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One day free walking tour in Kashan

Kashan is one of the most beautiful historical cities in Iran. This beautiful city attracts tourists from all over the world. A trip to Kashan is a trip to the depths of Iranian history( 8000 years up to 12000 years old). A city that has preserved a collection of the most beautiful and diverse historical monuments together with the utmost elegance and precision. Flower gardens in the vicinity of The first remnants of urbanization (8,000-year-old), beautiful historic houses next to Iranian-Islamic mosques, and a beautiful bazaar that will amaze you for hours. In the end, the sweet and fragrant souvenirs of Kashan will complete your dreamy trip.

Why Kashan?

Kashan attracts you due to many reasons
- Proximity to Tehran (250 km or 2.5 hours)
- Access to cheap and public vehicles to Kashan.
The daily schedule of buses to Kashan (every 1 hour).
Tehran-Kashan trains with a daily schedule.
Taxi from the airport and Tehran terminals to Kashan
Cheap public transport to Kashan
- Possibility to plan one-day tours.
- Various tourist and historical places.
- Reasonable price and beautiful traditional houses.


If you are going to planning to stay in Kashan, traditional houses/hotels will be one of your best choices. Traditional houses close to the historical sites allow you to not only walk in the old part of the city and enjoy the beautiful architecture of Kashan but also can save Taxi costs. You can select one of these houses/hotels with a low distance to the historical sites.

Persian House

Adib House
Sayeh Saray Hostel
Mahinestan Raheb
Amirza Traditional hotel/host
Shirin Traditional hotel/host
Sana Traditional hotel/host
Khakzah Traditional hotel/host
Noghli  Traditional hotel/host
Kamal al Molk Traditional hotel/host
Ameriha Traditional hotel/host

Your first historical monument would be the Agha Bozorg Mosque.

Agha Bozorg Mosque Kashan

Agha Bozorg Mosque

A very spiritual place, with a peaceful atmosphere, and great architecture belong to the 18th century. The only mosque in Iran with two summer and winter courtyards and great beautiful domes. This spiritual atmosphere surrounds you right after entering the structure. The great adobes and the tile works are phenomenal considering the century it was built. you can enjoy the magnificent architecture and Iranian-Islamic decorations of this mosque and theological school.

two days tour in kashan map

Our next destination is located just 950 M from Agha Bozorg mosque.
these monuments are a  collection of the most beautiful historical monuments of Kashan with a history of more than 1000 years old history that show the architectural glory of Kashan. This complex includes Jalali wall and the glorious castle with more than 1000 years old history - the tomb of Imamzadeh Sultan Ahmad from the post-Islamic era, magnificent historical houses from 300 years ago until now, and one of the most beautiful baths in Iran, which is a major part of the culture, art, and architecture of Kashan people to visitors.

Boroujerdi House is the most beautiful Iran wind towers

Boroujerdi House is the most beautiful Iran wind towers

A historic house museum in Kashan was built-in 1857. This house is a perfect example of Iranian houses' architecture. All the points and details of Iranian architecture have been observed in this house. This house is the best among four old Qajar houses in Kashan, showcasing the delicate arch, bas relief, crafted woodwork, and gorgeous ceiling. While it is small, the house contains very impressive artwork and is one of the best cultural legacies in Iran.
The house has all the classic signatures of Persian architecture. It has three entrances. The main entrance is in the form of an octagonal vestibule with multilateral skylights on the ceiling. There is a five-door bedroom with intricate plasters. Crossing a narrow corridor, you reach a large rectangular courtyard with a swimming pool lined with trees and green spaces. The house is famous for its unusual wind towers, which are made of stone, brick, sun-baked bricks, and a composition of clay, straw, and mortar. Even basements constantly benefit from the flow of fresh air from wind towers.
Don't miss it.

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, a bathhouse made for kings

Your next destination is a public bathhouse in the vicinity of Broujerdi house with just a 300 m distance.
Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, a bathhouse made for kings
The bath of Sultan Amir Ahmad in Kashan, a 16th-century public bath belongs to the Safavid Empire. The public bath is shaped like a large octagonal hall with an octagonal swimming pool in the middle and is surrounded by eight pillars separating its outdoor seating area. This is not the main swimming area, however, but rather the changing room or Sarbineh, where swimmers bask and socialize. Since ancient times, public baths have played an important role in the social life of Iranians and they still do today. Public baths are meant not only for purifying and relaxing, but also for gathering, meeting, chatting, and even praying. Declared a National Heritage Site by the Iranian Cultural Heritage Department in 1956.
You must visit even in the limited time

Iranian Bathhouses

Tabatabai House on map

Tabatabai House

Enjoy the masterpiece of Iranian architecture and the bride of Iranian historical houses. A great creditable mansion among Kashan old houses from 1834  covering 4730 sqm. It has 40 rooms, 4 yards, 4 cellars, 3 badgirs, and 2 qanats, with family, business, and servant's quarters. If you are interested in visiting historical houses and would like to imagine Kashan during the Qajar period, visit Tabatabai House which is one of the prominent historic houses of Kashan. Because it is sunk into the ground, the stable area is in an upper storey, level with the surrounding ground level. Usually, the main guest reception room in mansions has 5 doors leading off of it, but this has 7. A very interesting mansion, well worth a visit.

