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The closest restaurants to Naghsh e Jahan Sq

Looking for a great cozy place to eat Iranian dishes after exploring the Naghshe Jahan Sq in Isfahan? There are many to choose from—just watch out for the tourist traps. To help you enjoy Isfahanian dishes in this old area, our local expert guides have made ready this list of the best restaurants near the Naghsh e Jahan Sq. Buon appetito!
Not every place to eat near the Imam Sq or Naghsh e Jahan square is a tourist trap — but the local experts helped us to weed out the best of the best. Sometimes it may seem that restaurants around popular tourist sites, tend to be pricey, bland, or sometimes very basic.
They know you're hungry after walking around sq, hiking in the twisted labyrinth of the Bazaar, or will be famished before continuing your afternoon program, so they get you with their "prix-fixe" menus and well-located terraces. But foods in Isfahan can — and should — be the main attraction, too. There's no need to sacrifice taste or budget for convenience.

Here are some of the restaurants close to the Naghsh e Jahan sq.

Nobahar Restaurant close to Naghshe Jahan sq

Nobahar Restaurant

If you are going to search not a warm or elegant place but a simple and relaxing restaurant with 50 years old experience, this is the very restaurant that you are searching for. The Iranian traditional foods are good, with reasonable prices. Although there is nothing for surprising you, it is handy, tasty, and clean. The servers are polite and most of them speak some English.

Iranian cuisine
Goharshad Restaurant close to Naghshe Jahan sq

Gohar Shad Restaurant

If your last destination before lunchtime is Chehelston Palace, this restaurant will be your best choice.
A restaurant with different features such as:
Easy access to Naqsh Jahan square.
Beautiful roof garden.
Nice view of Chehelston Palace
Delicious food Reasonable prices
and general customer satisfaction.
This restaurant is located 650m from Naghsh e Jahan sq and in front of Chehel Sotoon historical Royal palace.

Iranian cuisine, An attraction that has to be eaten!
Ahahnameh Restaurant close to Naghshe Jahan sq

Shahnameh Restaurant

One of the closest restaurants to Naqsh Jahan Square. This restaurant is just 200 meters away from Naqsh Jahan square with a variety of Iranian dishes and can be a good place for a visit after a daily tour among the historical monuments of Isfahan. A simple restaurant without fancy decorations and suitable for economical expenses.

Ator Restaurant close to Naghshe Jahan sq

Ator Restaurant

If you are bored of traditional Iranian food, a delicious pizza at Ator restaurant near Naqsh Jahan Square will be a new experience for you. This fast food is located 300 meters away from Naqsh Jahan Square and it can be a good place to relax and enjoy delicious Iranian pizza.

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Qeisarieh Restaurant close to Naghshe Jahan sq

Qeisarieh Restaurant

A normal restaurant with low distance and easy access to Naghsh e Jahan sq.

Hamdam Ol Saltane Restaurant close to Naghshe Jahan sq

Hamdam Ol Saltane Cafe Restaurant

If a 150-year-old house with authentic and traditional Iranian decoration with a wooded yard and a water pond is a good place to relax, you have chosen the best place. This old house with different parts and Iranian architecture including - different rooms, colorful sash windows, and a beautiful yard is the best place for daily rest.

Atiq Restaurant close to Naghshe Jahan sq

Atiq traditional restaurant

Atiq traditional restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the beautiful and historical city of Isfahan. It has a special position among domestic travelers and tourists due to hygiene protocols, first-class raw materials, the constant presence of an experienced chef, compliance with hygiene principles, high-quality food, compliance with customer-oriented principles, and guest satisfaction.

Why do Iranian foods taste fascinate everyone?

Naghsh e Jahan Restaurant close to Naghshe Jahan sq

Naqsh Jahan Traditional Restaurant

Naqsh Jahan's traditional restaurant and coffee shop with a combination of artworks and modern equipment is located in the center of Isfahan, near the market and in the heart of Naqsh Jahan's historical square with its blue domes. The building of this complex dates back to the Safavid era and is located on the upper floor of the Spadana Artists Bazaar. Naqsh Jahan Restaurant in Isfahan is located in a very good location that makes it easy to access tourist areas or accommodation centers. This restaurant is located a short distance from Sheikh Lutfola Mosque. This distance is so small that if you eat in the open air of the restaurant, you can see the dome of the mosque closely.