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Top 10 best Kashan historical houses/hotels

One night at Iran's ancient architecture
Are you planning a great journey to the historical cities of Iran like Kashan?
Where would you like to stay? Staying in a Modern hotel like all hotels of the world, from Tehran to New York and Seoul, or prefer to stay in an old and historical hotel full of original decorations belonging to more than 300 years ago, new and modern facilities, and experienced staff who are ready to serve you.
You can kill two birds with one stone.
You stay not only at a traditional house/hotel with original decoration but also can immerse yourself in Iran's architecture and enjoy a dreamy night. Kashan is one of the most important historical cities in Iran and has the most beautiful traditional houses in Iran. These traditional houses, since 400 years ago, are generally renovated and equipped with new and modern facilities. You can choose one of these houses/hotels and experience a dream stay.

These 10 top best hotels are your very hotels and make your dream come true.

10 Dreamy traditional hotels that you will not sleep a wink
Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel

1- Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel
The grandeur of a Historical Banquet

Are you going to stay at a super-luxury traditional house?
A traditional house with all traditional Iranian decoration and original plan plus all 5-star hotel services. The SarayeAmeriha Boutique Hotel is calling you. A dreamy hotel which is made of mixing some old houses together. Ameri House / Hotel is one of the remarkable historic houses in Kashan. It is located in the old quarter of the city and attracts many clients as both a tourist spot and a luxury hotel.

Morshedi Historical House Kashan

2- Morshedi Historical House

Morshedi Historical house is one of the old houses of Kashan that was going to be extinguished but comes courtesy of the promising future of the tourism industry in Iran, its destiny changed and returned to a traditional boutique hotel. With its intimate atmosphere, experienced staff, and excellent features, surely it is one of the best houses/hotels in Kashan. An attractive and unforgettable stay in Morshedi Hotel with traditional rooms and original and traditional decorations will be the most attractive part of your trip to Kashan. The rooms are decorated to resemble aristocratic, historical Iranian houses.

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Adib House Hotel Kashan

3- Adib House Hotel

Adib House Hotel is an excellent traditional house with Iranian special elements of architecture that will enchant all visitors. A central courtyard with a blue pond full of water and rooms expanded around it with stained glass windows. Traditional rooms with original and traditional decorations amaze you and will not sleep a wink. If you are going to stay in one of the traditional houses of Kashan to discover Kashan's architectural history, surely the traditional Adib  Hotel will make your wish come true. This 250-year-old hotel with the effort of artists of Kashan renovated, equipped, and changed into a great hotel.

Darb e Bagh Residence Kashan

4- Darb e Bagh Residence

A small traditional house with a quiet, safe and pleasant environment near Kashan Bazaar can be one of your choices to stay in the historical city of Kashan. Darb e Bagh Residence and the traditional house is one of the traditional houses in Kashan, which with its simple and attractive architecture will not only provide you with a pleasant stay but will also fascinate you. A lush central courtyard with rooms around the blue pond, each with its own design.

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 Iranian House Kashan

5- Iranian House Kashan

Iranian House Kashan is a 200 year ago house and a live example of Iranian culture and art that is changed into a boutique hotel to show the specifications of Iran art and architecture. This old monument has 5 different residential spaces that are renovated to preserve the original architecture of the hotel. These include The Upper House, the Veiled House, the Hidden Chamber, the Resting House, and the Private Chamber. Other facilities are available in the Mirror Hall, the Parlour, the Banquet Hall, the Beverage Room, and the Cistern Cellar to serve the tourists.

 Manouchehri House/ Hotel

6- Manouchehri House/ Hotel

This house not only provides safe, comfortable, and unforgettable accommodations for guests but also leads them to the history of art and architecture of Kashan. Manouchehri House/ Hotel is one of the old buildings of Kashan related to the Qajar and Pahlavi periods. Observing the highest standards of protection and equipping it with new and modern facilities, has become not only one of the best boutique hotels but has also been changed into an architectural gem. Thanks to the constant dedication and passionate teamwork, the Manouchehri mansion has become a beacon of cultural and historical restoration and a rare pearl in the luxury accommodation landscape.

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Ehsan Guest house Kashan
7- Ehsan Guest house Kashan

Ehsan Guest house Kashan is one of the old houses/hotels of Kashan that like other ones can fall you in love with Kashan's architect. It is the first historical house in Kashan renovated and turned into a cultural guesthouse.  It is located opposite to Aghabozorg Mosque and its unique location lets you visit the main historical sites on a walk.

Negin Traditional Hotel
8- Negin Traditional Hotel

Negin Traditional Hotel is a complex made of 10 old houses from the Qajar era up to the Pahlavi dynasty. They are renovated, equipped, and changed into one of the traditional hotels/houses of Kashan. You not only can stay here but also would have a journey to Kashan's Architectural history. The hotel is located 5 minutes far from the old Bazar and 20 minutes far from the Historical Houses.

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 Mahinestan Raheb Kashan 
9- Mahinestan Raheb 

Mahinestan Raheb Hote mixes art, architecture, hospitality, and history, to have a memorable stay at a unique reception with the best hotel facilities. The 4-star Mahinestan Raheb mansion may be what you are looking for. It is located in the old part of Kashan city, close to the main tourist attractions. The Agha Bozorg Mosque, the Historic House of Boroujerdiha, and the Historic House of Tabatabaei are among them. You can stroll through the old neighborhoods of Kashan and discover the lost history of Kashan.

Sarva House/ Hotel Kashan
10- Sarva House/ Hotel

If you are keen to stay at one of the smallest and most beautiful boutique hotels in Kashan the Sarva House/ Hotel is your best choice. An old house belonging to 200 years ago that all traditional features has been saved and preserved. The building is located on an area of less than two hundred and fifty square meters in the form of an east-west stretch trapezoid. The land is adjacent to two alleys on the northern and eastern sides and has entrance doors in both alleys. The building has all Iranian architectural elements like the entrance hallway, the vestibule, the porch, the central courtyard, the main cellar, the troglodytic cellar, four three-door rooms, and two five-door rooms.