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One day exciting rafting with family

If you are a businessman or have a short time in Tehran but you are a Rafter lover and are eager to visit one of Iran's rivers, we have the best options for you. Our daily Rafting tours (one day & 2 days) are the best way to discover and enjoy Iran's roaring rivers. In one-day or two-day tours, you will not only have light or middle-range rafting but also can visit Tehran's historical monuments as the capital of Tehran.
There are little activities that parents and children can do together that they both enjoy - rafting is one of them! How many times do you hear parents say “we're doing this for the kids” or how many times do kids think when their parents drag them to a museum “why can't we go to the amusement park”? Well, you won't get any of that on this trip. Even the story is presented to children in a fun way.

If you are going to have a fun rafting tour program our programs are calling you.

About Karaj River

If you are not a professional boatman or do have no enough time to travel to other Iranian rivers.  This is the best choice.
 - Quick and easy access.
 - Regular weekly and daily rafting schedules.
 - Different rafting clubs and groups.
 - Suitable short Route, are the most important features of this beautiful river near Tehran, which would be an unforgettable rafting program for you.
In this river, which originates from the Alborz mountains, you can sail a 2.5 to 3-hour route. The grade of the river is 2 & 3, which is very suitable for professionals and families. You can also use the hotels of Tehran - Karaj, and Qazvin for your accommodation.

The One-Day Experience

Ready for a fun-filled day of adventure? Our guides, who are the single-most complimented component of our organization, will explain in detail what you can expect and answer any questions you have before hopping in the boat. After all, we want you to have an unforgettable experience.

Boats & Equipment
Your trip leader will provide a detailed safety talk and distribute the appropriate gear. On our one-day rafting trips that means helmets, Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), and paddles. OARS’ boats and equipment are top-of-the-line and well-maintained.
After a quick gear check (making sure those PFDs are nice and tight!), you’ll hop into a raft with your guide and fellow rafters. Depending on the river you’ll either be in a paddle raft or a paddle raft with oar assistance. Sharing a boat for the day is a great chance to bond with your family and friends, or meet new friends. Now the real fun begins. Get ready for some whitewater!

Come lunchtime, we’ll pull over to a beach for a delicious picnic lunch. Your guides will lay out an abundant spread of different Persian kebabs and Lamb kebabs. Lunch is always accompanied by fruit, cookies, cold water, and lemonade.
After a delicious lunch, you can back to Tehran and return to your hotel for a rest or can visit the Darband recreational area and enjoy a unique view of Tehran above the Zagros mountain range.

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