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10 Top Free Places to Mesmerize You in Tabriz

As the most important tourist destination in the west of Iran, Tabriz attracts all tourists with a collection of the most beautiful and unique historical and natural monuments. These free historical and natural sights in Tabriz will present you with a small part of the sights of this beautiful city and will undoubtedly fascinate you.

Here is a list of top best free places to visit in Tabriz

Kandovan is an interesting & ancient village


Kandovan is simple but amazing!
A rocky village nestled in the Sabalan Mountains is the Iranian Capadokia and a masterpiece of Iranian stonemason. The simple rocky houses are decorated with Iranian hospitality. Wandering through the winding lanes and cave dwellings is like stepping back in time, and the sweeping views of the surrounding landscape were breathtaking. It is highly recommend visiting Kandovan for a peaceful and awe-inspiring experience.

Tabriz bazaar the biggest world roofed Market

The Bazaar of Tabriz

The Tabriz Bazaar is a fantastic Bazaar in the heart of Tabriz city which is recorded as one of the best Iranian Bazaars in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. What a fantastic bazaar, full of twisted alleys, different shops, hospitable sellers, brickwork domes and ceilings, colorful carpets, and more things that will surprise you easily. The most favorite part of this Bazaar is the Mozafariyeh for the hand-woven Tabrizi rugs. You can really feel how the place was centuries ago when it was founded. The dynamism of the market mixed with the intricate details of the carpets and their dazzling colors makes the place absolutely unforgettable. Finally, This is a beautiful place to meet the daily culture of people living & history and art of Tabriz's people.

How to visit Tabriz in one day

Aladaghlar, The colorful mountains

Aladaghlar, The colorful mountains

If you are a nature lover or eco-tourist and love to visit Iran's colorful mountains we suggest Aladaghlar Mountain with a rainbow of colors. These phenomenal mountains are a picturesque, spectacular, and delightful place for those who are nature photography enthusiasts. You can walk among them and explore these breathtaking, colorful mountains on foot. These landscapes are so rare and bizarre that they give the hallucination of being on another planet. There are a few places on earth where you can visit these dazzling painted mountains, such as the Zhangye National Geopark in China and the Ausangate Mountains in Peru.

Tabriz El Goly Park

El Goli Park

What a lovely park to wander around as the sun is setting, enjoy the fresh air, and visit a historical park and chat with hospitable people. lots of families are picnicking, great seeing how locals spend their evenings and wandering up the steps to see a great view over the park. The normal (Not Suggested)restaurants around the park would be a good place to taste Tabriz's foods.

Why Tabriz City tour

Maqbarat o Shoara, The Mausoleum of Poets

Poet Tombs

Are you Literary tourism?
If you are a Literary tourist or eager about Iran's rich literature, the Mausoleum of Poets in Tabriz known as Maqbaratoshoara is the best place to discover Azerbaijan poets and philosophers. This imposing place of memory houses more than 400 tombs of classical and contemporary poets, mystics, and other notable personalities who will give you an insight into the rich Iranian literature

Ali Shah Tower, The Acropolis of Tabriz

Ali Shah Tower, The Acropolis of Tabriz

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous tourist sites, and a wonderful symbol of resistance and durability during history in Tabriz city is Tabriz Arg or Ali Shah Arg. Although only a wall remains of this huge building, it clearly shows the greatness and skill of its builders and presents itself as one of the main Tabriz historical sites. This historical monument has experienced various functions throughout its history. A Mosque, mausoleums, munition factory, and shelters for constitutionalists have been among the various functions of this historical building during the past centuries.

Tabriz Municipality Tower
Tabriz Municipality Tower

The most important symbol of Tabriz city which is visible from most places in Tabriz is the historical clock tower. This historical building, which is also known as Clock Tower, Municipal Building, or Municipal Palace, not only has historical and architectural value but also houses a rich museum that you must visit. This old building with magnificent architecture in Saat Square, Tabriz, in the vicinity of the most important historical buildings of Tabriz, such as the Tabriz Museum & Blue Mosque (450 meters), Ali Shah Citadel (700 meters), Heydarzadeh Old House (450 meters) and Shahriar Literature Museum (800 meters), Is a Modern Symbol in the heart of Tabriz city. It is one of the most attractive tourist, historical, social, and cultural buildings in Tabriz. This old building, like many clock towers in the world, is a collection of the museum, administrative buildings, and social administrative functions.

Eynali Mount

Nice Walking spot.
A nice general view of Tabriz, fresh Oxygen, and the hospitable people who are talking together is the best thing to discover. The journey to the top took us 20 minutes on foot, but you can choose the special bus that will take you there in just a few minutes and runs every few minutes, very convenient.

Why Tabriz is a must-see destination

Tabriz Behnam House
University of Tabriz

If you like to discover Tabriz's old & traditional houses, the architecture faculty of the University of Tabriz is the best place.
The architecture faculty of the University of Tabriz has 4 historical mansions:
1- Behnam House
2- Ganjeiezadeh House
3- Sadaghiyani House
4- Ghadaki House
All of them have magnificent and breathtaking architecture. Also, the gardens are spectacular. If you plan to visit it, you should go on holiday when the university is open to tourists.

Nobar Bathhouse - Tabriz
Nobar Bath

Would you like to kill two birds with one stone? The Nobar bathhouse is the best place to discover the Iranian Bathhouse style and also taste a delicious Tabrizi dish.

Qajar Bridges
The bridges of Tabriz, like many historical bridges of Iran, represent a part of Iranian architecture. You can visit these historical bridges in Tabriz city and feel the historical feeling of these bridges.