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Top 20 Free activities in Tehran

Tehran is an attractive dual city. It is the capital of Iran with more than 8000 years old history. Some believe that Tehran is a polluted city with a lack of various tourist attractions. For this reason, it is not considered in some tourism programs. But some believe that Tehran is a beautiful and historical city with attractive and very beautiful places that can be a great attractive tourist destination. This city is much more than a chaotic mix of concrete and crazy traffic.
There are many reasons for you to fall in love with this historical city. You can stroll in the old streets of Tehran, talk to people in old or modern cafes, visit various museums, discover the history of the King's palaces, visit colorful galleries, and learn about Iranian art. These are a small part of the attractions of this historic and colorful city that will easily captivate you.

Although some of these programs and places are costly, the free destinations of Tehran will also be attractive to you. if you ever go to Tehran and like some free things you can do these as well. You know what, nobody likes spending money when they can do it for free. One of your costs on the trip is the entrance fee for tourist attractions. for example, in Iran, you will be charged 2 to 3 dollars to visit a region or a museum. it's not an expensive cost, but when you want to visit up to 20 places in a historic city and you have up to 6 tourist cities with this feature on your trip, it's going to be very important.

How you can cut these costs. it's a simple way:

You just have to organize your trip on an exact date. May 19 is the International Day of Museums and Cultural Heritage, and all museums and tourist attractions are free. As you may know, this is the best time to visit Iran.
The pleasant weather and some seasonal festivals such as the watering of roses (Golab Giri) in Kashan make May the best time to visit Iran and free events.

Alongside these national free events, you can also visit some of Tehran's monuments which are always free and very interesting for visitors.

Tehran Free Walking Tour
Family fun in Tabiat Bridge in Tehran

1) Family fun in Tabiat Bridge

A bridge with modern and attractive design and winner of various architectural awards in the north of Tehran. This park is one of the best family tourism destinations with an attractive design, numerous restaurants, very large green space (connecting two parks by this bridge), nice view of Tehran, especially at night. If you are a gastronomer tourist, this tourist attraction will be an unrepeatable place with numerous restaurants and pleasant spring weather.

2) Artists Park
A local park with a long and historic background from the Second World War in Iran will be a cozy place for your daily break. This park is a remnant from the Qajar period and had been one of the mansions of the Qajar princes, and during World War II, it was the store place of the allied weapons warehouse. The artistic works displayed in this park will be an attractive place to relax next to the restaurant, cinema, library, and other amenities.

Tehran at a glance

Darband A Place for Deep Breaths and Delicious Food!

3) Darband

A Place for Deep Breaths and Delicious Food!
If you are going to find an all-in-one natural destination for light hiking, fresh Oxygen, a nice view of the Tehran and Alborz mountain range, and various local restaurants in the middle of orchards gardens, with different delicious yummy things, Darband recreational area is the best one. Few places have the ability to combine excellent views, the beauty of nature, and unique places with a wide variety of good food. The best time to “feel Darband recreational area “ is to go before Sunrise and to return when the moon is shining. Between a cup of Persian tea, nice hiking among local small shops and rocks, the murmur of the waterfalls, and chirping birds you will have enough time to see a million changing faces of this special valley … what a show!!!

4) Darakeh or Darake recreational area
A well-traveled hiking trail in the western part of Tehran, an ideal site for casual hiking and sightseeing, picturesque surroundings and convenient access, historical green villages, roaring river with rows of tall trees have made a great place for nature lovers. You will fall in love with Darakeh by charming alleys, fresh weather, fresh pomegranate juice, Lavashak((fruit snack), and various varieties of mouthwatering “Torshi.” You can continue to Tochal Peak, Imamzadeh Davood historical village, Shahneshin Peak (in Shahrestanak Village), and Tochal Fifth Station are also accessible from Palangchal Peak. You may back via the cable car.

Milad Tower A closer place to the Sky

5) Milad Tower

A closer place to the Sky.
If you want to see Tehran from another perspective, the shining beacon of Iran's modernity (Milad Tower), which can be seen from miles away, can offer incredible views and amazing opportunities that few visitors have the chance to experience. This modern multi-purpose tower with 12 floors and 435 m height has made it the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth in the whole world.
The beautiful and attractive lobby of this modern tower will take you to the highest floors of this building with a long crystal elevator with a speed of 7 meters per second. Walk around the circular hall and observe the stars and the solar system through the telescopes installed there. Now you can better feel how close you are to paradise. Hear the distant, silent sound of Tehran's bustle. Admire the Skydome and the open observation deck with its delicate blue crystal design and sip your coffee. You are closer to heaven now than at any other time or place.

