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Tehran's Nightlife

Iran, as one of the Islamic countries with its own specific Islamic laws and regulations, has some limitations on nightlife. If you are traveling to Iran for nightlife such as bars - nightclubs - casinos - and nightclubs you are pulling your legs! But that doesn't mean, Iran lacks nightlife. These activities are in line with Iranian national and family culture.
Nightlife in Iran is inextricably intertwined with delectable unique Iranian food and family life. Tehran has bustling nights with lighting shops, various nightly restaurants, overcrowded parks - various concerts, different street foods, and most importantly a city without the traffic and quite contrary to the heavy traffic during the day then you can enjoy its great lively enjoyable nights. Many concerts and plays are performed in concert or theater halls such as the Vahdat Hall, the Roudaki hall or the Milad tower at night. The films also show late-night movies in the summer and during Ramadan.
Many shopping centers in summer or on holidays are also open until late at night. It is a good opportunity for those who prefer shopping at night. Many restaurants and cafes also serve food and other relevant services such as bubbles and live concerts until late at night.

In this article, we will present to you the best nightlife from the highest point of Tehran down.

- Milad Tower

The Milad Tower, this multi-purpose tower with 12 floors and 435 meters is the highest structure in Iran and the 6th ones in the whole world. This Tower as a symbol of modern architecture in Iran allows you to watch Tehran from a different view. This cultural & artistic complex is also home to a variety of other facilities that are able to host seminars, festivals, concert halls, art exhibitions, and even galleries. Also, you can invite your friends to one of the different luxurious restaurants, coffee shops, and bars to enjoy a memorable night at the highest point of Tehran.

 Bam e Tehran, Roof of Tehran,

- Bam e Tehran, Roof of Tehran,

Bam-e Tehran which is a translation for “Tehran’s Roof” is located in the northern part of Tehran. This area is on the slopes of the Alborz Mountains and is one of the gates for climbing the Alborz Mountains. Quick and easy access to this area has made it one of the major attractions for Tehran's citizens. To get there, the Tehran subway"Tajrish station" and then take a Taxi to Velenjak Avenue is the best choice. This cultural and tourism complex will not only give you the chance to get in touch with different groups of young people but also provide you with a variety of leisure activities such as restaurants, cafes, leisure clubs, and sports facilities. This recreational area is also the best choice for ski lovers with the highest ski resort and hotel, while its ski resort is visible from every point of Tehran.

Darakeh, Farahzad, and Darband natural districts

- Darakeh, Farahzad, and Darband natural districts

If you are going to find fresh air, unique view of Tehran slops of the mountain for light hiking, natural snacks, and different kind of B&B, this is it. Darband and Darakeh Districts are both located in the northern part of Tehran while the Farahzad is located in the west. Not only the fresh air, and beautiful landscapes will be interesting for you, but also the chance to be with locals would be invaluable. The one interesting point you will be recognized at the place is the difference in temperature from other parts of the city; it is much cooler due to lots of gardens in the area.

Chitgar or Persian Gulf Lake

-Chitgar or Persian Gulf Lake

An artificial lake with a unique view, fresh air, various kinds of restaurants and coffee shops along with live music beside the coastline is an enjoyable place for your dreamy night. Chitgar or the so-called Persian Gulf Lake is considered as a widely popular tourist attraction not only for locals but also for all visitors. The facilities in this area with interesting and amusing activities present you with a fabulous opportunity to have a perfect time together. Talk to your family, enjoy your life's moments, while you are drinking Persian beverages and listening to music.

Tabiat Bridge Night Life

Tabiat Bridge Night Life
- If you are an advocate of successful women.
- If you want to watch Tehran, more beautiful.
- If you want a special selfie photo of yourself.
And if you want to walk in the lushest region of Tehran.
The Tabiat Bridge is calling you.
This tall and long, 270-meter modern bridge connects two important parks of Tehran together and passes over an important highway named, Modarress. Designed by an Iranian professional woman architecture has won numerous international awards. It's a beautiful place with its unique architecture that is built up on the most Tehran famous highway and you can spend your afternoon in it. You can walk through the Tabiat Bridge with your friends and enjoy the nice scenery. After a long walk, you will catch your breath and enjoy a cup of coffee in the view of the sunset on Tabiat Bridge. You can have an amazing view of three main highways beneath your feet when you are enjoying your coffee

Street Foods in Tehran

- Street Foods
- Enjoy these streets for a happy night with family, and friends along with various street food.
30 Tir street in Tehran: The most delicious street in Iran.
30 Tir Street in Tehran starts from Imam Khomeini Street and ends in the garden of the Russian embassy. If you want to go there you should be careful about the traffic plan but if you use the car rental in Iran services, you won't need to worry about it. you can also use the subway. you should go to Imam Khomeini station. This old street is like a religious gathering center that has huggled different religious minorities simultaneously thus you can see the church, synagogue, Zoroastrian fire temple, and mosque together.

- Bab-Homayoun Street
You may already know about 30 Tir Street on the side of the National Museum of Iran, but just a few blocks down, there is also another range of food vans on Bab Homayoun St south of Imam Khomeini Square (formally Toop Khooneh (Cannonball House Sq.). If you're going to stroll down one of the trendy fashion streets and invite yourself to a drink or a nightlife party, this is it.

 Cafes, Restaurants, and coffee shops

- Cafes, Restaurants, and coffee shops
Tehran as a modern city and the capital of Iran is a true paradise for foodies: there are numerous cafes and restaurants, tea rooms and hookah bars, in which visitors can get acquainted with national cuisine, which is an integral part of Iranian culture. Go to hipster cafes like Café Nazdik, Sam Café, Lamiz Café, Café Cinema & … to meet young souls and start a talk with them;

Accept the invitation
Accept an invitation to a local house or ceremony. Well, all of the previous suggestions somehow lead you to accept an invitation and go out there with people outside of the experience of the spot itself. Again, in Iran, you have to be flexible about the flow of do and don'ts.

Traditional restaurants with live music

-Traditional restaurants with live music
Traditional Tehran music with live music is one of the Tehran night strolling that not only has a traditional meal but also a concert of Iranian music with a variety of old and new folk songs will make true a dreamy night for you. The Azari Teahouse, Ali Ghapoo Restaurant, Malek Restaurant, Ferdowsi Traditional restaurant and more other will make an enjoyable night with the happiest folks' songs and concerts
A dreamy night with Persian music, Iranian tradition, and the smoke of hookah, while you are whispering along with the live music all night.
There is Traditional folk music in the Azari Teahouse (the oldest in Tehran) every night from 8.30 pm till midnight. Since it’s popular for Iranians, you have to book your table in advance;

 Concerts and theaters in Tehran

- Concerts and theaters
There are different concerts and plays scheduled in Iran annually. If you are lucky enough to be in Tehran, you can participate in one of the traditional or classic programs, and be sure that you will be surprised. Traditional music is one of the richest parts of Iranian culture that is rooted in the culture of the tribes and groups of Iran. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of those.

- Parks
If you are going to spend the night with locals and talk to them Tehran Parks will be your best choice. Safety! Freshening! Serene! and the hospitality of people who invite you for a cup of tea or a kindly welcome is the most valuable gift that you can find there. Tehran is endowed with exceptional recreational gardens and parks, sink yourself in them and discover the Iranian hospitality. These parks are the best for your nightlife especially in spring, summer, and up to the middle of autumn.
Ab-o-Atash Park - Mellat Park - Jamshidieh Park - Goftogu Park - Baq-e Irani Park  - Saii Park - Artists (Honarmandan) Park.