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Top 10 Isfahan's dishes

One of the most important and fascinating parts of any trip is food. Iran has one of the most complete food menus in the world. Each city in Iran has its own specialty cuisine. These foods have a traditional, local, and geographical origin. Thus each region and city of Iran is known for one or more special foods. Isfahan is one of the most fascinating cities in Iran, a city that is known as half of the world. where you can expect spectacular attractions like mosques, bridges, and historic gardens, which attract many tourists every year. But Isfahan is not only known for its historical sites, but it also has traditional and fragrant dishes that can double the enjoyment of your trip.
This article presents a list of some local foods from Isfahan.

This list contains the Top 10 Isfahan dishes or different dishes like Ash(Persian soups), and other dishes and delicious traditional desserts of this city like Khoresht e Mast.

Food Tourism Industry in Iran

Local food from Isfahan

The time has come to introduce the famous dishes of this beautiful Iranian city.

Biryani or Beryanee

1. Biryan or Beryanee
(The most delicate taste among the inhabitants of Isfahan)

Beryan(Fried) is the name of the food, and Beryani is the name of the restaurants which offer it.

There is no doubt that this Beryoun is the best-known food that everyone knows. Biryani is like a hamburger that contains sheep's pluck, lamb, spices, onion, salt, cinnamon, pepper, and turmeric. In Isfahan, for the preparation of these foods, use a special frying pan of a particular size and shape, but everyone can also cook it in an ordinary pan. They usually use cinnamon, almonds, nuts, and sesame to make it. The Biryani is always served with Sangak bread and a dish of fresh vegetables. Of course, the chef usually serves a bowl of ab-gosht (meat soup) with pieces of floating bread. There are different restaurants that cook and offer this food. Such as Beryiuni Shad, Beryiuni Azam, Beryiuni Haj Shafa’at.

Kaleh Joosh

2. Kaleh Joosh

Kaleh Josh is a very simple and nutritious food. This fast and simple food is normally made ready in all parts of Isfahan province. To prepare this food, the chef uses purely natural materials such as Curd(Whey), dried mint, onion, walnuts, oil, salt, pepper, and other spices.

Halim Bademjan

3. Halim Bademjan
(The pleasant taste of one local food)

This food is prepared like the Kaleh josh in all of Iran, but it is mainly the inhabitants of Isfahan who cook it. Halim Bademjoan is the traditional food of this city. To cook these foods, they use, meat, dried mint, eggplant, white beans, whey, salt, and pepper.

4. Gheymehrize Nokhodchi
(A delicious traditional dish)

Another food of Isfahan is the Gheymehrize Nokhodchi. To make this food, they use meat, chickpeas, fried onions, dried mint, and other species. Then, by kneading these and making small balls, they put them in the liquid containing the tomato paste and the fried onion to be completely torn. Gheymehrize is served with rice or bread.

Restaurants of Isfahan


5. Taskabab

A traditional Isfahani cuisine that is suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is also cooked in other parts of Iran. The ingredients of Tas Kabab, are mutton, onion, carrot, potato, quince, oil, salt, and spices. Kabab is baked with the aforementioned contaminants and add tomato paste with water to this combination. Tas Kabab is also served with bread or rice.


6. Ash-e-Shorba (Persian Soup)

This dish is a blend of meat, beans, peas, and a variety of vegetables that are flavored with some local spices. The most important feature of this food is its natural and non-chemical ingredients. In different parts of Iran, various kinds of soups or Ash are cooked. Each region has its own special soup. These types of soups are very suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

7. Ash-e-Somagh (Sumac soup)

Ash sumac is one of the local cuisines of Isfahan province. The ingredients of this dish are meat - flour - rice - sumac - onions and all kinds of vegetables.

Khoresht Mast
8. Khoresht Mast
(Saffron yogurt) (Special taste among the traditional foods)

Although this dish looks very similar to Shelleh Zard (Iranian dessert), they have many differences ‌‌But do not mistakes. Khoresht Mast is a delicious dish of Isfahan. It contains mutton, yogurt, salt, sugar, water, rose water, turmeric, pistachio, almond, and barberry.

Where you can eat Khorest Mast?
In Isfahan, you can taste Khorest Mast in Shahrzad Restaurant which is the highest quality restaurant in Isfahan. Also, you can eat this food in Haj Behzad restaurant and Dada Restaurant.   

9. Kachi

Kachi is one of the delicious Iranian desserts popular throughout the country. This food consists of flour, rose water, almonds, and pistachios.

Halim with meat and lentils
10. Halim with meat and lentils

In Isfahan, you can taste different types of Halim. Each one can make your trip enjoyable. This food which is eaten in the morning or during the day is made ready with meat, onion, species, and lenses.
During your trip to Isfahan, I suggest you eat this food which is prepared by great professional chefs.