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Tabriz Municipality Tower

The most important symbol of Tabriz city which is visible from most places in Tabriz is the historical clock tower. This historical building, which is also known as Clock Tower, Municipal Building, or Municipal Palace, not only has historical and architectural value but also houses a rich museum that you must visit. This old building with magnificent architecture in Saat Square, Tabriz, in the vicinity of the most important historical buildings of Tabriz, such as the Tabriz Museum & Blue Mosque (450 meters), Ali Shah Citadel (700 meters), Heydarzadeh Old House (450 meters) and Shahriar Literature Museum (800 meters), Is a Modern Symbol in the heart of Tabriz city. It is one of the most attractive tourist, historical, social, and cultural buildings in Tabriz. This old building, like many clock towers in the world, is a collection of the museum, administrative buildings, and social administrative functions.

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Tabriz Municipality Tower


For 70 years, the citizens and travelers hear the bell ring of the clock of the mansion and enjoy its magnificent architecture. The Municipality building of Tabriz, which is also known as the Municipal Palace, not only has historical and architectural value but also houses a rich museum that you must visit. The municipal building was built on a land of 9600 square meters and a substructure of 6500 square meters in 1314, during 4 years, in the style of German architecture and under the supervision of German engineers. This building stands out in the most central part of the city and the exterior of the building is carved from ashlar stone, which corresponds to the example of German buildings before World War II.
Since the architects of this building were Germans, it is not surprising that this building is shaped like an eagle with open wings. A model that was popular in Germany in those years. This three-story building is designed in a U-form so that the famous municipal clock can be seen in the eagle's beak at a height of 31 meters. That's why people call it the Watch Tower or the Dome Building.

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Tabriz Municipality Tower and Museums

What to see

There are various halls in this monument that holds some valuable and precious objects.

The Hall carpet is the main carpet museum where you can see the world's largest carpet and some of the best Tabriz carpets from 100 years ago.
The old cameras section is one of the most attractive sections that show the evolution of old cameras until today.
Hall of Documents preserves and shows the most valuable historical documents.
The music museum of this collection plays an important role in introducing the folk music of this province by showing musical works, showing old and new musical instruments, and introducing the artists, musicians, and singers of Azerbaijan.
Photos and documents relating to the martyrs are on display in the Sacred Defense Room. You can then visit the room of contemporary arts, calligraphy, and printmaking. When you return from the museum, you can see the old cars, including the first fire engine, in the courtyard of the complex. Tabriz Municipality Building and Watchtower are close to other attractions in Tabriz and you can reach them on foot.