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How to visit Tabriz in one day

If you are going to enjoy Tabriz's one-day city tour join us to visit the most beautiful historical, cultural, Islamic, and social historical monuments. Each of these monuments presents a part of the brilliant history of Tabriz during its history.

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The most famous monuments in this one-day tour are:

Kabood mosque, or Blue Mosque the Turquoise of Islam and recorded as one of the 100 Most Iconic Islamic Houses of Worship, Tabriz museum, where guide you to deep slices of Azerbaijan's history.
Iron Museum, is an amazing place found in archaeological digging and displays 7000 years old history of Tabriz.
Ali Shah Arg, The most important symbol fortifications of Tabriz remaining from the 13th century.
House of constitutionalism, This cultural and social symbol represents the most important part of Iran's historical protests and Iran's social changes that started in Tabriz.
Tabriz bazaar. will be the stunning part of your trip with a collection of the most beautiful historical, cultural, and social features, a series of amazing caravanserais, mosques, shops, and breathtaking architectural effects with the best Iranian sweets.
In the last part of your one-day trip to Tabriz, hiking through a beautiful park (El Goli Park)and talking with the people of Tabriz will complete the cultural part of your tour.

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Sarai 3-star hotel Tabriz

If you want to do this one-day tour with the lowest cost, select Sarai 3-star hotel(from $15 - 2.2023). It is located 400 meters from Blue Mosque.
But if you are interested in staying in better hotels, these options are the best ones.

Saray 3-star hotel close to the main historical monuments of Tabriz
Saray 3-star hotel close to the main historical monuments of Tabriz

5-star hotels: Pars El Goli hotel, Shahriar Hotel, Laleh Hotel, Orsi Hotel.

4-star hotels: Tabriz International hotel, Azadi Hotel, Gostaresh Hotel.

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Blue Mosques Tabriz

Start your tour at 8:00 AM from Sarai hotel which is located just 400 m from Blue mosque the first location of your tour. This is one of the 3 "Blue Mosques" in the world. Tabriz, Istanbul, and Yerevan, and one less known is located in Afghanistan. Tabriz Blue Mosque is the most beautiful mosque in Tabriz from 550 years ago. This masterpiece mosque with its amazing blue tiles and Mosaics, and a great double-layered roofing dome(30*30m) can surprise all visitors. We recommend visiting this oriental architectural site for people who want to touch the oriental sole of celestial creatures that inspire the architect and visitors simultaneously.

Iron Age Museum

Iron Age Museum

Your next interesting destination is the Iron Age Museum. If you like to have an amazing journey to the deepest part of Tabriz's history unique Iron Age site museum is the best one. An ancient cemetery in the vicinity of the Blue Mosque and Tabriz Museum. It included about 40 ancient graves. They belong to men and women, young and old individuals, and several children were buried. This ancient cemetery shows the class conflict between the rich and the poor people from 4000 years ago in the best possible way. The class conflict, the grave of the rich and the poor are recognizable; the rich were buried with their possessions, women with their jewelry, and children with their toys.

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Tabriz Historical Museum

Tabriz Historical Museum

Your next interesting place would be the Tabriz Historical Museum, which is located 300 meters away from the Blue Mosque. Tabriz Museum is one of the best places to learn about the history and culture of Azerbaijan. This historical museum with a collection of historical objects from all over Azerbaijan from the Bronze Age to the Qajar era (15th century AD) will present you beautiful and enchanting show of Iran's western history.

Tabriz Municipality Tower or Saat tower is located just 450 m from Tabriz Museum and Blue mosque

Tabriz Municipality Tower or Saat tower is located just 450 m from Tabriz Museum and Blue mosque

There are many historical buildings and monuments in Tabriz that show the ancient history of this city and the evolution of this city throughout history.
One of the beautiful buildings of Tabriz is the beautiful building of Tabriz Municipality, which belongs to 100 years ago. This tall tower of Tabriz which is also known as the Palace of Municipality, not only has historical and architectural value but also contains a rich museum that you must visit. This monument has a free carpet museum to show you the best kind of carpets. This building is located 450 meters from Tabriz Museum.
Never miss it.

Continue on your way after the municipal building.

Ali Shah Arg or castle in Tabriz

One of the most beautiful fortifications buildings of Tabriz, left over from the 13th century, by the name Ali Shah Arg or Ali Shah Castle is calling you. A historical building from the 13th and 14th centuries with enviable architecture and a larger porch than the Taq Kasra in Iraq. A huge collection of urban architectural facilities such as mosques, schools, libraries, and other urban public facilities or charity buildings.

Constitution House of Tabriz

Constitution House of Tabriz

Your next destination is the most famous Qajar house which has a great role in Iran's history. A cultural-historical building that presents a privileged part of Iran's social history or the constitutional revolution. This Qajar house with its beautiful and enchanting architecture shows not only Iranian architecture but also an important part of the history of protests in Iran. In this social-historical building, the beginning of the constitutional revolution by two famous generals of Tabriz has been exhibited. Tabriz had a main and effective role in Iran's constitution. Sattar Khan & Bagher Khan were two famous leaders of the constitution you can find their photos and statues in the museum.

Tabriz Mozafarieh Bazaar

Tabriz Bazaar

The last stunning part of your Tabriz tour would be Tabriz Bazaar. One of the largest roofed bazaars in the world with the most beautiful Iranian architecture and eastern elements. The labyrinthine alleys of the bazaar are super cool to walk through, even without a particular plan. Locals admit that getting lost in the bazaar is something common but at the same time an amazing experience. The area most loved by all visitors is the Mozafariyeh Bazaar or the Carpet Bazaar for the hand-woven Tabrizi carpets. The dynamism of the market mixed with the intricate details of the carpets and their dazzling colors makes the place absolutely unforgettable. In short, while being in Tabriz, this should be the main place you will visit; and if you don't visit it, your trip to Tabriz will be complete with Bazaar.

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Tabriz El Goly Park
Tabriz El Goly Park

If you like to visit one of the most famous public urban parks visit Tabriz El Goly Park or Shahgoli Park. what a beautiful park to walk around as the sun goes down, lots of families

picnicking, great to see how the locals spend their evenings, let's climb the steps to see a great view of the park. You can chat with people and realize the real Iranian hospitality. El Goli, also known as Shah Goli with a huge pool and a historical building in the middle of it shines like a precious and beautiful jewel. You can walk alongside it, talk with locals, and have a delicious Tabrizi dish at a local restaurant alongside the Park. The main attraction in this park during the spring and summer times is the beautiful flowers that can be seen in different parts of the park. A relatively large hill within the park has been completely planted with trees. This place is particularly beautiful in the spring and summer months.

your one-day tour in Tabriz is finished but all Tabriz historical sites are not visited.
You can visit some other historical or natural attractions like Kandovan stone village, Tabriz historical houses, Christian Churches in Tabriz and beyond, or even some historical monuments in neighboring cities.
You can book your private guide and Vehicle to enjoy these places well. Please contact us.