Tehran Free Walking Tour

The Azadi tower the entrance gate of Tehran

6) Azadi Tower

The Azadi tower the entrance gate of Tehran from the west is the most famous iconic tower of Tehran and remained from the Pahlavi dynasty. This 45 m tower is made of Marble stones and decorated with blue glazed tile. The Azadi complex included a museum, cinema, theater, and a cultural complex for different ceremonies. In the Azadi museum, you can visit some objects including marble, painted poetry, gold and enamel pieces, cool shades of the miniature, and many other vanished paintings that glitter.

7) Discover Tajrish Bazaar

The most colorful market in Tehran
If you are going to visit an old and traditional bazaar much smaller than the grand bazaar but much cleaner and in the northern part of Tehran, Tajrish Bazar is the very Bazaar for you. Tajrish Bazar is the most colorful market in Tehran. You can plan your visit in order to stop at the bazaar before and after visiting the Sadabad Royal palace complex or Darband recreational area. it's only a 10-15 minute walk. The Tajrish Market is a must-visit to feel the local market and local culture of Tehran. Stroll and buy nuts, fruits, and the best quality saffron in the region. A walk in the evening in this lively and lovely area is also nice and exciting.

8) Enjoy the view from the Tehran roof (known as Bame Tehran

If you want to watch Tehran from a different view the roof of Tehran is the best place. If you love heights it will give you a new view of the big city of Tehran. Bamland is the name of a commercial-entertainment complex created near Chitgarh Lake and has gained many fans in a short time. A modern and stylish center, with various shopping and entertainment centers where you can spend hours. But shopping is not the only attraction of this commercial complex; A variety of cafes and restaurants - and water sports - are some of the other attractions in the area

Tehran the Grand Bazaar

9) Explore the Grand Bazaar

Strolling in the winding alleys of Tehran market and visiting the old caravanserais with old shops full of various things with thousands of visitors is one of the most exciting parts of traveling to the Middle East countries, especially the traditional markets of Iran. The Grand Bazaar of Tehran is in the vicinity of some old and free monuments such as Imam Khomeini Mosque (Qajar period ), National Garden Gate (Pahlavi period), Imam Khomeini Square (Qajar and Pahlavi period) is one of the most important tourist destinations in Tehran. Walk in these twisted historical corridors, chat with local people and businessmen and enjoy the oriental and Iranian lifestyle.

10) Ferdows Garden

A great historical garden remained from the Qajar period in the most famous longest street(Vali e Asre or Pahlavi st) in the Middle East remained from the Pahlavi era. The Ferdows Garden or Paradise Garden is known for its beauty. It's a site you will love it. The gorgeous stream that flows through it is something you would really love to see and take pictures of. The different shops selling various artistic products and the cozy café restaurant will surely leave a lasting memory.

Most famous Iranian gardens

30 Tir street  One of the old streets of Tehran, with different gorgeous thing

11) 30 Tir street

One of the old streets of Tehran, with different gorgeous things. Never miss it!
The National Museum of Iran at the beginning of the street is one of the best Iran museums to learn about the history of Iranian culture, art, and architecture. The old buildings around this neighborhood are a school of Qajar and Pahlavi period architecture. 30 Tir is also known as religions Street. The Shiit Mosque, the Christian Church, and the Zoroastrian Fire Temple in the vicinity of each other is the most example of the Peaceful coexistence of people with each other. One of the most beautiful museums in Iran (the Glassware & Ceramic Museum) at the end of the street will be one of your most beautiful tourist destinations. Also, if you are interested in street food and like gorging yourself on different Persian foods you are in the best place.

13) Mellat Park
If you are interested in talking with local people and enjoy talking with them, this park with all its beauty will be one of your best choices. Although Tehran has big and beautiful parks, this one will be the best. Mellat park is one of the oldest & largest parks in Tehran from the Pahlavi era. It is located in Vali e Asr st in the north of Tehran with easy and fast access. This park with different facilities like a cinema, a small zoo, restaurants, a museum, coffee shops, and a shopping mall around it is very good for an evening break. You can choose it as a filling a foul holiday afternoon with a lot of activists.

Saint Sarkis Cathedral An Orthodox Cathedral

14) Saint Sarkis Cathedral

An Orthodox Cathedral that will overwhelm you with its beauties. A great orthodox church in the middle of Tehran shows you how Iranians respect other religions. In fact, it is a pretty big church, with a deep history. It is established in the early ’70s. This masterpiece well-decorated church in the heart of Tehran is the biggest orthodox church. They usually have mass Sundays and Fridays; you might want to join them.