Why visit Tabatabaei's house in Kashan?

-For the extreme value of the house to display the perfect -Persian architectural elements
-To be located near other important sites
-For the deep meaning of Iranian religion and art that it inscribes in the minds of tourists

Imamzadah Sultan Amir Ahmad Kashan

Imamzadah Sultan Amir Ahmad

If you want to get acquainted with Islamic architecture and religious buildings in Iran, Imamzadeh Amir Ahmad is one of the best examples of architecture near the Tabatabai house. Imamzadeh of Sultan Amir Ahmad Kashan is one of the historical buildings related to the Safavid period, whose dome is conical and belongs to the year 941 AH. Of course, the tiling of the Minarets and the porch of this building belongs to the Qajar period.

Travel to the most beautiful traditional houses in Iran

Kashan Puppet and Toy Museum

Now is the time "to kill two birds with one stone". you can visit a doll museum in an old traditional house with a unique Persian architect. A museum and a traditional guesthouse belong to the Qajar era. You can find traces of childhood games throughout the history of mankind. Like other cultural objects, the concept of childhood games and toys has also been passed down from generation to generation. This cultural reproduction could be seen in the similarities between ancient and contemporary toys and puppets. Unlike today, when toys are made in factories and workshops, in the past, people made toys at home.
You can watch toys creatively made from simple materials such as wood, stone, tree leaves, and fabric, either by the child himself or his parents or occasionally by artisans. and more professional artists such as carpenters, carpenters, metallurgists, or potters. There is a valuable collection of old toys and dolls in this museum.

Abbassian House Kashan

Abbassian House

The Abbassian House | An example of the residential architecture of Kashan
If you only have an hour to visit Kashan, I think you will allocate it to visit this mansion. This is the most amazing historic mansion in Kashan and you certainly won't find another like this. The Abbassian house is located near the historic Boroujerdi and Tabatabaie houses in Kashan. Your first impression of the house will surely not impress you due to the simple appearance of the Abbassian house, but don't be fooled by this simply because there is more to the Abbassian house. Continue and enter the house to be amazed by another Persian architectural masterpiece, which will remind you of the famous idiom "don't judge a book by its cover".
The Abbassian house was built at the end of the 18th century. The total area is over 5000 square meters. it consists of five floors and five courtyards, in addition to belonging to a wealthy glass merchant called Haj Mohammad Ibrahim. Unfortunately, there is no proven evidence of who its architecture was, but the construction process is known to have taken around 20 years. In summary, the Abbassian House is one of the most important ancient Iranian Islamic private houses.

Kashan Jame Mosque on map
Kashan Jame Mosque
Kashan Jame Mosque

Your next fantastic destination is 800 years old Jame mosque of Kashan just 200 M from Abbassian House. It's dating back to the  Seljuk era. Jame Mosque of Kashan is a 10th-century Seljuq era structure, which is said to have been built on the ruins of an ancient Fire Temple. The mosque has two minarets with three lines of an embossed inscription in the Kufic hand at its base. The mihrab (prayer niche) of the mosque has unique stucco relief decorations.

Jalali castle Kashan
Jalali castle

The last part of Kashan's ancient history in this region is the defensive fortifications of Kashan city or Jalali castle. These ancient walls will take you on a journey of 1,000 years. Immerse yourself in the history of this monument leftover from the beginning of Islam and travel to the depths of history. Do not miss visiting the old refrigerator.

Although there are various restaurants in Kashan that offer a variety of traditional and international dishes but do not miss the restaurants in your daily sightseeing area.
These restaurants will not only offer delicious food but you can also enjoy the architecture of these traditional buildings.
We suggest one of the following restaurants for lunch because:
- They have an old building with traditional architecture.
- They are very close to your daily sightseeing.
- They are among the good and touristic restaurants of Kashan.

Ameriha House/hotel
Sotodeh House/hotel Restaurant
Abbassian House Restaurant
Mozaffari Restaurant

Kashan Amin ol Dole Timche

Now is the time for an afternoon walk and discovering Kashan's bazaar and its twisted labyrinth.
The Kashan historic Bazaar is one of the best in Iran. Busy but not manic, traditional but with a nod to modern products, big enough to surprise but not to get lost in it, this is a great place to walk around for a few hours, especially in the late afternoon. noon when the alleys are full of buyers. Stroll through the different hallways and observe different colorful shops and chat with the hospitable people.
There are a plethora of caravanserais, mosques, madrasas, and hammams (public baths) to explore. The main attraction is the beautiful Amin al Dowleh Timche, a caravanserai with a beautifully decorated dome. Dating from 1868, the caravanserai was recently restored by the Kashani Culture & Heritage Office and houses carpet vendors and a curio shop. There is a tea stand at one of its entrances where you can sit and watch a constant stream of shoppers pass by.

Like a local, you visited the most important historical and traditional buildings of Kashan and got acquainted with its history, culture, art, and architecture. If you want to extend your tour and discover other parts of Kashan we suggest you two days tour of Kashan or How to visit around Kashan, for better planning.