A photo of this colorful Mosque encourages any viewer to visit it. The spectacular and marvelous design of this building will be admired by every viewer.

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Persepolis Shiraz

Persepolis, glory of past, a treasure of the present
Persepolis (Old Persian Pårsa, modern Takht-e Jamshid): Greek name of one of the capitals of the ancient Achaemenid empire, founded by the great king Darius (522-486 BCE). At its peak, Persepolis was one of four key cities at the heart of an empire that stretched from the Indus River to Ethiopia. Its original name was Parsa and it only acquired its Greek name of Persepolis - meaning both the city of Parsa (city of Persia) and the destroyer of cities - only after the army of Alexander the Great sacked the city in 330 BC.

Hoemoz - Bandar abas - Qeshm island

8- Hormoz
Hormoz – An Island With Edible Soil in Iran
If you are looking for a new and refreshing experience in your travel to Bandar abas or Qeshm island, don't hesitate to visit Hormoz. The island has fantastic views of the Persian Gulf and a unique texture of soil and mountains. There is a road around the island that can give you an almost 360-degree view of the island.

Iran Desert

9-Iran Desert
If you've ever dreamed of the Arabian Nights Oasis Cities or if you've been drawn to homestays, then this trip is for you. With dramatically eroded hills reminiscent of Monument Valley, towering sand dunes to challenge those of Arabia, and a claim to be the hottest desert in the world, it's not hard to see why the Dasht-e Lut is considered one of Iran's most exciting adventure destinations. Many people enjoy the golden desert sand dune, some love it for its peace and quiet, others love for safaris and off-road activities, and some for taking great photos. The diversity of Iranian deserts can satisfy travelers of different tastes.

Vakil mosque Shiraz

10- Vakil Mosque Shiraz
A very quiet place because little frequented by tourists, you can enjoy a moment of calm and architecture. It is near the entrance to the bazaar and the Vakil bath, so if you are nearby why not pay it a visit.