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10 Reasons for Traveling to Yazd

Yazd one of the oldest cities in Iran and the motherland of Zoroastrians in Iran is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran. This beautiful desert city with its special historical, architectural, artistic, and social features attracts thousands of tourists every year. A trip to this beautiful historical city is a unique and unforgettable experience for all visitors.

In this section, we refer to the beauties of this city that will fascinate you.

- History

Yazd or the city of windcatchers, Qanats, and the first city of Iran recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is the capital of Yazd Province, is located 270 km southeast of Esfahan, Iran. The proximity to the central desert of Iran and its coexistence with the harsh nature of the desert region has made this city a perfect example of desert architecture. It is nicknamed the "City of Windcatchers" from its many examples.
Yazd is proud of its rich collection of historical, cultural, and artistic works. Among them, we can mention the Zoroastrian fire temple, Water reservoirs, old traditional refrigerators, bathes, religious schools, and other historical places. Yazd is also known as the City of Bicycles, because of its old history of bike riders, and the highest amount of bicycles per capita in Iran. It is reported that bicycle culture is entered and developed in Yazd, in contact with European visitors and tourists in the last century.

- Yazd the first Iranian UNESCO city

Yazd is the first Iranian city to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2017. Architectural style - pristine historical context - and special architectural achievements such as Qanats and windcatchers are the most important reasons for this global record. The historical part of Yazd with 1730 hectares and 77 neighborhoods is the most important historical part of Yazd. The special native architecture of the desert,  domed roofs, wind catchers, Qanats, and thatched walls are some of the points of interest in the historical fabric of Yazd to register this city as a World Heritage Site. While you are walking through these neighborhoods, you could vividly experience an ancient city and learn more about the amazing desert architecture and lifestyle of the people of the past.

- The Stunning Architecture of Yazd

A city in the middle of Iran's desert area with its own unique and amazing architecture. The magic and historical city is known to the “City of Windcatchers” (Shahr-e Badgirha) due to its ancient wind towers, which make use of thermal air currents to both cool and heat buildings depending on the season and time of day.
the Qanat is another part of this magical architecture where desert people transport water from the depths of the warm ground through underground canals to their houses. The special architecture of Yazd city is not limited to the last two cases, but the architect of Yazd traditional houses, traditional yakhchals(Ice-making), urban planning - gardening methods, and other aspects of adaptation to the burning desert are among the other architectural methods of these intelligent people.

- Unique Historical monuments

Yazd, as one of the most beautiful unique brick cities in the world and in our country, Iran, with its beautiful and unique attractions, attracts many tourists and travelers every year. This city with a collection of the most beautiful and unique cultural and historical buildings and customs such as the Zoroastrian fire temple, Zoroastrian culture, Tower of Silence, beautiful mosques, schools, old houses, Water reservoirs, gardens, and other attractions has become popular tourist destination in Iran.

- Zoroastrian of Yazd

Yazd is one of the ancient and famous cities of Iran with a lot of tangible historical and spiritual features. This city is well known for its patient people, the city of Qanat, and windcatchers, and recorded at UNESCO in 2017. The Zoroastrians of Yazd are among the religious minorities of this land who have lived in this city for centuries and have preserved many of their customs to this day. Iranian Zoroastrians are one of the remarkable heritage of Iranian culture and civilization, and their presence in this city dates back to more than 1400 years ago. The Zoroastrians of Persia, by preserving their culture and also living peacefully with the Muslims along with the Jews, have introduced this city as one of the most important religious centers of Iran.

- Beautiful Houses and Hotels

Yazd is a city of magnificent houses, thatched tall walls, and narrow alleys which all together will astonish you. Staying in one of the traditional buildings with unique decorations that are changed into a new hotel can be a memorable experience during your travel to Iran. Some of the greatest historic houses are turned into first-star hotels, thus, offering you an unblemished experience of a desert city. Yazd boasts some of the most sumptuous hotels in Iran. These traditional Hotels/Houses are the most popular residences in Yazd for tourists. They are the meeting points of visitors to the city and wonderful places for those who seek a real culture. Besides great traditional lodgings, Yazd also offers fabulous accommodation facilities for those in favor of modern architecture.

- Qanats & Windcatchers

The harsh environmental conditions of the desert region lead to intelligent innovations to make life better. The smart and creative architects of Yazd have learned over the years that they must use Qanats and windcatchers as two clever solutions to deal with hot weather and dry desert land. The Qanats direct the cool and freshwater from the heart of the hot and dry land to the houses and the windcatchers direct any movement in the hot sky of Yazd to the inside canals of the building and transfer it to the depths of the houses.

- Yazdi Sweets

Yazd is the city of famous and unique sweets and Handicrafts. They are presented in different collections of jellies and baghlavas featuring almonds, pistachio, and coconut. They are available at hundreds of shops but the best and most famous of these is in the corner of Amir Chaqmaq Takie and the shop of Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar. you can buy one of the different kinds of almond louz, baghlava, coconut louz, cooki koloocheh, ghottab, hajji badam, and pashmak.
Never miss the Yazdi Phaloode. It is delicious like Shirazy Phaloode.

- Yazd Hospitable people

Hospitality is an ancient tradition and genetics among all Iranians and has turned as the most important Iranian tourism brand. During your trip to Iran, you will meet people who seem to have known you for years. They have a conversation with you easily, invite you for a cup of tea, and try to do the best for you. Enjoy your trip to Iranian cities and record it in your Travel note.

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