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Maranjab one-day desert tour

if you are a businessman or have a short time in Tehran but you are a Desert lover and are eager to visit Iran's desert we have the best options for you. Our daily desert tours (one day & 2 days) are the best way to discover and enjoy Iran's deserts. In one-day or two-day tours, you will not only visit the Maranjab Desert but also Kashan, one of the oldest cities in Iran. On the two-day tour, you can visit the most beautiful historical monuments of Kashan, such as old houses, historical mosques, bazaars, Feen Garden, and the Sialk hills( 10,000-year-old).
Maranjab desert is one of the most beautiful Iranian deserts where you can drive with equipped 4WD vehicles among the tall sandhills, Salt lake, or the silk road and even stay a night at Maranjab historical Caravanserai. Also, the desert animals, Maranjab historical Caravanserai, and the desert vegetations are other eye-catching of this tour program. If you are going to have a dreamy desert tour Maranjab desert tour is calling you.

On a one-day trip to visit the area, we drive early morning from Tehran to Kashan. We have 300 Km from Tehran to the Maranjab desert.
After breakfast in a local restaurant keep route to Kashan and Aran & Bidgol, then go to the mesmerizing Maranjab desert and salt lake. On the way, you can watch Soltan salt lake on the way from Tehran to Qom. In the Maranjab desert, you can visit the Safavid era caravanserai and have lunch. After lunch, we drive among the sand dunes and a light stroll on them would be very enjoyable. Afternoon you can visit Salt lake and walk on it, where you can see a million tones of rough salt under your feet. In the end, after a dreamy day, you can back to Tehran and finish your program.

If you are keen to extend your tour program, can add the second day to it and visit Kashan historical sites or around. You can stay at desert eco-camps, historical houses/hotels, or even choose one of the luxury hotels in Kashan.

Two days tour in Maranjab

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