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Top 5 Place for Iranian Street Foods
In Persian cooking, street food is very popular either in-home, as a fast meal, or in the streets, and the people who use these street foods are not necessarily poor people. Food is an important part of Persian culture that introduces the sub-cultures of Iran. You can easily taste Persian cuisine in the streets instead of Delux or expensive restaurants and have many more options to try.

Iranian street food is not only more exciting but also it’s usually quick, delicious, and reachable almost everywhere. They have a variety in the main food and snacks which come from different parts of Iran with their own story. If you want to discover a country you should probably look for their food and test them. The Persian street food tour is an exciting and inexpensive way to discover the Iranian culture and find hospitality which is their brand. Also, although it is street food, you have many healthy and delicious choices. While it’s an inexpensive way to fill, but it also shows you a whole package of new food experiences that you can never find in a restaurant!

Tehran food and beverage

There are various kinds of Persian street food. Some of them are fresh fruits depending on each season like Greengages, Green Almonds, Red Mulberries, Cornelian cherries and some are just snacks like Lavashak(dried fruit), Saffron ice cream with Faloodeh, Steamed beets, and cooked fava beans (This is the favorite in winter, it has the most amazing smell that you can’t give it up easily!). In this article, we are going to introduce 5 important places, where you can taste a variety of street or cheap foods. In these places, you can also find cooked - grilled foods as well as snacks and even seasonal fruits. It should be noted, however, that Iranian beverages are readily available in all places.

30 Tir street in Tehran: The most delicious street in Iran
30 Tir Street in Tehran starts from Imam Khomeini Street and ends in the garden of the Russian embassy. If you want to go there you should be careful about the traffic plan but if you use the car rental in Iran services, you won't need to worry about it. you can also use the subway. you should go to Imam Khomeini station. This old street is like a religious gathering center that has huggled different religious minorities simultaneously thus you can see the church, synagogue, Zoroastrian fire temple, and mosque together.
30 Tir is a street in the heart of history, sheltering religions, with a view of culture, art, and education, which ends in a pleasing experience of eating delicious food. Walking through this old street is not only a historic experience but also a delightful and exciting experience of Tehran nightlife with a varied taste of street foods. This street is the choice of all Iranian and international food lovers while the Persian beverages will complete your happy night. Walking through this old street is not only a historic experience but also a delightful and exciting experience of Tehran nightlife with a varied taste of street foods. This street is the choice of all Iranian and international food lovers while the Persian beverages will complete your happy night.
- Historical landmarks in 30 Tir street
National Museum of Iran
Haim Synagogue
Saint Peters Church(1891)
Museum of Glassware and Ceramics
Museum of Science and Technology of Iran

The map of Bab Homayoon and 30 Tir street food

Bab-Homayoun Street
You may already know about 30 Tir Street on the side of the National Museum of Iran, but just a few blocks down, there is also another range of food vans on Bab Homayoun St south of Imam Khomeini Square (formally Toop Khooneh (Cannonball House sq.). If you're going to stroll down one of the trendy fashion streets and invite yourself to a drink or a nightlife party, this is it.

Iranian cuisine, an attraction which has to be eaten

It is a street, in the popular south of Tehran, It has recently become a walking area, in the vicinity of Imam Khomeini subway station, closed to cars and pleasant to walk. You can get there directly from Imam Khomeini metro station. There are small [tourist] bazaar trains which are about 800 meters away. As the area is now very well laid out, you can walk to Golestan Palace, Shahr Park (city park), and Nasser Khosro Avenue, all-around 300-500 meters away. Bab-Homayoun is one of the oldest streets in Tehran which starts from Imam Khomeini sq and ends at the Golestan Palace.
This street had been divided into two parts the first one was the area of the palace( Golestan Palace) and the second part was a ministerial area. Bab-Homayoun saw further development through history, but over the past 50 years, it is a major hub of men’s clothing where suits can be bought at highly competitive prices. In the recent past, though, Tehran Municipality has tried to give the street a rather tourist appearance by opening a row of handicraft shops. However, the street is something different at night when food vans offer a wide variety of fresh food from local and traditional dishes to general menus of other countries. This street, like 30 Tir Street, offers a variety of cheap and delicious Iranian food. You can enjoy both traditional Iranian food and a variety of drinks snacks and beverages on this street and have a good night.

- Historical landmarks around Bab Homayoon street
 Imam Khomeini sq
Imperial Bank of Persia(1902)
 The Building of Ministry of Information and Communications
Golestan Royal Palace Complex
The Grand Bazaar of Tehran
 The old Justice building
 Marvi old Bazar

1- If you want to stay outside all night, make sure you are not alone. Besides being safer, being alone is not in Iranian culture; Find someone;
2- Of course, Iran is one of the safest countries in the world and the people are almost the nicest you will ever meet when it comes to tourism, but none of this means that you can miss out on fundamental security issues. Like all other capitals, Tehran also has its dangers. Never carry too much money or your passport when it is late and you are alone, and always make sure someone knows where you are if you decide to spend time in a private place.
3- Leave a contact number with the staff of the hostel to be able to call you if necessary. And believe it is for the best.

