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Why Tabriz is a must-see destination

Tabriz is one of the oldest cities in Iran and the most important of Iran's tourist destinations in the west of Iran. This city hosts millions of different local and international tourists. This beautiful city is known as the city of history and souvenirs. It will surprise visitors with the most beautiful historical monuments and masterpiece artistic works from the Iron-age period up to recent years.

Tabriz is the best part of your trip to the west of Iran.

why Tabriz

Different cities around the world have different attractions for tourists to attract them.
Some have historical attractions, such as Rome.
Some have cultural attractions, such as New York and London.
Some are beautiful, such as Venice and Amsterdam.
But Tabriz has all these characteristics comprehensively.



Tabriz is one of the oldest cities in Iran. It has been focused on by the governments in different periods and was the capital of Iran in different ages[Mongols(1295), Aq Qoyunlu(1378–1503), Qara Qoyunlu (1374–1468)]. The peak of Tabriz's flourishing is the Safavid period, which chose by Shah Esmail, as the first capital of the Safavid dynasty. Tabriz historical monuments are a 7000-year-old collection( from Iron Age up to the Qajar era). These monuments include pre-Islamic and post-Islamic objects.

Tabriz History


2-Historical Monuments

Tabriz is  "an open space museum" "the city of souvenirs" and "the capital of Iran's candy & sweet" are other names for this beautiful city. This old city with a collection of the best historical, natural, and sociological monuments is the top Iranian western tourism destination.

These monuments divide into three groups:
Pre- Islam: Iron Age museum, Babak castle,
Post-Islam: Mosques - Historical Bridges - Islamic Tombs and mausoleums - Palaces - Bazars - Caravansaries - Minarets - Glorious Schools and Mosques.
sociology monuments: Constitution House of Tabriz, Mausoleum of Poets, Eynali holy mausoleum

Gardens and orchards El_Goli_Garden

3- Gardens and orchards

Tabriz: The City of fruite orchards
Contrary to the Europeans, who generally pay more attention to the raising of flowers, Iranians usually make every endeavor to plant trees, design gardens, streams, etc. to redress the negative effects of the strong sunshine. This city has been blessed with green cover due to the existence of many plains and pastures and different rivers that originate from the Sablan mountain range. Tabriz is covered with a diverse set of orchard gardens, agricultural pastures, and foothill pastures.

Tabriz Carpet

4- Art

Handicrafts of Tabriz, along with its natural attractions and historical monuments, attract the attention of travelers. This city has a very important role in Iranian art with a collection of the most beautiful and best Iran handicrafts. The exquisite carpets of Tabriz are one of the most beautiful and artistic types of carpets in Iran. Tabriz has been selected as the world city of carpet weaving by the World Handicrafts Council. Also, Tabriz, as the leather center of Iran, supplies the best Iran leather products. Other common handicrafts in Tabriz city include pottery - traditional dyeing, miniature & painting, Marquetry, Mosaic, and Toreutics.

Tabriz Nature and Kandovan village

5-Tabriz's Nature

Tabriz is one of the most privileged western areas of Iran with natural tourism potential. This province attracts tourists with special tourism features, which can offer during the four seasons of the year. Mountaineers and hiking lovers can see the best natural screen of Tabriz's mountain in spring and summer. Also, the rivers of the province and around, various protected areas, waterfalls, Arasbaran forest, historical & green villages, and national parks, show one of the most important parts of Tabriz's nature tourism. The nomads of East Azerbaijan would be the most exciting part of your nature tours or nomad tours.

Kandovan, an interesting & ancient village

Tabriz and Christian Churches

6- Religion

Tabriz is one of the important religious cities of Iran, which with its Muslim (Shia) population is one of the most important centers for performing religious and social ceremonies.
Also, Tabriz and its surrounding cities (Mako-Jolfa-Chaldaran-Shabestar and Urmia) host the most important and historical Christian churches. The city of Tabriz has 10 important historical churches that show the peaceful life of Christians and Muslims throughout the ancient history of Iran. Also, the presence of various Zoroastrian monuments in the neighboring cities (Takht e Soleiman - Zanjan) indicates the presence of other religions in this region.

The Most Famous Iran Churches

Tabriz Safavid capital.
7- Culture

Tabriz has artistic, active, intelligent, and creative people. A province with authentic monuments and architecture, which is known as " An open space museum". The people of Tabriz have a rich, old, and deep culture that they are proud of it. he specific cultural characteristics of the Tabriz people can be identified in the following ways:  Clothing, Language, Customs, Native customs, Religious, Cultural, and historical events, and Music. Tabriz people continue to adhere to their rituals and customs despite the expansions of urban life and the threat of extinction.

Tabriz, Confectionery capital of Iran
8- Cuisine and souvenir

To recognize a country must eat it.
Tabriz with a wide variety of sweets and Candies is the capital of Iran's sweets, also different kinds of foods with local and undercover recipes is one of the best destinations for gastronomers.

Traditional Iranian sweets

As its name reveals, this Iranian dish comes from Tabriz, capital East Azerbaijan,
15 Mouth-watering Cuisines You Have to Try in Iran

Never miss these:
Foods: Koofteh Tabrizi or Tabrizi meatball, Dolmeh with Grape Leaves, Carrot stew, Abgoosht, Ash e Mast(An unforgettable taste of a local dish), and kebabs.
Sweets & Candies: Eris or Ris a soot snack, Nogha, Qarabieh cake, Tabriz baklava, Rosary chocolate,