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Darband area: The first nature friend choice

Beautiful Nature, Long and old trees, high mountains, fresh air, Colorful restaurants with fresh tea and foods, permanent river, all come with fresh oxygen are the reasons that make it the first nature friend choice. These natural reasons will intoxicate you so much that you lose track of your time there. You can spend your day in the Darband mountain range, and enjoy the nice and pleasant weather and the sound of the river below you. You have a variety of choices to eat and drink, this area is famous for its sour junk food and snack which is called in Persian the Lavaashak, next to which you can have different types of hot snacks like Baaghaalia or coked Vicia faba, Aash doogh, Labo(Beetroot), they are really really recommended if you visit this area, you also have the option of cycling or climbing, classified as sports activities in this locality. Sit outdoors, between mountains and trees, in the shade or in the sun, on wonderful carpets, and have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or simply tea.

Darband area: The first nature friend choice

If you ever visit Tehran, a trip to the Darband North of Tehran, at the foothills of Mount Tochal and the central Alborz Range is a must. Darband was a local village in the north part of Tehran, Now it is changed into one of the most famous places for the people of Tehran. It is located at the start of the hiking trail (or chairlift if hiking doesn’t interest you) up to Mount Tochal, which towers over Tehran and contains several popular ski resorts. The streets and alleys of this old area are covered with different numerous restaurants, teahouses, coffee shops, and local shops which offer you different Iranian snacks. Sweet and sour dates and apricots are popular, as are walnuts and pickled Lavashak (dried pressed fruit leaves). Skewers, steamed lima beans, and freshly roasted corn on the cob are also popular snacks.
If you prefer to relax, after 10 minutes of walking you will be greeted with plants, a natural stream, and a series of small waterfalls. Along this stream are platforms with rugs and pillows, where you can enjoy tea, a snack, or smoke hookah from a narghile. It is a beautiful place that is very relaxing and far from the hustle and bustle of Tehran. It's easy to spend hours here relaxing and contemplating life, or not contemplating anything at all.

Darband area: The nature friends' first choice

This specific tourist part is one of the first choices of domestic and foreign travelers. A wonderful place to spend a full day eating, drinking, watching, sleeping, and enjoying the ultimate pleasure. If you are interested in walking, the mountain range calls you, the sound of the Darband River will also make you relax food and drink enthusiasts have a wide variety of choices, from various types of BBK with Iranian rice, colorful Iranian desserts, and various drinks such as yogurt, tea, coffee, and Nescafe. , espresso, or other drinks. Local colorful shops, various snacks, a variety of restaurants, traditional tea houses, and crowds of people who take this path will accompany you. There is no return, and you will be fascinated by spectacular views.

What to do
Darband Promenade offers a variety of natural landscapes, entertainment, and other hobbies for all types of people. For these reasons, it is the first walk of the inhabitants.

This old Telesiege is the best for those who want to see the valley of this region easily and without walking.

Fresh weather
If you want to watch Tehran from above, enjoy a clear day, beautiful nature, a roaring waterfall, and green trees, watch the crowd of athletes and enjoy all these beautiful things together. Daraband is calling you.

Darband's nights
Darband at night is so beautiful and so nice that people stay there until midnight. Colorful restaurants, different cafes,
Snack stores and dozens of other charms that draw you.

How to get there:
This area is so famous among young people and adults that you can easily access this area from anywhere in Tehran.

Rent a Snap or Tapsi taxi from the hotel for about $ 4.

Street taxi
Using street taxis, you can go to Tajrish Square and then the Darband area, which cost less than 2 US$.

Many buses in Tehran have a regular shuttle service to Tajrish Square. Then you can take a taxi to Darband.