Darband Area
The first choice of recreational tourism
This particular tourist area is one of the top choices for locals and Tourists. A great place for a full day of sightseeing like hiking, eating, drinking, bird watching, taking a nap and enjoying the natural fun, and finally talking with young youth who come there. If you are interested in walking, the mountain it calls you, too, the sound of the Darband's river will also make relax you. Food and drink lovers have very diverse choices, different types of barbecues with Iranian rice, colorful Iranian desserts, various drinks such as tea, coffee, Nescafé, espresso, or other drinks. Colorful local shops, various snacks, a variety of restaurants, traditional tea houses, and the masses of people passing there. There is no return and you will be fascinated by spectacular views.

Iranian tablecloth is a colorful painting canvas with different fragrances

Darband Area River
Darband is the name of the old village of Shemiran district on the North of Tehran and also the closest route to cross the Alborz Mountains. thus this area is full of mountaineers who like hiking and climbing. Darband is the first option for citizens of Tehran, to host the Tourists and their friends or relatives with fresh air and the best B&B Kebab.

What to do
Darband Promenade has a variety of natural landscapes, entertainment, and other leisure for all kinds of people, for this reason, it is the first promenade of the people.
This old chairlift is the best for those who want to see the spectacular attractions of this region easily and without walks.
Good weather
If you want to watch Tehran from above, get clean weather, beautiful nature, a roaring waterfall, green trees, watch the crowd of athletes and enjoy all these beautiful things together, Daraband calls you.
Darband nights
Darband at night is so beautiful and pleasant that people stay there until midnight. Colorful restaurants, different cafes, Snack shops, and dozens of other charms that appeal to you.
Food Tour
One of the most important features of Darband is the beautiful and eye-catching landscapes throughout the area which are visible from all restaurants.
There are a variety of the best traditional and international restaurants with high-quality food, like traditional food, classic food, buffet, B&B Kebabs, and international.
Teahouses are also popular with their restaurants, especially young people and students are regular customers of them. Where in one pleasant afternoon, you can drink tea with your friends and make happy memories.
Street food
Another attraction is the street restaurants, where you can try expensive restaurant food at a low price and with great pleasure. Delicious snacks: Here is the center of Persian Junk food like different fruit rolls, different fruit salad, Fruit leather, Cranberry juice, Fig juice, Barberry juice, and more and more.

- Historical  and landmarks around Darband area:
Saad Abad Royal Palace Complex
Tajrish Sq.
Tajrish Old Bazaar
Imam Zade Saleh Holly Shrine
Alborz Mountain Range
Vali e Asr Sreet

Tehran Grand Bazaar
If you are going to discover the local culture of Iranian people the Tehran Grand Bazaar is the best one. None trip to Tehran is complete without a city tour to the commercial heart of Tehran or the Grand Bazaar, Known as bazaar-e bozorg, here is a vast labyrinth of covered shops. If you are planning this tour, It would be a wonderful idea to explore each corner and discover all the stuff being sold in this huge, antique market. But you will definitely be hungry after a long walk! So, you need some yummy food. Never think about it. Here is full of different delicious things to hun out. But if you are looking for a perfect lunch, why not follow the local people’s tradition and have an unforgettable meal in one of the most memorable atmospheres of Grand Bazar?

Where to have lunch?
At this time you will definitely have 2 choices:
- Street Foods and Fast Foods with a wide range of Fast Foods - Home made lunch- Sandwiches and Arabic Falafel.
- The traditional restaurants where you can try all kinds of Iranian dishes such as Mix kebabs - B&B chicken Kebab- Cooked chicken with rice and barberry - Lamb kebabs - and other types of Iranian food.
In fact, local people have stuck to these limited options for many years as the meals here,  were -and still are- really satisfying!
Moslem, Sharaf Eslami, and Shamshiri restaurants are among the oldest and best restaurants of Tehran’s grand bazaar, also Khayyam Traditional Restaurant where you can try a variety of traditional Iranian foods that are very popular among local people as well!

Falafel the most famous Arabic Fast Food in Iran

Dolatabad Street
Specialty foods in Dolatabad
Dolatabad Street is one of the oldest food streets in Tehran. Most Arabic food lovers know that walking on the Quds Boulevard of Dowlatabad is like walking in the streets of Najaf, Karbala, Kazim, and Baghdad, as you can find a variety of Arabic foods as falafels and samosas and Lebanese and Iraqi pastries. You won't find it anywhere else in Tehran. There are 130 Arabian famous fast food ( Falafel) in the area. If you are interested in Arabic cuisine you should know that you can easily find a variety of foods such as Cuban, Maria, sesame falafel and Lebanese sweets, and Sweet Iraqi Tea. Dolatabad Street is located southeast of Tehran and within the 20th district of Tehran Municipality. Also Marvi alley near Tehran Grand Bazaar and Bab Homayoun Street is one of the most important and oldest areas of Tehran where you can find Arabic sandwiches (Falafel).

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