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Top things to do in Kashan

Kashan is a well-known tourist city among travelers. Kashan with a wide variety of different types of tourism such as historical, natural, cultural, artistic and adventure tours is an ideal city to meet all the demands of tourists in different seasons. Whilst Kashan, a desert town “close” in its proximity to Tehran and Isfahan, is incorporated into all of Iran's itinerary. Some call it excellent, others call it a must-see, in the end, it's up to you. But now you must ask yourself… why should you really go? Read on for some of the favorite things to do in and around Kashan!

On the road from Kashan to Isfahan

Things to do in Kashan

While Kashan is a relatively small city, it is home to some beautiful sights worth staying a night or two, a city that most people will want to add to their Iran bucket list after reading this article. Wander around the small twisted historical alleys, and waste your time in the history of the Sialk hills While the smell of Kashan Feen Garden flowers will make you happy.
The Grand Bazaar with historical and masterpiece monuments will amaze you, walk in the twisted labyrinths, watch colorful shops, chat with people, drink a cup of tea and enjoy the delicious Persian cuisine that Kashan has to offer. While not all of these activities are in Kashan, they are well worth your time, so keep on reading and find the nine best things to do in Kashan!

One day free walking tour in Kashan

1. Kashan’s Traditional Houses

Kashan is the city of the most famous and beautiful historical houses in Iran and maybe they are one of the most apparent reasons Kashan gained fame for tourists and travelers. The beautiful and large houses that are built during the 19th century. Some of these houses are still under the protection of the Cultural Heritage Organization and some have been turned into traditional hotels/houses with modern facilities and services. If you are going to get acquainted with these old houses and the culture of Iranian architecture, staying in one of these old houses will be your best choice.

-Abbasi House  

Abbassian house close to Boroujerdi and Tabatabaie historical houses is an example of Kashan’s residential Architecture. The Abbasi house has the most beautiful stained glass windows of all. Visiting Abbasi House on a sunny day will allow you to witness a kaleidoscope of color from the rays of the sun shining through the windows.

-Tabatabaei House, the bride of Persian Houses

A glory of Persian houses and famous for the superb stone reliefs, but also this house is known for its stained-glass windows. Be sure to visit around mid-afternoon so you can fully admire the beauty of the sun shining through the stained glass windows.

-Borujerdi House, the most famous historical house

Amazing Iranian architecture and masterful paintings with Iranian and European designs will enchant any visitor. Well worth a visit should you still have time left in your Kashan itinerary.

-Ameriha House

While originally built for the governor of Kashan in the 18th century.
Now is changed to a luxury 5* hotel with the best new facilities. This great historical monument can make your dreams come true. Accommodation at this hotel will complete your trip to Kashan.

2. The mosques in Kashan

Kashan, as one of the religious cities of Iran, has several public religious places. Among them, the two mosques of Aqa Bozorg and Jame are very famous.
Agha Bozorg Mosque is a18th century Mosque located close to the historical sites with symmetrical architectural masterpieces. This is the only mosque in Iran with two yards.
Jame Mosque this 800-year-old fantastic mosque is just 200 M from Abbassian House. It's dating back to the  Seljuk era. Jame Mosque of Kashan is a 10th-century Seljuq-era structure, which is said to have been built on the ruins of an ancient Fire Temple.

How Kashan attracts the travelers

3. Kashan’s Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

Two famous historical baths in Kashan attract thousands of tourists every year.
1- Kashan Feen bath in Feen's historical garden with a sad story in the history of Iran (murder of one of the most famous ministers of Iran - Amir Kabir).
2- Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath with amazing architecture and decorations that will attract all tourists. And if the interior designs alone aren’t enough, then a visit to the rooftop alone is worth your money. Admire the many small domes that partially consist of glass to provide lighting to the bathhouse inside, or simply just enjoy the view over the mountains and the city.

4. Kashan’s Feen Garden, The symbol of Kashan city

The Fin Garden is the most famous sight of Kashan, and one of the most well-known historical Persian Gardens of Iran. The Feen Garden has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site as Iranian gardens since 2012 and is well visited by tourists. This 16th century garden, with tall and old cedars, spring-fed pools, and fountains is renowned as being the very epitome of the Persian garden and its evocation of heaven.

Holy Shrine in Aran va Bidgol

5. Visit the Holy Shrine in Aran va Bidgol

Aran va Bidgol which is known as the gate of the desert is located roughly 15km out of Kashan and can easily be reached by taxi. While this small town might not have much to offer, the holy shrine is definitely worth a visit!  Entrance to the holy shrine is free, but only the women should wear the Persian Hijab or Chador.
Nushabad underground city is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit near Aran and Bid Gol.
If you are interested in nature and desert safari, Maranjab desert close to Aran va Bidgol (5Km)will make all your dreams come true.

6. Stroll through the city and the bazaar of Kashan

While visiting the traditional houses, the Agha Bozorg Mosque and the public baths are quite amazing, there is nothing like just walking around the town of Kashan itself. The center consists of many small alleys where one could simply get lost. Explore, wander, get lost, and discover the nooks and crannies of Kashan. Make sure to stop at Kashan Bazaar, as the central dome of the bazaar is simply stunning. Kashan being a smaller town, thus the bazaar won't be as big as the bazaars in Tehran or Isfahan, but is worth a visit nonetheless!

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7. Spectacular Viewpoint over the city of Kashan

Still, have a bit of energy left after admiring all the stunning architecture? Consider climbing a wall that surrounds green farmer fields, located behind the Emamzadeh Abu Lolo shrine or over the Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse, or on the top of Sialk hills can have a definitely unique view to you.

8. Visit the suburb of Kashan

There are several small towns around Kashan that have many historical and cultural attractions. These places can introduce you to a part of the history, culture, and customs of these people.
Abyaneh: is one of the most beautiful villages in Iran with a part of Iranian Zoroastrian history
Qamsar: the city of flower and herbal essences and annual rose-water-making ceremony.
Niasar: for those who feel like getting off the beaten track, Niasar, with a beautiful waterfall and a temple of fire, surrounded by fields of roses, is well worth a visit, especially in spring. Other optional stops include salt lakes, a caravanserai, old castles, and mosques.

9. Take a desert excursion to Kashan

Last, but not least, go on a desert excursion. If there is one thing nature lovers will love about Iran, it is the abundance of deserts. However, deserts vary widely from city to city, with the desert near Kashan being the Maranjab Desert. From Kashan town, you can easily arrange tours for a day trip or an overnight desert tour. Take in the stunning sand dunes and camels, and maybe even stop at a caravanserai or sleep here if you decide to spend the night in the desert.
Prices range from around $ 25 for a day trip (per car) to $ 150 (per person) for an overnight trip! It's best to walk around and get a feel for the prices from the different travel agencies before you book anything.