The Most Famous Iran Churches

15) Tehran City Theater Hall
The City Theater is a complex used for artistic performances. For art lovers, it contains many performance spaces that you can visit, including the main hall, somewhere called the performance studio, the Sayeh, the Qashqai, and the Cheharsou. The theater itself is home to a modern cylindrical building which is in itself a sight to behold, rich in architectural heritage. Various art festivals Go to the theatre, and many creative young Iranians also perform on the streets for money, you better tip them when you visit.

Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine a lovely place in North of Tehran
16) Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine

You can mingle with Locals at this Popular Pilgrimage Site if you are going to find one of Tehran’s most attractive shrines and most beautiful ones, maybe the Imamzadeh Saleh is the best.
It is the most not only the most photogenic holy shrine but also the friendliest one. The best time to visit this site is the sunset time(especially Friday night), just as the marbled square in front of the mosque comes to life with Tehrani families gathering to pray and meet friends. With the imposing Alborz mountain range for a backdrop, this site is a real treat for photographers, especially as the sun sets and the mosque lights up. With the imposing Alborz massif as a backdrop, this site is a real treat for photographers, especially as the sun sets and the mosque lights up.

17)Shah Abd ol Azim holy shrine
One of the most prestigious and historical religious monuments in Rey city and close to Tehran. This holy shrine, which is known as Shah Abd ol Azim, is a religious & historical shrine left over from the Ilkhani period (1335-1256). Due to the excessive attention of Iranian kings and people to this place in different historical periods, various repairs have been done to it and its size has been extended. The burial of various Safavid kings (1736-1501) and Qajar kings (1304-1175), as well as various poets and politicians in this place, shows the importance and religious validity of this place. The extremely beautiful decorations of this place, including mirror work, plastering, tiling, Moqrans, and other Iranian-Islamic decorations, will fascinate all visitors.

Toghrel Tower The most important historical monument left from the Seljuk period in the city of Ray
18)Toghrel Tower

The most important historical monument left from the Seljuk period in the city of Ray (near Tehran) is a round tower by the name Tughrel or Toghrol tower. After more than 700 years, this tower has still retained its glory and grandeur. The Toghrel Tower is the tomb of many scholars and sages of the Seljuk era (1194-1037).
The interior design of Toghrel Tower is cylindrical and its exterior is made up of 24 vertical angles. Some believe that this building was a perfect sundial to show the time accurately.
This historical tower is one of the most important historical sites near some historical Zoroastrian buildings in the city of Rey.

19) National Garden Gate
If you are going to visit one of the most important military sites of the Qajar period and get acquainted with Iranian-European architecture, Sar Dar Bagh Meli or National Garden Gate is the best free place in Tehran. This military area, which is located next to the Post Museum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Museum of Iran, is a unique collection of historical buildings of the Qajar and Pahlavi periods, which fascinates all tourists with its architectural beauty. Mashgh Square is left from the Qajar period(1769 – 1834)), which was originally a military area for the soldiers' exercises. Today, this area with a collection of government buildings is a completely free area to learn about Iranian architecture.

Imam Mosque The only Qajar mosque in Tehran Bazaar
20) Imam Mosque

The only Qajar mosque in Tehran Bazaar is Imam Mosque (historically known as Masjid-e Shah or the Royal Mosque). Imam Mosque (historically known as Masjid-e Shah or the Royal Mosque), which is the only Qajar mosque of Tehran Bazaar constructed by Fath Ali Shah Qajar in about 1809 in line with his efforts to embellish the newly founded capital, and completed in 1849. It stands at the northern entrance to the bazaar not far from the Golestan Palace. Two side entrances of the mosque lead directly into the bazaar

Also can visit  Motahari or Sepah Salar Mosque
The largest mosque in Tehran with 3,700 square meters is located in one of the oldest areas of Tehran in the vicinity of the old Parliament building. Architecturally speaking, it includes elements from the Imam Mosque of Esfahan (former Masjed-e Shah), the style of the Haghia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul, and the facade execution style of Chahar Bagh Madrasah in Esfahan. Full floral patterned tiles in the typically Flamboyant Qajar style decorate the courtyard, while an inscription band of tiles gives details of the original endowment. The dome of the prayer hall, 37 m high, is supported by 44 columns. Just behind the mosque is the new parliament building (majles).